4 Common Leisure Travel Van Problems [Solutions Included]

Leisure travel vans are made for travel freaks and explorers. Though it possesses a top-class chassis and body, some units of different models have faced many problems with the interiors and functionality of some parts.

The most common leisure travel vans Problems are no water flow from the shower and AC turning On/Off automatically, vibration in the steering wheel, etc. The interior issues include toilet paper holder and curtain assembly problems.

To know all about the cabin and driveability problems of the leisure travel van, you may go through this article till the end. It will help you to understand the issues and fix them as conveniently as possible.


What Are The Common Problems With Leisure Travel Vans?

Motor homes, such as leisure travel vans, need a load of maintenance throughout the year. It is costly and tedious as well. Lack of proper maintenance and factory issues causes various problems in these vehicles. Some reported complaints about the leisure travel van are as follows:

  1. No Water Flow From The Shower
  2. Air Conditioner Auto On/Off
  3. Vibrating Steering wheels
  4. Toilet Paper Holders

4 Common Problems with Leisure Travel Van and Their Fixes:

Traveling in a recreational vehicle with several issues can be tiresome and frustrating for you and your family. Because of this, before purchasing a leisure travel van, you should be aware of the issues and solutions for a long enjoyable journey.

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Problem 1: No Water Flow From The Shower

It is one of the basic issues that occur in the Leisure travel vans after driving and using the shower for a certain period. The shower stops working, and no water flows through the hot and cold hoses. 

This problem can originate from a lack of water in the tank or the pump being turned off. But that is not the case because two other sinks work perfectly except for the shower after running the pump by switching on the battery.

What Causes No Water Flow On Leisure Travel Van?

There are several causes for the issue of the shower not releasing water. The usual causes are:

  • Palette from the water softener
  • Clogged shower head
  • Problem with the check valve
  • Low pressure in the shower mixer
  • Corrosion in the screw of individual faucet

How To Fix No Water Flow From Shower On Leisure Travel Van?

Not using the shower in a Leisure van RV results in deposing minerals from the water to the screws located inside the faucet. As a result, the cold and hot water pipes are clogged, and the shower head’s water flow is interrupted.

To fix this, you need to take apart the shower mixer. First, unscrew and remove the shower head. After that, take out the shower mixer by unscrewing two bolts. Next, check for the position of the screws inside the cold and hot water lines between the valve body. 

These screws would have been installed with a small spring inside. Remove and replace those with a new set. Finally, reassemble the shower head and check if it works.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix No Water Flow From Shower On Leisure Travel Van?

Fixing the shower problem is simple and can be done without anyone’s assistance. Hiring a certified expert may charge you around $80-$100 for an hour of service.

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Problem 2: Air Conditioner Turning On/Off Automatically

This problem has been found in the “Wonder” model of the Leisure Travel Vans. Using the AC for over 6 hours at a stretch results in the Ac to turn On/Off randomly.

It happens when the vehicle is parked at the campground and the outside temperature is over 92 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be frustrating during summer because random turning On/Off fails to decrease the cabin temperature.

What Causes AC To Turn On/Off Randomly On Leisure Travel Van?

The AC used in the RVs is not equally powerful as the commercial or domestic ones. Reasons why the AC automatically turns on/off are as follows:

  • Overheating
  • Surge connector
  • Dirty air filter

How To Fix AC To Turn On/Off Randomly On Leisure Travel Van?

First, disconnect the surge protector, which is located inside the electric box. After that, switch off the AC for a while and let the compressor cool down. It is better to shut down all the electricals inside the cabin, including the water heater.

While doing that, remove the filters from the AC and clean all specks of dirt using a common painting brush. Now, check if the system is under voltage or not. You should not use heavy electrical appliances such as the AC under 108 volts.

Lastly, reassure everything and put the filters back, switch on the AC, and observe if it works fine.

How Much Does It Cost AC To Turn On/Off Randomly To Fix On A Leisure Travel Van?

You can fix the minor problems causing the AC to turn ON/Off randomly by cleaning the filter and limiting the usage. But for major internal issues inside the AC, you may need to seek expert help who can charge $50-$70 for an hour of service.

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Problem 3: Vibration In Steering Wheel

The Leisure travel vans’ steering wheels shake if you go beyond a specific speed. This is another problem that the new Leisure van clients frequently experience. 

Older Continental tires are used as the stock tires on the leisure vacation van. It doesn’t have very good grips. As a result, the tire loses traction control at a particular speed, vibrating the steering wheels.

What Causes Vibrating Steering Wheels On Leisure Travel Van?

It is essential to treat the steering wheel vibration problem. It is because cruising at high speeds with this problem can cause losing control over the vehicle. The causes of this problem are stated below:

  • Stock continental tires.
  • Lack of sufficient grip on the road.

How To Fix Vibrating Steering Wheel Issue On Leisure Travel Van?

According to certified mechanics, the only way to treat this issue is to change the entire set of stock tires. You can use a set of Michelin tires for your leisure travel van, which will immediately remove the problem of vibration.

Simply loosen up the nuts on the wheel. Put your vehicle on a jack and elevate it. Remove the nuts and pull out the wheel. After that, swap the older tires with new ones and reassemble the wheel carefully.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Steering Wheel Vibration On A Leisure Travel Van?

Changing the tires is a basic job, so you would not need the help of workshops or mechanics provided that you possess the tools. A complete set of Michelin tires can cost $1600-$2500. The price of the tires varies depending upon the size.

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Problem 4: Defective Toilet Paper Holder

The toilet paper holder in the Leisure travel vans is not up to the mark. It is simply installed using a screw that fails to secure and lock the holder in place for a long time.

There are bumps on the roads, and the vehicle’s movement causes the toilet paper holder to fall. The screw is very susceptible to coming loose. As a result, you’ll see the holder lying on the floor as you go.

What Causes The Toilet Paper Holder To Fall Off On A Leisure Travel Van?

Before fixing the issue, you need to understand what causes it in the first place. The causes of the faulty toilet paper holder are as follows:

  • Loosened screw
  • Poor quality of the socket
  • Overweight height of the holder

How To Fix Broken Toilet Paper Holder On Leisure Travel Van?

The solution is to retighten the screw on the holding socket each time it becomes slack. This is merely a temporary measure. If you’re looking to solve the issue once and for all, think about changing the holder.

Buy a substitute holder of a different brand and model so it won’t come off as easily. You do not have to drill or make other adjustments; hence, installing a new holder can be very easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Toilet Paper Holder Issue On Leisure Travel Van?

The cost of the toilet paper holder depends upon the material, design, and brand. On average, you must pay around $20-$40 for a new toilet paper holder. Replacing the holder is an easy job, so you need to hire a mechanic and pay more.


Apart from the problems mentioned above, some other issues in the Leisure travel vans occur rarely. These are the water flow from the shower, curtains getting stuck on the window, etc.

To treat these, you may need to seek a professional’s help. Moreover, these issues require repairs worth a lot of money. That is why it is better to claim an official warranty if you are eligible.

We really hope that this article has helped you learn about and become aware of the current issues with leisure travel vans. You might use the information while buying a brand-new or used unit of leisure travel van.

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