4 Common Jayco White Hawk Problems [Solutions Included]

Jayco White Hawk is one of the highly efficient travel trailers known for its decent features and performance. However, you may face quite a few problems with this fifth-wheel travel trailer.

The most common Jayco White Hawk problems include noisy slide-out, axle malfunctioning, shower leakage, and a faulty braking system. You are going to face some issues no matter what Jayco white Hawk model you are looking at.

But don’t worry. We will discuss every bit of detail about these issues including causes, symptoms, troubleshooting steps, and fixing strategies. Keep reading to find out more.


What Are The Common Problems With Jayco White Hawk?

Once you have used a travel trailer for a long time, it is evident that you have to deal with some problems. The facts remain the same in the Jayco White Hawk case. Below are the most common problems that may bother you regarding the Jayco White Hawk.

  1. Noisy Slide-out Issue
  2. Axle Malfunctioning
  3. Shower Leakage
  4. Windows Leakage

4 Common Problems with Jayco White Hawk and Their Solutions:

Whenever you notice issues with your Jayco White Hawk travel trailer, you must take corrective steps as soon as possible. The troubleshooting guide we tend to share is now suitable for almost all Jayco Travel Trailer model years.

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Problem 1: Noisy Slide-Out Issue

This is a common Jayco travel trailer problem. You want to slide out of the compartment of your travel trailer and hear the rubbing noise whenever you start moving the slide. 

Moreover, it is not just noisy. Sometimes, the noise indicates that there are some issues with the slide-out. If you allow this to happen for a long time, the slide-out will start malfunctioning, and you may have to face unexpected issues. 

What Causes the Noisy Slide-Out Issue on the Jayco White Hawk?

Quite a few factors come into play when you hear a noise whenever you want to slide out of your travel trailer. One of the most prominent causes behind this is rack and pinion displacement. The other possible causes of the problems are:

  • Frozen rubber ruler underneath the slide.
  • Dirt and dust at the bottom of the slide-out.
  • Insufficient lubricant causes strong friction.

How To Fix The Noisy Slide-Out Issue On The Jayco White Hawk?

It’s always better to start with the simplest of fixes. In this case, as the loose lubrication under the slide may cause the problem of rubbing slide-out noise, you should focus on this first. 

  • Go underneath the slide. 
  • Buy dry lubrication of quality manufacture.
  • Take time and start applying the lubricant thoroughly underneath the slide. 
  • Check the rag and pinion of the slide’s motor underneath the slide.
  • If the screws of the slide motor (motor mounts) are loose, tighten them. 
  • Slide out the travel trailer reportedly to 2-3 times and hope the issues will be solved. 
  • Clean the parts underneath the slides. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Noisy Slide-Out Issue  On Jayco White Hawk?

To fix the issues of the noisy slide-out problem on your Jayco White Hawk, you don’t need to spend too much money. However, a 5-dollar dry lubricant can solve the issues in most cases.

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Problem 2: Axle Malfunctioning

After knowing the users’ opinion of the Jayco White Hawk users, we should consider this one of the prominent problems. Just think about the scenario you tend to start for a trip, and the wheels of your travel trailer refuse to function correctly.

A malfunctioning axle can cause significant issues if it remains unfixed for a long time. They kind of like stuck. 

What Causes Axle Malfunctioning On Jayco White Hawk?

Sometimes, an access load on the travel trailer can cause the issue of axle malfunctioning. Furthermore, some of the other possible causes are:

  • Axle metal fatigue.
  • Bad road conditions. 

How To Fix Axle Malfunctioning On Jayco White Hawk?

First, you need to make sure that your travel trailer is overloaded or not. If the trailer is overloaded, suspect what makes the trailer overload and reduce the load.

Furthermore, the axle’s parts gradually weaken as your travel trailer ages. So, check whether any part of the axle is damaged. If yes, you should replace the part or the whole axle to eliminate the problem.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Noisy Slide-Out Issue On Jayco White Hawk?

If unloading the extra weight from your travel trailer can do the job, you don’t need to spend any money. But, if you need to spend the entire axle of your Jayco White Hawk travel trailer, you may need to spend around $600-$1500.

  • Mechanical Cost: $200-$300
  • Replacement/Parts Cost: $400-1200

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Problem 3: Shower Leakage

Water leak is one of the most known problems of travel trailers. In terms of Jayco White Hawk, shower leakage is the most acute, according to many users. If the shower system goes bad, you will see water flowing here and there on your travel trailer.

What Causes of Shower Leakage On Jayco White Hawk?

One of the prominent causes of shower leakage on your Jayco White Hawk 5th-wheel travel trailer is insufficient sealant around the shower area. The water can easily pass through the gaps around the shower pan if there is an inadequate sealant.

Other causes of shower leakage on Jayco White Hawk are:

  • Sloppy soldering around the shower area.
  • Leaky shower faucet 
  • Leaky shower pan.

How To Fix Shower Leakage On Jayco White Hawk?

First, you need to make sure about the fact that the sealant condition around the shower area is perfect. Follow the steps below to fix the shower leakage problem on your Jayco White Hawk travel trailer.

  • Apply additional sealant to the shower area.
  • If the soldering around your shower area looks imperfect, it’s essential to resolve the location.
  • Check the shower faucet and replace it if there is any leakage.
  • Apply sealant around the leaky shower pan.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Shower Leakage On Jayco White Hawk?

The cost to fix the shower leakage varies on the type of leakage and what you replace to eliminate the leakage. But, overall consideration, you may have to spend nearly $20-$25.

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Problem 4: Windows Leakage

Windows leakage is another problem that might irritate you in most cases. There may not be major leakage, but whatever minor leakage is there, it causes water to come inside your travel trailer. 

However, extreme windows leakage can cause different types of damage to the interior of the Jayco White Hawk travel trailer. You wake up and notice the pillow and sheet are wet. 

What Are the Causes of Windows Leakage on Jayco White Hawk?

In most cases, bad or damaged windows sealant can cause the issue of windows leakage. There have always been some problems with the type of sealant in the Jayco 5th-wheel, according to users Other causes of Jayco White Hawk window leakage are:

  • Additional windows damage.
  • Damaged caulking and adhesive around the windows.
  • Dirty windows weep holes.

How To Fix Windows Leakage On Jayco White Hawk?

The basic troubleshooting step of the windows leakage problems on the Jayco White Hawk is to keep the windows weep holes clean. Dirt or debris on the weep holes can let the clog prevent the water from escaping from the windows and causes it to leak. 

  • Check the windows sealant to aspect the leakage.
  • If you see damage to the windows sealant, replace it and place it tightly.
  • If the damage to the sealant is not extreme, you can use tape to cover the leakage.
  • Check the caulk condition around the windows.
  • Apply the small amount of caulk around the window using a caulking gun. 
  • Ensure proper maintenance of your travel trailer windows. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Windows Leakage On Jayco White Hawk?

On average, the cost to fix the windows leakage is around $70-$120. However, it depends on the condition of the windows and the types of leakages. 

  • Mechanical Cost: $50-$70.
  • Replacement/Parts Cost: $20-$50.


Here, we have come to the end of discussing the most common Jayco White Hawk problems. First, you should need focus on examining the possible causes of problems. Once you are sure about them, you can solve most issues independently.

It’s better to always start with the basics when troubleshooting problems with the Jayco White Hawk. Then, you should approach fixing the more complex issue. 

Always take enough time, and don’t hesitate to call a professional if you think you can’t DIY. Contact with the dealer will be the best choice if you face problems during the warranty period.

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