6 Common Montana High Country Problems & Their Solutions

The Montana High Country is an extraordinary fifth wheel you may have on a trip. It is one of the most long-lasting and user-friendly vehicles made by Keystone. It comes with wonderful rooms and amazing features.

However, there are also some problems you may face along with enjoying all the benefits. The most common problems are damaged furniture, defective electrical connections, poor temperature maintenance, and hitch issues. These problems are very annoying, especially when you don’t know how to fix them.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most frequent Montana High Country problems. We’ll also provide you with a complete guideline for fixing these issues. So, let’s get into the article.


What Are The Common Problems With Montana High Country?

Electrical issues are the most common problems in Montana High Country. The other possible problems may include: 

  1. Defective Temperature Control
  2. Faulty Electrical Appliances
  3. Damaged Sliders
  4. Damaged Furniture
  5. Refrigerator Leaking Ammonia
  6. Faulty Windshield Wiper

6 Common Problems with Montana High Country & Their Fixes:

The problems with the Montana high country are pretty much unbearable. Moreover, some of them are very urgent, such as air conditioner issues and electrical issues. So it’s good to try to troubleshoot and fix the problem you encounter.

But you may not be a person with enough mechanical ability. So, here are the things that can help you to troubleshoot and fix each of the following Montana High Country problems. 

Problem 1: Poor Cooling System

As we know, the Montana High Country fifth wheels have only two air conditioners, which is relatively insufficient for these huge RVs. So, it causes a poor system in the vehicle. 

What Causes Poor Temperature Control In Montana’s High Country?

The possible reason behind this problem is that the air conditioners are inadequate and they’re on the opposite side of the car. Whether the fire pit is positioned in front of the television, it’s tough to get enough warmth into the room, especially in the winter. 

How To Fix Temperature Control Issues In Montana’s High Country?

If you want to fix temperature control problems in your Montana High Country, there are two solutions you can choose from. Both of them are explained below: 

Solution-1: Replace the air conditioners

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to replace the air conditioners with two larger and more powerful air conditioners when it’s too hot. But this method can be very expensive to afford. 

Solution-2: Add more air conditioners

You can try this method if the first solution is too expensive for you. It’s better to add another air conditioner in the midsection of the car. Thus, you can add more air conditioners to various sections of your RV. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Temperature Control Issues In Montana’s High Country?

When it comes to fixing the temperature issues, it means the requirement or replacement of the air conditioners. If you need to replace the air conditioners, it will cost about $600. Besides, you should expect a labor cost of $170 to $180.

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Problem 2: Defective Electrical Appliances

The second problem on this list of Montana High Country 5th wheel problems is faulty electrical appliances. When there is an electrical issue with electrical appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, or electrical switches and bulbs, they ultimately stop working. 

What Causes Defective Electrical Appliances In Montana’s High Country?

The main reason for electrical issues is usually a loose connection. This problem also occurs when the outlets aren’t functioning properly. In addition, if the batteries or the generator fail, the electrical devices may stop working. 

How To Fix  Defective Electrical appliances In Montana High Country?

Most of the time, you can easily fix these problems as they aren’t so tough to troubleshoot and fix. Go through the following steps to do so.

Step-1: Look for defective wire connections

The most common reason for electrical issues is loose connections. So, start by checking all the connections to see if they are properly connected. If not, rejoin the wires and see if the devices are working again. 

Step-2: Check the Outlets

If the devices are still not working,   the outlets are properly serviced. To do so, use a voltmeter or multimeter. If a single outlet is faulty, replace it with a good one. 

Step-3: Inspect the batteries or generator.

The battery or the generator can be damaged when they are old enough and frequently used. So, check the batteries if they’re dead. If the problem is with the battery or generator, it’s a good idea to call the dealer and replace it.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Defective Electrical appliances In Montana High Country?

If you need to repair the power inverter, it may cost $1500 to $8000. In contrast, if you need to replace the battery, a single 100 Ah battery will cost between $700 to $1200 because the price range of RV batteries is very wide. The labor cost will be between $129 and $189.

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Problem 3: Damaged Slide Rails

You may often find damaged slide rails in your Montana High Country fifth wheel. The main problem with the slide is that it may often lose alignment and get stuck permanently. As the rail system is designed on the slide, the rails ultimately become damaged.

What Causes Damaged Slide Rails In Montana’s High Country?

The main cause of a faulty slide rail is that the materials used on the rails are of low quality. Besides, if you frequently use the slides, the rails can also be dead. Furthermore, if the rails are full of dirt or dust, it will result in faulty rails in your car.  

How To Fix Damaged Slide Rails  In Montana High Country?

In this case, the first thing to consider is keeping the rail neat and clean. So visually inspect any dust or hard particles stuck into the rail. 

Another solution to this problem is regularly lubricating the rail parts. If the slides become twisted, replacing the rails with high-quality metal is best. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Damaged Slide Rails In The Montana High Country?

In Montana’s high country, damaged slide rail repair runs from $500 to $5000. It depends on the type of repair and how much the replacement costs. In addition, if you call a service technician at your place, it will add additional costs of $179 per hour.

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Problem 4: Kitchen Drawer Issues

Kitchen drawer issues in the Montana High Country may include the drawers racking, not shutting, or the drawers staying closed. These types of problems are vulnerable to face while RVing.   

What Causes Kitchen Drawer Issues In Montana High Country?

Many online reviews show that the kitchen sliders aren’t made of high-quality materials. So, they have frequently become broken or stuck. So, poor sliders are the main cause of kitchen drawer issues.

It also happens when the furniture isn’t maintained or monitored properly. In addition, a loose bolt head and a broken weld are the reasons behind this problem. 

How To Fix Kitchen Drawer Issues In The Montana High Country?

To fix this problem, start by checking if there are any fractured welds in the sliders. If it is damaged, contact your dealer and replace it with a new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Kitchen Drawer Issues In Montana’s High Country?

In case of changing the kitchen slider in Montana High Country, you should expect a cost range of $500 to $1700. The exact replacement cost will depend on the type of kitchen slider. In this case, you should pay $189 to $200 per hour as the labor cost.  

Problem 5: Refrigerator Issues

You may frequently experience some refrigerator issues in your Montana High Country RV. The most common problem with the refrigerator is ammonia leakage from the refrigerator. 

When your vehicle smells like sweat, it means there is a leak in the refrigerator’s cooling unit. It may also create a spinning sound when there is leakage.

What Causes Refrigerator Issues In Montana High Country?

When there is a leakage in the cooling section of the refrigerator, it causes ammonia to leak. The leakage occurs in the refrigerator when the materials are of low quality, and there is a lack of proper maintenance. 

How To Fix Refrigerator Issues In Montana High Country?

The problems with the refrigerator require quick solutions. Because it smells terrible when ammonia starts leaking from the refrigerator. In addition, ammonia is poisonous and harmful to health.

The fixing procedure for this problem may include the following steps:

First, open all the doors and windows so the smell can’t be so acute. Then replace the damaged cooling unit with a newer one. It’s also a good idea to replace the whole refrigerator with the help of an expert. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Refrigerator Issue In Montana High Country?

The cost of replacing a refrigerator usually depends on the size and quality of the refrigerator. An average one will cost over $1,000, while a larger one may cost around $2,000. In addition, the labor cost will be between $50 and $200 per hour. It can also raise to $330, depending on its problem.

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Problem 6: Faulty Windshield Wipers

The other common problem with Montana High Country is the failure of its windshield wipers. When the motor of the wipers is damaged, there will be no sound. 

What Causes  Faulty Windshield Wipers In Montana High Country?

Dead motors are the main cause of faulty windshield wipers. It also happens when the wipers are bent or damaged. If the wipers are old or any hard particles get stuck under them, they can be damaged. 

How To Fix  Faulty Windshield Wipers In Montana High Country?

Start by checking the wipers. If they have become damaged or bent, replace them with new ones. 

But if they’re all good, the motor must be the main culprit. So verify the motor and replace it with a good one if it is dead. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix  Faulty Windshield Wipers In Montana High Country?

Replacing a windshield wipers motor will cost around $250 to $500. In addition, a single wiper blade will run between $20-$50. In this case, the labor cost will be around $142. 


We now know about the possible Montana High Country 5th wheel problems that people may encounter, along with their solutions. But if you don’t like to face any hassle and don’t want to spend more money on your vehicle, there is a way. 

It’s good to follow manufacturer-recommended schedules and contact a professional mechanic who can help you to stay aware of emerging problems. Try to regularly check the possible parts of your car that can often be damaged. 

Following the scheduled maintenance can minimize the chances of facing expensive electrical repairs down the road. Lastly, we suggest you always check the warranty before paying for the repair.

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