5 Common Issues with Sandstorm Toy Hauler: How to Fix Them?

Let’s face it! Sandstorm Toy Hauler is awesome. Its extensive capacity and jaw-dropping interior views can take the “wow” out of your mouth! But just like a random RV, this one tends to face problems and complications. 

What are the common Sandstorm Toy Hauler issues? In most cases, you’ll find its floor kind of thinner, which is a risk factor. Besides, overheated generator, fragile water heater, and clogged toilets are considered some prominent causes. 

Have you started scratching your head after thinking of the problems? Don’t worry, as I’ll walk you through some quick fixes applied by me for my personal Sandstorm Toy Hauler, helping you wave off your worries! So, are you ready to dive right in?


5 Common Sandstorm Toy Hauler Issues and How to Fix Them:

Before you start your journey with the Sandstorm Toy Hauler, it’s necessary to get familiar with some of the probable problems with the vehicle. 

Note that every solution has its own way of sorting out. So sight tight and let me share all of them right away: 

1. The Floor Seems Thinner 

If I talk about myself, this is the first issue I personally noticed on my Sandstorm Toy Hauler. I’ve also seen some customers complain on its floor. For being thinner compared to traditional recreational vehicles, it’s almost unable to take extremely heavy loads. 

In fact, I didn’t find the necessary support right in the corner attached to the floor. 

So, what’s the solution? I’d prefer installing a new floor by taking off the existing one, even if it cost you a bomb! Because the floor is one of the crucial parts where we, along with our necessary things, are required to stand. 

As a result, it really needs to be capable of withstanding daily tortures and massive loads! 

2. The Windows and Door Are Kind of Loose 

Here comes a matter of security. Even if everything inside of your RV is good enough, loose windows and doors can give you a hard time during an outdoor activity at unknown spots. 

Besides that, if the door or windows appear too loose, you’ll face some complications during harsh weather, especially in the storms. 

In order to fix it, you’ll need to apply your DIY skills, which is what I did as well. A piece wrench, drills, and a screwdriver can be enough to tighten the loose parts as much as possible.

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3. Overheated Generator

If there is improper ventilation, it’s common for your Sandstorm Toy Hauler’s generator to end up with overheating issues. This may lead to turning your RV’s power off, or sometimes, an explosion may occur in case any of the compartments get extremely overheated. 

I’d recommend incorporating a number of venting ducts. This way, heat can pass through naturally and keep the generator cool. Feel free to take suggestions from sellers or experts for a permanent solution. 

4. Problems with the Water Heater

To be frank, it gave me a bummer! This is because I personally need to rely on the water heater often and often. But the annoying part was that I couldn’t heat the water in the way it requires.

And sometimes, it took extended hours than usual to heat the water up properly. 

That’s when I had to take my trailer to the expert mechanic! They did their own job by diagnosing the actual problem. If you’re dealing with a similar issue, do the same to get rid of it. 

If professionals recommend changing the water heater for being fragile, take a preparation to spend around $800 to $1000. The range may vary depending on the quantity that your recreational car prefers.

5. Clogged or Jammed Toilet

Just like other traditional RVs, this can happen to your Sandstorm Toy Hauler. Insufficient water usage to break solid things down may cause clogged toilets. Besides, using excessively thick toilet paper can lead to the same issue.

Using a toilet tank wand, you can smoothly eliminate the general clog from the toilet of your Sandstorm Toy Hauler. However, the problem can be anywhere else. So you better diagnose it by calling a seasoned plumber.

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How to Prevent Sandstorm Toy Hauler Problems? 

There is a common proverb, “prevention is better than cure.” That’s what I believe because if you get familiar with prevention, you can keep your Sandstorm out of the significant problems as much as possible. 

So let’s check them out:

  • Try to keep your Sandstorm Toy Hauler as light as possible. Before incorporating anything heavier, make sure to get familiar with your RV’s max load capacity. 
  • If possible, keep other sources of heating at bay from your Sandstorm’s generator. And ensure that it isn’t getting contact with direct sunlight.
  • Keep the thermostat, propane levels, and heating elements under your observation so that none of the crucial parts ends up with serious issues.
  • Children often throw solid substances inside the toilet. Try to be aware of it to prevent clogging or jamming. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

For your convenience, I’d like to share some more queries asked by many customers about the Sandstorm Toy Hauler issues. Let’s find out the answers given below:

Can a black tank leak cause issues with the Sandstorm Toy Hauler?

Although I didn’t face any complications yet, some customers claimed they ended up with leakage issues with their black tanks. After getting massive hits, they’re prone to get damaged or leaked for being flimsy plastic. 

Why is the propane hose of my Sandstorm Toy Hauler causing issues? 

Due to the lack of a universal connector, the propane tank’s hose fails to avoid complications. In such a case, I’d prefer spending extra dollars on a universal connector to fix the issue. For the installation, either watch tutorials or call experts. 

What are the common symptoms of Sandstorm Toy Hauler AC issues? 

A dirty compressor, minimal Freon levels, and burnt-out capacitors are known to be the three common signs of Sandstorm AC issues. If any of these occur, you’ll notice the AC is running yet unable to cool the surroundings.
Before anything significant happens, consult an expert immediately. 

What if the Sandstorm Toy Hauler’s battery causes problems? 

Over time, RV’s battery tends to turn weaker and sometimes die! Improper charging and inconsistent power supply can also cause battery issues.
If you’ve less mechanical knowledge, I’d suggest calling an expert to diagnose the issue first. Thus, you can solve it later on. 

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Every RV model has its own limitations, pros, and cons. So the Sandstorm Toy Hauler is no exception! Even after ending up with some common issues like damaged floors and loose windows, I didn’t have to get worried!

Guess why?

Because I believe that when something looks bad, there is always a silver lining! I successfully applied DIY tricks on solving loose doors and windows. And yes, it’s equally true that I didn’t hesitate to call experts out to fix significant problems like clogged toilets and overheated generators. 

My personal advice would be to rely on the user instructions to avoid potential damages and issues with your Sandstorm Toy Hauler. Stay safe and happy driving!

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