5 Common Problems with Jayco Caravan [Solutions Included]

Do you own a Jayco Caravan? Are you happy with what you are getting from your vehicle-cum-accommodation? Or are you facing some problems and are wondering how you can troubleshoot your vehicle? 

Maybe you have a leaky roof, so you have water dripping down the floor and making everything damp. Or you might be having problems with your air conditioner or other electrical appliances. Perhaps your hot water system is not working anymore.  

If you are facing any of the problems that we mentioned here, then you have come to the right place. Here we go through some of the most common problems faced by Jayco Caravan users, along with solutions for dealing with these problems.


What Are The Common Problems With the Jayco Caravan? 

As an owner of any caravan, you are not guaranteed a problem-free experience. You will have to deal with some issues that will pop up from time to time. Below, we identify some of these problems so you are better prepared to deal with them when they appear. 

  1. Leaky Roof
  2. Slide Out Not Opening
  3. Air Conditioner Damage
  4. Braking Issues
  5. Solar Panel with Zero Power Output

5 Common Problems with Jayco Caravan and How to Solve Them:

We have identified some of the common problems faced by the owners of Jayco Caravans. We will focus on the symptoms of these problems, their causes, solutions, as well as the cost associated with the solutions. 

Problem 1: Leaky Roof 

A leaky roof is one of the most common issues faced with Jayco Caravans. You notice this every time it rains. 

Water starts dripping down and your floors get wet. There is a crack somewhere on the roof that is allowing the water to drip down. 

If you don’t fix the crack, your roof is in danger of becoming seriously damaged. 

What Causes a Leaky Roof on a Jayco Caravan?

A leaky roof exists when there is a crack on the rooftop surface, regardless of the size of the crack. Below are some common factors that cause such a crack to appear: 

  • Weather (extreme heat)
  • Strong wind pressure 
  • The old age of the caravan
  • Keeping heavy cargo on the rooftop, such as bike racks and solar panels.
  • A random incident such as a tree falling on the roof

How To Fix A Leaky Roof On A Jayco Caravan?

The easiest fix is to use a leak stopper. If you don’t want to add a leak stopper, speak to the manufacturer to recommend the appropriate sealant for your vehicle. Otherwise, follow these two steps. 

Step 1: Start by cleaning the roof. Make sure that the roof is dry and clean.

Step 2: Attack a leak stopper made of rubber. This will flow into the crack and fill the gap. A permanent seal is created. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Leaky Roof On A Jayco Caravan?

If you want to use a rubberized leak stopper, then the price can vary from $6 to $140. This is a completely DIY option, so you don’t need a mechanic for it. 

On the other hand, if you want to use a sealant, the cost of the sealant will vary from $15 to $40.

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Problem 2: Slide Out Not Opening

As you can guess, one of the most common problems that users face is that the slide-out does not open. No matter what you do- whether you push or pull on the slider, or press the button, it refuses to open. 

What Causes the slide to stop opening on the Jayco Caravan?

When the slide-out stops opening, the motor continues to move, but the slider stops working. This could be for several reasons. 

  • Presence of loose wires within the connections. 
  • Blown fuse 
  • Tripped circuit breaker. 
  • Batteries are not adequately charged. 

How to fix slide-out opening issues on the Jayco Caravan?

If the slide-out is not opening, the following are steps you can follow to fix the issue. 

  1. Have the power reset. 
  2. Check that the wires are correctly aligned.
  3. Check the fuses for any blown fuses. 
  4. Check the circuit breakers. Reset the breaker if they are tripped. 
  5. Check the batteries to make sure they are charged at least 12 volts. 
  6. Disconnect the power of the slider to reset it. 
  7. If all else fails, consult a technician. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix slide-out issues On A Jayco Caravan?

Usually, the problem can be resolved DIY. But in some cases, you may need to consult a mechanic. if you need to change certain parts. The following costs would then apply. 

  • Average mechanic cost: $257
  • Cost of changing fuse: $130-160
  • Cost of changing batteries: $2200-2700

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Problem 3: Air Conditioner Damage

When the air conditioner is damaged, its performance decreases. The AC doesn’t cool the room as well as it should, or its performance becomes worse over time. 

One of the problems you may notice is that it starts to pour a constant stream of dripping water. 

The LED lights start showing an error code as well, in some cases. Usually, these problems start to show up after the AC has been in use for a long time. 

What Causes Air Conditioner Damage on a Jayco Caravan? 

Damage to the air conditioner is down to several factors. These are the most common factors that cause air conditioners on Jayco Caravans to malfunction or stop functioning altogether. 

  • Incorrect settings that cause a buildup of ice on the device. 
  • Dirty internal filters clog up with dust and dirt. 
  • Dirty external drain holes 
  • Dust buildup on heat exchanger radiator fins
  • Reduced or depleted refrigerant gas.

How To fix air conditioner damage on a Jayco Caravan? 

The following steps will help fix the common issues with the air conditioners on the Jayco Caravan. 

  1. Keep the settings within the range of 23 and 28 degrees Celsius. This will prevent the AC from working beyond its limits. 
  2. Clean the internal filters, drain holes, and radiator fins using a blower tool. 
  3. If the refrigerant gas has depleted, consult a mechanic to handle the situation.  

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Air Conditioner Damage On A Jayco Caravan?

In the case of full damage to the AC, a full replacement will be needed. This will come at a cost of between $700 and $1,400. 

But if only partial repair is needed, i.e., repair involving replacing parts, then the following costs will apply. 

  • Average mechanic cost: $250
  • The average cost of parts: is $120

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Problem 4: Braking Issues

The brake system on caravans gets worn out quite quickly, which increases the need for frequent maintenance. 

A fault in the braking system comes with a huge risk as it can result in road accidents. This is fairly common in most caravans. With Jayco, it’s no different. 

What causes braking issues in the Jayco Caravan?

One of the factors that cause braking issues is using old or worn-out brake pads that damage the brake rotors accidentally. You also need to make sure the calipers are not worn out or damaged. 

If pressing on the brake pedal gives you the sensation of pressing on a soft but elastic substance, then the master cylinder is faulty. 

How to fix braking issues in Jayco Caravan?

The most simple fix for braking problems is to add an extra bit of cable through the axle, as it results in less voltage loss. Increasing the cable size by two times is also recommended. 

What is the cost of fixing braking issues in Jayco Caravan?

  • Cost of replacing parts: $19-40
  • Cost of mechanic: $90-150

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Problem 5: Solar Panel with Zero Power Output

Solar panels play an important role in powering the caravan batteries using energy from the sun. When the solar panel stops working, this means the batteries are not getting the energy required to power the caravans. 

What causes zero power output out of the solar panels in the Jayco Caravan?

The following are the common causes of zero power output in caravans. 

  • Open circuit: Open circuit is caused by faulty wiring within the panel. 
  • Solar-charger controller errors: The solar charger goes erratic and out of control, abruptly stopping the current flow. 
  • Internal problems within the panel: The internal components of the panel may be at fault as well. 

How to fix a zero power output solar panel on a Jayco Caravan?

The following steps can help solve the issue of zero amp output from the solar panels. 

  1. Ensure the solar panel receives an adequate amount of sun daily. 
  2. Good quality equipment is a must. 
  3. Ensure proper wiring within the system. 
  4. Use multimeters to detect bad connections. 
  5. Take notice that the panels do not overheat. 
  6. Physical damage from the weather or other damage should be checked for. 
  7. Consult experts on the recommended voltage and power requirements. 
  8. Have a professional handle the wiring.

What is the cost of fixing zero power output solar panels in Jayco Caravan?

  • Cost of replacing parts: $60-100
  • Cost of mechanic: $150-250


Now you have a little more understanding of what types of problems you can face as a Jayco caravan user. Always make sure to check the manual for the Jayco caravan after you purchase it. 

There you will find specific instructions on how to manage and maintain the caravan so that you can continue to use it for a long time without many issues. 

The problems that we discussed here are 3 of the most common problems that users face, so you will likely face them too. 

So make sure to follow the instructions that we have provided here, as we believe these guidelines will help you effectively manage these issues without much hassle. 

We hope you find this article very helpful and that you have a pleasant experience with your caravan.

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