4 Common Problems with Coachmen Prism [Solutions Included]

Being a traveler and explorer, owning a motorhome is a big leap towards independence. One of the greatest and most comprehensive options is the Coachman Prism, a class C recreational vehicle. However, this RV has certain drawbacks that might ultimately cause owner dissatisfaction.

Some major Coachmen prism problems are plumbing leaks in the shower and toilet, poor sealing of the windows and door trims, and electrical and battery failures. Additionally, owners also complained about the assembly of the entertainment systems on the wall.

If you are considering purchasing a Coachman RV but are concerned about the downsides, read this article all the way through. You’ll learn more about the problems and potential solutions to help you make a wise decision.


What Are the Common Problems With Coachmen Prism?

The Coachman Prism motorhome designs may seem overall perfect for luxury touring and traveling. But for long-term usage and mobility, many major issues are created, which decrease the traveling vibe and increase maintenance and upgrading costs.

Some common problems in the Coachman Prism that owners and travelers encounter in the long term are listed below.

  1. Leak in the Plumbing.
  2. Poor Door, Roof, and Window Quality
  3. Problems with the Electrical Appliances.
  4. Furniture Issues

4 Common Problems with Coachmen Prism and Their Solutions:

Recreational vehicles such as the Coachman Prism do not come in cheap. They are worth thousands of dollars. Hence, once these vehicles encounter issues, their resale value, functionality, and lifespan decrease quickly.

To avoid these, it is important to fix the existing problems of the motorhomes and do regular maintenance and diagnosis to avoid the problems from repeating.

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Problem 1: Leak in the Plumbing

The restroom and toilet are the two most important parts of a motorhome. Owners of Coachman prism had reportedly complained about the plumbing leakage.

You will see damp floors and wet walls most of the time if there is a plumbing issue in your motorhome. It is a serious issue because continuous water leakage can damage the RV’s furniture and internal appliances.

What Causes A Plumbing Leak On A Coachmen Prism?

The most common reasons for leakage in the plumbing are the accessories and parts used to assemble the water flowering system of the RV. Other reasons for causing this issue could be:

  • Bad fitting pipelines.
  • Damage in the hose bib.
  • Leakage in the washer line.
  • Faulty connections of the pipelines. 
  • Rough driving on uneven roads can damage pipelines due to heavy impacts.
  • Poor quality of the plumbing accessories. 

How to Fix Leakage in Plumbing On Coachmen Prism?

To fix the leakage, you need to find the source of the damage. Sealing the points can fix the issue if heavy impacts cause small holes and leaks. Moreover, tightening the fittings of the pipelines and connections can also be done using common household tools.

You would require an all-around replacement if there are multiple leakages in the main streaming pipe. It is better to seek professional help to overhaul the plumbing of your recreational vehicle. 

Besides, you can also claim replacement or repair if there is a warranty available from the plumbing company.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Plumbing Leak On A Coachmen Prism?

If repairs can fix the leaks in the plumbing, then $50-$100 would get the job done. But, it requires the replacement of the bad fittings and connections; it may cost you around a $545 repair bill. 

It includes the labor fee and parts price for repairing the damage. A laborer can charge around $50-$100 for an hour of repair. New pipes and fittings can cost around $350-450.

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Problem 2: Poor Door, Roof, and Window Quality

Users of the Coachman Prism had filed many complaints regarding the doors, roofs, and windows. The right side of the roof line has faulty sealings. As a result, it leaks water inside the cab when it rains heavily.

The roof vent covers are very thin and fragile. These cannot withstand mild to heavy hail storms and get damaged. Besides, the internal door latches and window sliding have several problems with functionality.

These issues are serious if you plan to go on a long trip. You must repair and overhaul every door, window, and roof as much as possible to stay protected in adverse weather conditions.

What Causes Door, Window, and Roof Issues on Coachmen Prism?

The internal appliances of an RV should be made durable, and the company should use high-quality products and parts to assemble them. Hence, not maintaining the quality causes random damage to the door window panels and roof. Other reasons for these issues are:

  • Improper installation of the screws and other fastening parts.
  • Use of poor trims on the roof, windows, and doors.
  • Sudden impact due to driving recklessly.
  • Broken springs on the latches.
  • Loosely fit plastic trims on window panels.

How to Fix Window and Door Issues on Coachmen Prism?

To eliminate such problems, you must perform regular inspections and maintenance. You must secure the screws and fasteners properly to secure the doors and windows. 

Moreover, you should install a good roof vent to protect the cabin from hail and rain. Lubricating and removing dirt from the springs of the latches will keep them safe and durable.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Windows And Doors On The Coachmen Prism?

You can easily fix the issues using commonly used household tools such as nail guns, hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers to fix the smaller fitting issues. Replacing the trims and vents may cost you around $100-$300.

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Problem 3: Issues with Electrical Appliances

The best feature of a recreational vehicle is the opportunity to use full-sized electrical appliances in the cabin. But in the Coachman Prism, the appliances such as the oven, heater, refrigerator, lights, and air conditioning system have minor and major faults.

This results in users not getting the fullest usage and flexibility while traveling a long distance. Besides, integrated entertainment systems such as TV and radio also sometimes fail to function.

What Causes Failing Electrical Appliances On Coachmen Prism?

It is impossible to imagine a motorhome without a functioning oven, heater, or other portable electrics. Most of the time, using poor quality products and electrical connections from the battery can cause such issues. Whereas other causes for these issues are:

  • A dead battery or lack of power supply from the battery.
  • Broken wiring harness
  • Damage to the wiring connections.
  • Bad fitting of the appliances.

How To Fix Problems with Electrical Appliances On Coachmen Prism?

The first thing you should do is inspect the battery’s health. Recharge the battery using a compatible battery charger. Remove sulfation and check for corrosion on the connecting terminals.

Besides, look at the charging device, such as the alternator or solar panel, to ensure the battery is getting properly charged. After that, check the wiring harness and other connecting ports. Replacing those can fix the problem.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Problems With Electrical Appliances On Coachmen Prism?

Most of the time, you do not need to buy parts and accessories to solve issues with electrical appliances. You can solve the problem conveniently by yourself. 

Nevertheless, if you take your vehicle to the workshop, the mechanic can charge you around $50-$100 for one hour of service to solve the problems in your RV.

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Problem 4: Damaged Furniture and Other Appliances

Users of the Coachman Prism had actively reported against the furniture used to decorate the interior of the cabin. According to some complaints, the sitting space, doors, slabs of the kitchen, floor, etc., get damaged after a few months of usage.

What Causes Furniture Problems On Coachmen Prism?

The furniture issues occur due to over usage or poor equipment quality. Other than that, the following reasons play a vital role in causing trouble:

  • Driving Impacts
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Rough usage of the furniture

How To Fix Furniture Issues On Coachmen Prism?

There are two possible fixes for such circumstances. The minor damage to the furniture can be fixed using basic tools. If the equipment is made of wood or vinyl, you can use a nail gun or stapler to fix it conveniently. 

For major damage, you may need to replace the entire thing. Since Coachman Prism provides a warranty for every part, you can claim a replacement if it falls under the law.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Furniture Problems On Coachmen Prism?

The replacement cost of the furniture depends upon the equipment’s type and size. And as for the labor charge, a carpenter or mechanic may charge you around $100-$150 for an hour of service to solve the issues.


The Coachman Prism can be a good deal if you can cope with the problems it encounters after being used for a while. However, most of the issues in Coachman Prism are not so serious. All you need is to take good care of your motorhome along with regular inspection and servicing.

On the contrary, serious issues such as leaking and door/window quality can be a major headache if not solved. You must claim replacement or repair free of charge if you can avail of the warranty provided by the company.

We hope this article has been informative and instructive to you and helps you conveniently understand and eliminate the issues in your Coachman prism.

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