5 Common Problems with Winnebago Aspect [Solutions Included]


With innovative features and quality construction, Winnebago Aspects automotive has an excellent reputation among its users. And as a user of this automotive, you must know the common Winnebago Aspects problems and proper solutions to these issues. 

The most common issues with Winnebago Aspect include leaks in storage compartments, battery issues, attacks of rust on a particular unit, leaks in the roof, electrical problems, slide-out issues, problems with doors, etc. 

The Winnebago Aspects will allow you to spend quality time with high comfort on your weekends and more extended vacations. In the rest of the article, we will discuss these problems in detail, along with a proper fixing strategy.


What Are the Common Problems With The Winnebago Aspect?

Your adventure will be more enjoyable with the Winnebago aspects. But think about a moment whenever you are facing issues. It will undoubtedly have an impact on your entertainment, right? 

Not to worry, here is a list of common obstacles you can face. 

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Slide-out Issues
  3. Problems with Doors and Windows
  4. Electrical Problems
  5. Cracked Roof

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Winnebago Aspect Problems?

An individual issue requires a specific solution. Hence, you must take the issues seriously and start their troubleshooting actions immediately. Winnebago aspect problems are unavoidable. So, take the necessary steps whenever you trigger the issue. 

Problem 1: Battery Issue

There are two batteries in your Winnebago aspect vehicle. One is the starter battery, and the other is the house battery. 

Both batteries or a particular one of your Winnebago aspects can get dead. It can occur for many reasons. Among them, they are notable for improper charging and battery age. 

And undoubtedly, it is a severe issue. Without solving it, many accessories will not run at all. 

What Causes Battery Issue On Winnebago Aspect?

The house part of your Winnebago aspect mainly depends on the house battery. If you are amazed at how your battery dies, you must know the causes. Some common reasons are: 

  • Older battery 
  • Improper charging system 
  • Overcharging 
  • Lack of water 
  • Sulfation has occurred

How To Fix The Battery Issue On The Winnebago Aspect?

As it is a severe issue, you must take proper maintenance. Most importantly, regular care can prevent many problems that are related to the battery. 

In most cases, you may need to change the dead battery, replace it with a new one, and treat the new one correctly. 

Fixing strategy 1: 

Don’t overcharge the battery. By charging the battery for a limited time, you can extend its life. 

Make sure that the batteries are fully charged before storing your Winnebago aspect. Try to keep your batteries in an environment where the temperature is about 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Battery Issue On The Winnebago Aspect?

If you find that your battery is dead and you must replace it, it will take around 100$ to 130$.

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Problem 2: Slide-Out Issues

While staying in the Winnebago aspect, you may need to slide out its compartments. But sometimes, you will face problems with sliding out. And it is possible for it to occur if you don’t perform proper maintenance frequently. 

The moving parts can be attacked by rust and corrosion. As a result, you will not be able to slide out properly. 

What Causes Slide-Out Issue On Winnebago Aspect?

Though the attack of rust is the main reason for this issue, there can also be other causes. The other causes are: 

  • Attack of corrosion 
  • Older moving parts 
  • Leaks in moving parts 
  • Dust and debris between slide components 
  • Malfunction of a particular part

How To Fix  Slide-Out Issue On Winnebago Aspect?

Without locking and unlocking the slides of your Winnebago aspect, you will not be able to use them properly. 

Step 1: Remove Dust 

Initially, try to remove dust and debris from the moving parts of your car. Make all the components clean and try to lock or unlock the slides.  

Step 2: Use Lubricant 

Use lubricant on your Winnebago aspect slide arms. Lubricating will allow you to remove the rust from the moving parts. 

Step 3: Get Help From A Service Center 

If you can’t solve the issue, you must send the Winnebago aspect to a service center. The expert will diagnose the problems and carry out proper maintenance. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Slide-Out Issue On The Winnebago Aspect?

For general maintenance and repair, you may need to spend less than $500. But replacing entire components of slides should cost $1500 to $2000 on average.

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Problem 3: Trouble with Doors And Windows

The doors and windows of the housing part of your Winnebago aspect can get damaged, leaked, or destroyed. In these situations, you may not feel comfortable using your vehicle. 

Even the vent windows of your Winnebago aspect can get damaged, and the doors can make noise. 

What Causes Trouble With Doors And Windows On Winnebago Aspect?

Doors and windows are the most common parts of the Winnebago aspect vehicle. Notably, these parts can face different issues because of some common causes. 

  • Leak in windows 
  • Noise from doors 
  • Leak window seal 
  • Attack of rust 

How To Fix Trouble With Doors And Windows On Winnebago Aspect?

You can’t ignore the problems associated with your doors and windows. In this case, you should take maintenance steps quickly. 

Step 1: Replace the Doors

The doors of your Winnebago aspect may not be in good condition. So, you can replace the doors and get a new one. Call a technician to replace the door. 

Step 2: Repair Drafty Windows

To repair drafty windows, you should seal the frame of the windows correctly. In this case, foam gaskets can be used. 

Step 3: Regular Maintenance

You can extend the lifespan of the windows and doors by taking regular care of them. Clean the doors and windows regularly. Use lubrication to keep them in good condition. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Trouble With Doors And Windows On Winnebago Aspect?

If you need general repairs to your doors and windows, it will not cost more than $100, including labor costs. But the cost of replacing the parts will be raised.

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Problem 4: Cracked Roof

For many RV vehicles, roof cracking is a significant problem. And it can happen for many reasons. You will face severe issues in the rainy and winter seasons because of a cracked roof. 

Consequently, you will not feel comfortable while staying at your motorhome. And this issue will create other problems as well. 

What Causes A Cracked Roof On A Winnebago Aspect?

The roof of your Winnebago aspect is not the same as your house. Roofs are made from low-weight materials. Various causes, however, can damage the roof.

  • Poor maintenance 
  • Separation of parts 
  • Extreme sunlight 
  • Heavy awnings 
  • Storm 
  • Improper sealing 

How To Fix A Cracked Roof On A Winnebago Aspect?

Indeed, troubleshooting a cracked roof is a costly and laborious task. Hence, you have to trigger the actual issue first. Then, take proper maintenance steps. 

Step 1: Use Silicone Caulk

If you notice a minor crack or leak on your roof, you can use silicone caulk to fix the leak. Someone suggested a roof patch in this step. 

Step 2: Repair Cracks

For a severe issue, you can hire an expert technician and fix the problem. And the technician will repair cracks and leaks smartly. 

Step 3: Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance can prevent this kind of damage. Never park your vehicle in a scary place. Try to use a waterproof cover.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix  Cracked Roof  On Winnebago Aspect?

If you want to replace the entire roof, it will cost around 7000 to 12000 dollars. But for minor maintenance, you may need to spend about $200 to $5500.

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Problem 5: Electrical Problems

Electrical issues can take place very frequently. Damaged outlets, loose wires, etc., are common causes of this issue. You can handle minor electrical problems. But for a major issue, you must hire a technician. 

What Causes Electrical Problems on the Winnebago Aspect?

There are plenty of reasons responsible for your Winnebago aspect’s electrical issue. Some common causes are: 

  • Broken wires 
  • Malfunctioning outlets 
  • Aged components 
  • Improper electrical voltage 
  • Fault indicators 

How To Fix Electrical Problems On Winnebago Aspect?

Various actions can be taken to fix electrical issues on your Winnebago aspect vehicle. In most cases, you can change the broken electrical parts very easily. At the same time, damaged or broken wires can be fixed without any issues. 

But for a major electrical problem, you must call an expert. Then, let him trigger the exact issue and solve it. 

Fuses, breakers, indicators, switches, etc., are the most common components that can be replaced easily. But voltage system problems, power supply problems, etc., require an expert.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Electrical Problems On A Winnebago Aspect?

Generally, electrical components are expensive. Hence, you may need to spend more on this issue. To replace major parts, you should pay around $500 to $800. 


Winnebago aspects may come in different sizes and quality. But the problems mentioned earlier are most common for all Winnebago aspect automotive. 

However, you just need to have proper concentration whenever fixing a specific issue. At the same time, experts can take better fixing steps. So, never hesitate to call an expert. 

Most importantly, take regular maintenance steps to avoid significant issues. And, never avoid a single problem after noticing it because it can cause many severe problems within a few days. So, take the situation seriously and get proper maintenance.

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