4 Common Attitude Toy Hauler Problems [Solutions Included]

The Attitude Toy Hauler’s several variants are renowned for their appealing floor designs and ample storage. This motorhome has also experienced significant issues in several areas.

Some basic and mostly complained about Attitude Toy Hauler Problems are battery issues, sealings on the door, window, and roof, and the water heater being blown out. Moreover, some units have frequently encountered worn-out stereo and entertainment systems.

That is why before getting a new unit from Attitude Toy Hauler, you should understand the common issues and how to fix them. Keep reading this article to the end to come by the frequently occurring problems in the RV and their potential fixes.


What Are The Common Problems With Attitude Toy Hauler?

The reviews of different models of the Attitude Toy Hauler reveal many consumer complaints. Even the brand new units of RV from this company come with pre-existed issues that need to be overhauled by the owner before going on a long drive.

The most common problems that owners have encountered as Attitude Toy Hauler users are as follows:

  1. Blown Water Heater
  2. Doors & Windows Sealing
  3. Stereo Stops Working
  4. Hooked up Shower Drain

4 Common Problems with Attitude Toy Hauler and Their Fixes:

There are two ways to troubleshoot the existing problems. If you have the RV warranty, you can claim it by going to the dealership, and they will fix it. But the customer service from the company is not friendly and often declines to give support in cases of warranty.

Therefore, to keep your RV up and running, you need to fix the issues yourself or hire a mechanic to buy the parts if needed.

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Problem 1: Blown Water Heater Problem

There have been many reported water heater problems in the Attitude Toy Hauler. The water heater tends to stop working all of a sudden and fails to increase the water temperature in the tank. 

It is a big deal if you reside in a cold region or are passing through one. Common symptoms of a blown water heater include getting cold water even after turning on the heater for a long time.

What Causes Water Heater Problems On Attitude Toy Hauler?

Water heaters can get blown for many reasons. The common causes include:

  • Broken wiring harness
  • Worn out thermostat
  • Internal damage
  • Overheating 
  • Running out of gas

How To Fix A Blown Water Heater On An Attitude Toy Hauler?

First, check if you have enough propane gas in the tank. Sometimes the gas runs out and fails to heat the water in the main tank. Perform an overall inspection of the safety fuse, circuit board, and ignitor associated with the water heater.

You may need to replace the part if any of these are blown or fried. Regular servicing of the water heater can keep it healthy for longer. Clean the water heater tank by draining it. 

Next, replace the anode on the RV water heater. After that, replace the electric heater element. It is preferable to identify a broken water heater thermostat. If necessary, change the thermostat switch. Lastly, look into and fix the broken power switch.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Blown Water Heater On An Attitude Toy Hauler?

If you hire a local mechanic to treat the water heater and overhaul it, he may charge you around $50-$70 for an hour. To replace the entire water heater, you may have to pay around $800-$1000 for a standard ten-gallon water heater.

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Problem 2: The Stereo Stops Working

A stereo sound system is one of the most important features of an RV to get regular weather updates, traffic updates, and more. In the Attitude Toy Hauler, it is a common phenomenon that the sound system fails.

Mostly, when you turn on the stereo and play music or listen to the radio, a static noise comes by. Besides, sometimes the system does not power up at all.

What Causes Stereo Problems In Attitude Toy Hauler?

The following list includes some typical causes of sound system malfunctions.

  • No power in the accessory jack
  • Damaged circuit board
  • Problems in the wiring harness
  • Blown out fuse

How To Fix The Not Working Sound System On The Attitude Toy Hauler?

You can start by checking the circuit board. Inspect carefully if the system is getting enough power from the 12 volt DC from the RV battery. After that, reset the board by disconnecting and reconnecting the circuit. 

Check if the fuse has blown out. To do that, you need access to the circuit breaker section. You should confirm the power in the amps and accessories. 

Finally, if nothing works out, your stereo system is probably damaged internally and requires replacement. It is better to seek help from a professional in the event of replacing the entire sound system.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Sound System On An Attitude Toy Hauler?

If you take your Attitude Toy Hauler to a workshop, they may charge you $100-$200 for investigating the problem and making necessary repairs. 

Moreover, if you want to replace the entire stereo, you can do it for $200-$800. It depends upon the brands, models, and quality you want to put in your Attitude Toy Hauler.

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Problem 3: Hooked Up And Clogged Shower Drain

The shower system is one of the most important parts of a motor home. It is a common scene in the Attitude Toy Hauler where the shower drains stop working. 

As a result, your cabin gets flooded when you take a shower, leaking below the panels and trims of the door. This is a major concern because the cabin’s interior can easily encounter water damage.

What Causes Shower Drain Problems On Attitude Toy Hauler?

There are several potential causes for the drain to malfunction and flood the RV.  The basic causes are:

  • Clogged pipeline
  • Bad fitting of the hose
  • Something stuck in the drain
  • Overflowing gray water tank
  • Blockage in the plumbing vents

How To Fix The Shower Drain On An Attitude Toy Hauler?

First, make sure its gray water tank lock is firmly linked to the sewage pipe. You must push the valve open after being correctly attached. When connected and stationary for a time in a warm environment, it is better to keep the gray tank valve open.

You can just attempt to hear intently to see whether there is still liquid going through to determine when the tank is already empty. You should have properly drained your tank by the time it falls silent. After emptying, be careful to close the valve fully to prevent leaks.

Inspect the hose connection for signs of wear. If needed, you can replace those with new ones.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Shower Drain Problem On The Attitude Toy Hauler?

The shower drain kit can be purchased for $15-$20. You can install those by yourself, saving the labor fee. For major repairs, you need to hire a professional who may charge you $50-$75 for an hour of service.

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Problem 4: Doors and Window Seals

RVs are meant for long tours in the wilderness in all sorts of weather. But the door and window panel sealings in the Attitude Toy Hauler have major defects after two-three trips. 

The seals break down and cause water to leak inside the cabin during the rainy season. Besides, these low-quality panels cannot keep out the hails as well.

What Causes Leaking Through Doors and Windows On Attitude Toy Hauler?

It is important to look for the exact cause of these leaks because some problems have quick fixes, whereas others require heavy repair. The most common causes of leaks through doors or windows in an Attitude Toy Hauler are:

  • Worn out panel ceilings
  • Damage to the sliding panes
  • Loosened knobs and screws
  • Defect in the mullions
  • Crack on the surface
  • Issues in the weep holes

How To Fix Doors & Window Leakage On Attitude Toy Hauler?

First, secure the leak temporarily using duct tape or garbage poly bags. Next, inspect the weep holes. These holes may be seen from the exterior of the building and are situated below the frame. 

They are horizontal slots that are typically one to two inches long. Remove any apparent debris from the weep holes before attempting to clean them out. Next, investigate the frame seals.

You can apply clear silicone caulk to reseal the window or panels. Replace the operating knobs or mullions to stop leakage through those.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Water Leaking From Doors And Windows On Attitude Toy Hauler?

You can replace the smaller parts, which cost around $10-$20. For hiring a professional mechanic to reseal the frames and do a thorough inspection, you need to pay around $70-$80 per hour.


Before going out on a long tour, you must do a complete overhaul or service of your Attitude Toy Hauler. This RV has a negative history of causing problems on the drive. 

Moreover, the customer service support from Attitude is not worth the time. Solving the issues beforehand can make your journey smoother and more relaxing. 

It will save you and your RV from intense damage on the way. We hope this article helps you be aware of the frequent problems in the Attitude Tour Hauler RVs and helps to resolve the issues conveniently.

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