Dometic RV Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is: Fix Now!

Hands down, Dometic has a reputation for manufacturing some top-notch RVs these days. However, it does not make them infallible, as you can sometimes notice issues with the RV refrigerator for not getting cold. 

Why the Dometic RV refrigerator not cooling but freezer is? Probably there is significant blockage around the vent. Besides, it can also stop cooling due to a messy condenser coil, defective cooling unit, or faulty thermistor. 

After knowing the reason, you should learn the troubleshooting processes to deal with the inconveniences. Let’s go on for the details!

Dometic RV Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is

How Cold Should the Dometic RV Refrigerator Be?

As a general rule, every RV refrigerator’s freezer needs to be at a degree of 0, and the refrigerator requires to be 34-degree. 

So there is no exception for the Dometic RV. And based on the report of Dometic’s official site, thermostat ranges from one to five (adjustable), and 5 is considered the coldest temp.

Another thing you must note down is that the prime compartment must not cross 42 degrees. 

We’d highly prefer taking assistance from a refrigerator thermometer so that you can measure the temp precisely.

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What Causes the Dometic RV Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is?

It is necessary to check the temperature first of your Dometic RV refrigerator if it is not cooling. 

Because sometimes, when you set it to 1 or too low, the fridge will not get as much time as needed to get perfectly cooled!

However, even if you still notice issues with cooling, then these can be some of the following causes behind the bummer: 

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Troubleshooting Dometic RV Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is

As you saw that there are a few things that cause issues with the Dometic RV refrigerator not cooling, the troubleshooting processes will not be similar. 

Like, depending on the problem, the way of fixing it will be different from one to another. So let us educate you by disclosing the basic troubleshooting tips –

1. Adjust the Temperature Sensor

Sometimes, the temperature sensor situated inside the RV refrigerator might get moved or slip from its actual spot. If it happens, then chances are the refrigerator will fail to cool down. 

To fix it, all you need is to attach the sensor firmly to its natural position. While doing this, turn off the unit and start it to check whether the refrigerator is working or not. 

2. Unblock the Exhaust Vent

On the rear of your RV refrigerator, you can locate the exhaust vent. The purpose of this vent is to pass air throughout the refrigerator in terms of keeping it cool. So when it turns blocked, the Dometic RV will fail to cool down properly. 

In order to confirm whether there are any potential blockages or obstacles, consider taking the exhaust vent cover off. Then, it is likely to find dust, dirt, and stuff like that. 

According to Nytimes, you can take help from a coil brush to eliminate the dust and then do vacuuming for ultimate cleaning.

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3. Clean the Condenser Coil

In simple words, the condenser coil of your Dometic RV refrigerator plays an essential role in taking heat out of the fridge. 

So it is possible for the refrigerator not to get cooled down when the interior of the coil loads plenty of dirt. 

When it comes to fixing it, you first have to get the RV fridge unplugged. Then, take the rear panel off, and start cleaning the coil using a vacuum cleaner and a brush. 

4. Replace or Repair the Thermistor

A thermistor is considered one of the crucial components of an RV refrigerator. It plays a key role in measuring the actual temperature in order to transmit it to the RV’s thermostat. 

So when you find it broken or damaged, it is pretty common to end up with inaccurate temperature information. Furthermore, it will cause stopping the cool air, resulting in it not working. 

If you do not have any technical knowledge, consult a technician to confirm whether it needs to be replaced or repaired. 

In fact, if the thermostat needs any replacement, the average charge will be around 200 dollars, based on Forbes’ inquiry.

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5. Repair/Replace the Cooling Unit

The cooling unit is by far the last and most important part, where you should focus if none of the above works. 

This is the central part of the Dometic RV refrigerator that supplies the cool air to the fridge. 

So if it stops responding, then the refrigerator will not be able to cool down, and there is no rocket science!

When you suspect any defects around the cooling unit, it is a must to take an expert’s support. 

Either go for the repair if there are any slight issues. But if the problem appears to be major, then replacing the cooling unit might be the only way to go.

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As the refrigerator is considered a crucial element of a recreational vehicle, you still might have some queries left in your mind, is it? Well, then let us answer some common queries: 

How long can your RV refrigerator stay cool?

If your Dometic RV fridge comes with 12V, then it will remain cool for not less than 12 hours. But if you make minimal use of it before turning it off, this will add more hours to keep cool inside. 

What is the average lifespan of the Dometic RV refrigerator?

The Dometic RV refrigerator is prone to last around ten to eighteen years in average circumstances. Some RVs may last even longer with proper care and maintenance, especially if you avoid dealing with them inappropriately. 

How much does the Dometic RV refrigerator need to get cool?

A decent-conditioned Dometic RV fridge tends to take around 8 to 12 hours to get completely cool. But users may feel the refrigerator getting cold within 1 hour, but needs around six hours to let you put food inside. 

Final Words

Every component of an RV needs extra monitoring to enjoy its optimal longevity. So when it comes to the Dometic RV refrigerator, you must pay attention to its temperature every single day. 

Also, confirm that the temperature sensor is working correctly. And do not hesitate to call an expert if you cannot detect the issue behind not cooling.

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