Where Is Suburban Rv Furnace Reset Button And How To Reset?

Even after being so coherent, there are many complaints that the Suburban RV furnace doesn’t turn on. Another common fact is that most of them ran out of warranty, so before going to a mechanic, your first thing to do should be to reset it.

You need to turn off the thermostat and reduce heat so the furnace won’t light up. Most manufacturers choose to put the reset button inside the blower compartment. Waiting 30 seconds will reset it. Not all Suburban RV furnaces have the same model and location of the reset button.

This situation can be terrible when you find it. But it is easily fixable with a bit of knowledge, and I will guide you through the rest of the article.


What Does The Suburban RV Furnace Reset Button Do?

Suburban RV furnace reset button is a shutdown safety feature that turns off the furnace when a problem is detected, or the furnace is not working. This button is either red or yellow, depending on the model of your Suburban RV. Sometimes the furnace temperature rises to an unusual level.

When a Suburban RV furnace stops, all the heating devices stop working. It can stop working for a few specific reasons, which we will discuss later in this article.

But it is important to know that you can try resetting it two or three times if the reset button doesn’t turn on your furnace. More than three times may break the Suburban RV reset button, which will cost you a lot when you call an HVAC professional.

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Where Is the Suburban Rv Furnace Reset Button?

Not all Suburban RV furnaces are manufactured similarly. So it is obvious not all of them will have the reset button in the same place. Other companies put their furnace reset button in complex locations. 

The Suburban RV furnace’s reset button is either red or yellow. So, do not worry; it is effortless to locate it. Every Suburban RV furnace has two blower motors under the hood and one combustion camper. The Suburban RV furnace resets button is in the blower compartment. You will see the blower motors aside from the button.

Look at the manual diagram if you cannot locate your Suburban RV furnace’s reset button location. Even if you cannot, you should call the dealership and ask them.

What Can Cause Suburban RV Furnace Reset Button to Trip?

There are some common causes for the Suburban RV furnace reset button to trip, and those are not extraordinary. The reset button is there for purposes like when your RV furnace stops working due to some inconvenience like heat or an electrical issue.

Reset button may trigger for many reasons, and sometimes it can even be just an error on the circuit board. But some most common reasons for tripping the reset button of a Suburban RV furnace may include these:

  • Shortage of Fuel / Power
  • Gas Valves Clogged or Jammed 
  • Blocked Air Filter 
  • Rusted or Damaged Flame Sensor/ Ignition Plate
  • Unusual Rise in temperature 

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How To Troubleshoot And Reset Suburban RV Furnace?

Troubleshooting is necessary before resetting the Suburban RV furnace because some technical issues won’t be solved just by pushing the reset button. If you don’t, then the furnace might start working or might even fail to start.

Follow the instructions given and fix issues that caused the reset button to trip, and then reset it to make the Suburban RV furnace function properly.

Refill Fuel Tank

A 12V is the main power source for the Suburban RV furnace. Because if the battery is drained, the furnace will fail to ignite. So the reset button may trip when the battery is drained or out of power.

So the primary thing you need to do is check your Suburban RV furnace’s battery. Use a multimeter to measure the remaining charge.

If it’s too low and takes a long time to recharge, you need to buy a new one. If it’s working fine, recharge the battery and press the reset button.

Clean Gas Valves

Sometimes, the gas valves can be blocked or clogged due to weather conditions like rain and dust. For this reason, the fuel transition will not be proper, causing problems igniting the furnace.

First, check the gas valves to see if the line is clear. If it’s jammed, then open it, clean it with pressure and ensure no water remains. After that, plug it in and press the reset button of your Suburban RV furnace.

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Replace Or Clean Air Filter

The air filter of RVs catches dirt and debris very quickly. So when the air filter is not working correctly, there will be a strain on the Suburban RV furnace, which will trip the reset.

You must clean or change the air filter at least once in 3 months. When the furnace is not working, check the air filter and take the necessary steps to clean it, then reset it.

Change Or Wipe Rust From Flame Sensor

Suburban RV furnace’s flame sensor is made of metal, and metals get rust and dirt coat, creating an issue with ignition. So, when the ignition fails, again and again, the reset button trips.

Check the flame sensor plate to see if it has any rust or dirt coat. Wipe them if possible or if it’s damaged, then install a new one and press the reset button.

Clean Air Vents For Better Airflow

Airflow is crucial to prevent the furnace from getting overheated. Ensure all the vents are clear before clicking the reset button, so it doesn’t trip again.

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Suburban RV furnaces are widely used worldwide, especially in some states like Florida and Texas. They can be helpful for you, too, so have a look. Besides, some questions have been raised because it has a common problem.

How To Reset A Gas Suburban RV Furnace?

Turn off the gas supply and the furnace from the main circuit breaker. Once the temperature is low, hold the reset button for the 30s and raise the thermostat’s temperature.

Why Is My Suburban RV Furnace Fan Making A Noise?

This can happen because fan blades may collide with each other or the fan housing. Or often it can be because of loose bearing motors.

Why My Suburban RV Furnace Stopped Working Overnight?

The battery may become exhausted and drain if a furnace runs all night. That is why running it all night isn’t wise. Give it some rest.

How To Shut off a Suburban RV Furnace When Temperature Is Too High?

A faulty thermostat can indicate that the furnace requires more heat even after reaching the need. Power off from the primary source, then replace the thermostat.


This problem is often visible when the Suburban RV furnace is out of warranty. So even if you want free servicing by that time, you cannot get it. Calling a professional will cost a lot of bucks; to save that, you must try fixing it yourself. 

I tried my best to provide all the necessary information you will need to troubleshoot and reset the Suburban RV furnace. But you must be careful not to break anything like motors or sensors while cleaning them. 

You should also keep your air vents, gas valves, and filter clean for better flow. It will help in the long term.

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