RV Shower Leaking Behind Wall – How To Fix?

When you are going on a trip with your mates and passing quality time, a single shower leakage can be enough to ruin your journey! But do you know why it happens? 

Possibly the malfunctioned plumbing is the main reason for the behind-wall shower leakage. Other common causes include loose connectors, damaged pipes, faulty shower valves, and defective vacuum breakers.

Getting a panic attack? No worries, as we will also discuss how you can wave off the RV shower leakage issues effectively!

Why RV Shower Leaking Behind Wall

Where Can You Detect the RV Shower Wall Leakage?

If you are noticing leakages behind the RV shower wall, it is necessary to examine a couple of things and places. 

Like, the fixture connection might be leaking, or let’s say there is something wrong behind the water connections. Any of them might be loosening, causing significant shower wall leakage. 

For inspecting the connection of valves, you have to take the shower plate off to examine whether there is sufficient space around the valve. 

If possible, take out any portion of the behind-shower wall in order that you can observe the valve and other associated piping closely. That is how it will be way easier for you to detect the RV shower wall leakage. 

Why Does an RV Shower Leak Behind Wall?

After years of constant usage, it is common for your RV shower to end up with slight leakages behind the wall. 

But in case you notice significant leakages earlier than usual, then the following reasons might be responsible for the leaking: 

  • Malfunctioned Plumbing
  • Defective Vacuum Breaker
  • Cracked Pipes
  • Loose Connectors
  • Damaged or Faulty Shower Valve

You must get into discovering the exact reason why the RV shower leaks behind the wall so that you can take the right action quickly. 

In case you have found that leakage, call a plump to fix the issue right away. Or, you can go through the post to learn how you can fix it yourself. 

How to Fix RV Shower Leak Behind Wall?

Depending on where it is actually causing a leakage behind the wall, the way of fixing it will be varied. 

However, we are sharing a general step-by-step process that can be applicable in almost every situation regarding the RV shower leakage behind the wall. 

So without further ado, let us walk you through the steps –

Step-1: Turn Off the Water Source

As there is a visible leakage causing water to flow without any need, it is better to turn the water supply off. 

Otherwise, allowing excess water in may increase the trouble, whether it is a spigot or water pump. 

And you better fill your requirements from an alternative bathroom to shower and use the toilet. 

Step-2: Locate the Damage

Accessing the damage is crucial, so if you do not have much plumbing knowledge, take help from someone who has pre-knowledge on this matter. 

By yourself, get closer to the leakage to make sure what is causing this bummer. Possibly, there can be damaged plumbing components or loose connectors.

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Step-3: Get the Area Dry to Fix the Leakage

As the water leaks, it is necessary to clean it. Possibly, you will need to collect a couple of towels to get the surface dry. 

However, if there is only a minor leak, a single piece of napkin or paper towel may be sufficient. 

Using a dehumidifier is a good idea, especially when the water unwantedly gets into the carpets or wood of the RV. 

Step-4: Access the Leak and Repair It

Here comes the tricky part! If you are going to do it for the first time, then it can be a bit challenging for you. 

But do not panic, as you just need to examine the places that can cause shower leakage behind the wall! And these include the plumbing areas, connectors, pipes, and shower valves.

Depending on the issue, the way of fixing it will be different. Like, you may require Teflon tape in order to coat the plumbing elements’ threads. 

This will be helpful in sealing the behind-wall shower leakage. Some experts claims to take off the old taping and reapply it in case any of the edges appear loose or bunched up. 

If the leakage has occurred due to the faulty shower valve, you should attempt to replace the old cartridge with the new one. 

The replacement cost of any standard shower cartridge is around 100-350 dollars, depending on the shower model. 

When it comes to loose connectors, all you need is to tighten them using the right tools and techniques. 

Damaged pipes and cracked vacuum breakers must need to be replaced if they are not fixable. In that case, you should consult your local shop for a replacement.

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Step-5: Call an Expert If Needed

While fixing any of the above issues related to RV shower leakage, you might get stuck or find yourself in serious trouble! 

In that case, there is nothing wrong with calling a pro plumber to get some help, even if he charges some extra bucks. This way, you will be able to fix the leakage without any flaws. 


RV shower leakage does not occur behind the wall only. Rather, you can observe leaks in some other places as well. Check out the queries to see where and why they occur: 

What are the reasons behind RV shower drain leakage?

Actually, there is no single culprit behind the leakage issue with RV shower drain. But some of the most common reasons include loose sealant, poor pipe fittings, and faulty shower pan

Why does the RV shower leak underneath?

Chances are the shower tray has ended up with erodes, causing significant leaks underneath. And if there are any visible cracks or the drain is faulty, leakage-issue will be a common bummer.  

Can you fix the shower-leaking issue by replacing the vacuum breaker?

If the shower-leakage problem occurs for a damaged vacuum breaker, then it is possible to fix the issue by replacing it. Check the user’s manual to get familiar with the model that fits your RV’s hand shower and hose. 

Final Words

RV shower leakage behind the wall often occurs after years. But it is really a matter of concern if that is happening too early. 

Consider observing every crucial component related to plumbing, making sure from where the water is leaking behind the wall. 

And if you have zero plumbing knowledge, do not think twice to call a seasoned plumber to deal with critical cases.

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