7 Common Problems with Travel Supreme RV [Troubleshooting]

Are you facing issues with your travel supreme RV after using it for a couple of years? Not only you, but we have also found several complaints by other users on different forums. 

Fragile front rooftop, weak windshield frame, and imbalanced water pressure system are some of the common travel supreme RV problems. It is also common to notice issues with the water line, windshield wipers, and door trim. 

Do not panic as we are here with the troubleshooting processes to deal with each problem. So stick with us till the end!

Travel Supreme RV Problems

7 Most Common Problems with Travel Supreme RV and Their Possible Solutions:

You should not expect to apply a single method to get rid of every Travel Supreme RV issue, ask why? 

Simply because it can come up with multiple problems, so all you need is to solve them differently and individually! 

Besides, your Travel Supreme RV is causing a specific problem does not mean that other Travel Supreme users will face the same issue. 

Because depending on the model, they serve different characteristics, pros, and cons. 

But here, we are going to share the troubleshooting of some of the common problems, which are as follows: 

01. Fragile Frame: Putting X-bracing on Frames

The windshield refers to the front glass of the RV. And talking about the Travel Supreme RVs windshield, it is often prone to break or pop out. Most possibly, the fragile frame is responsible for the bummer! 

As the frame is not that sturdy, you may notice it is flexing too much. We’d say incorporating x-bracing around the frame is the best way to fix it. 

By doing so, you are going to give extra support to the frame, which is what you can attach through welding metal. So, following the “x-brace style,” you can attach it to the frames.

02. Weaker Roof: Repair/Replace the Roof

Speaking of the Travel Supreme RVs front roof, the manufacturer has added fillers and fiberglass, which indeed is not a better combination. 

In fact, sun heating, harsh weather, and cold weather conditions are likely to damage the roof earlier than expected due to that combination. 

To be frank, replacement is the only solution to fix a cracked or damaged roof, especially if you need a permanent solution. 

On the other hand, if the leakage appears not that significant, then you can temporarily fix it by using roof-repairing tape.

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03. Flimy Plastic Trims: Sealing the RV

Travel Supreme RV doors contain trims to keep the surface safe and free from breaking. 

But for being manufactured with typical plastic, this may get easily fragile because of temperature changes. 

Both the hot and dry weather conditions can make the plastic weaker day by day! 

Besides, hardly closing and opening the RV door can also make the trims weak. The solution here for this is to take assistance from high-end adhesive. This will assist in sealing the spot between the trim and RV door. 

04. Imbalanced Water Pressure: Calling a Plumber to Adjust Water Pressure

We have seen some users complain about the water supply system of the Travel Supreme RV. Basically, when you are in the shower, it can be a common issue to get comparatively low water pressure. 

But when we talk about the kitchen, you will notice adequate amounts of water pressure. So here, imbalanced water pressure is probably the real problem!

But guess what? Replacing the water sprayer and hose will not be able to fix the problem as there is an internal issue with the water supply system. So, we’d highly recommend contacting an expert plumber to deal with it.

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05. Water Line Leakage: Attach Pex Valve/Pex Fitting

Sometimes, due to exterior force or other issues, the Travel Supreme RV’s water line might get busted. As a result, it is pretty common to face a significant leakage, which will result in messing up the interior of your RV.

To fix it, get the necessary help from some tools like a Pex valve or Pex fitting. Try your DIY skills by simply cutting the busted part of the water line. Then, by gently pushing, attach the Pex valve to the water line, and that’s it!

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06. Worn-out Windshield Wipers: Lubricate or Clean the Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers of the Travel Supreme RV mostly contain rubber blades. So chances are they wear out over time or get jammed due to heavy snow. 

But luckily, this will not cause a huge problem! By simply lubricating the wipers on the movable part, we guess you can easily get it stable. 

07. Inactive Customer Support: Contact the Dealer

As per our research, the Travel Supreme RVs customer support is currently not available! Because it sold its company a long time ago. 

So if you are in need of any troubleshooting suggestions, this will not be possible by customer support!

As a result, you should take necessary help from the dealer. If your RV still has a warranty, hopefully, they will help you out.

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Do you want to learn more about Travel Supreme RV? Well, let’s move a step forward to find some queries, where we answered a few random questions regarding travel supreme RVs invention, issue, and so on –

Who invented Travel Supreme RV?

Forest River Inc. is the manufacturer’s name of the Travel Supreme RV. Since 1996, they have been dominating the market with their high-class RVs. And these include Class-A motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers. 

What if there is any issue with flushing the black tank in Travel Supreme RV?

A clogged hose might cause an issue with flushing the black tank. To solve it, make a mixture of warm water and bleach. Afterward, flush the tank. This can be effective in unclogging the solid substances and eventually clearing the hose. 

In which year did the Travel Supreme leave the business?

From around 2007 to 2008, Travel Supreme quit the business mainly because of economic decline. After the downfall, Jayco took this and started upgrading this organization in order to improve its overall demands. 

Final Words

Even though the Travel Supreme RVs’ customer support is not active, you should not get worried that much. Because the troubleshooting we included above will surely help you deal with the issues. 

But if you are facing problems like a water supply system, damaged roof, or something technical, it is wise to get support from professionals. Contact the dealer if you face issues that we have not discussed above.

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