5 Common Jayco Water Heater Problems [Solutions Included]

If you drive an Rv, you already know the thrill of having it. These campers will give you an enthralling outdoor experience. Jayco is a brand that makes excellent campers, but just like other brands, they are also prone to some problems, and one such problem is the water heater problem.

Even though Jayco is a very reliable brand, water not heating up, bad smelly water and tank leakages are a few of the problems they can suffer from. If you do not solve these water heater issues in time, these can lead to even more significant issues.

Thus, if you own a Jayco RV and suffer from water heater issues, we are here to help you. Today in this guide, we will discuss all the common Jayco water heater problems & solutions.


What Are The Common Problems With Jayco Water Heater?

Below, we will list all the common problems Jayco water heaters can suffer from. Read on to know more. 

  1. Water Not Heating Up
  2. Leakages
  3. Bad Smelly Water
  4. Soot Buildup
  5. Low Water Pressure

5 Common Problems with Jayco Water Heater and Their Solutions:

So far, we have seen the potential water heater problems in brief. Now we will look at each of these problems in detail, along with their symptoms and quick fixes.

Problem 1: Water Not Heating Up

Sometimes when you see that even after you turn on the tap, there is no hot water, which means the water is not correctly heating up. Additionally, neither the tank nor the hot or cold lines will receive any water, and the tank didn’t fill.

What Causes Water Not Heating Up On Jayco Water Heater?

There can be many reasons for the water not heating up in the Jayco water heater. The main reason most of the time is that the bypass valve is closed and causing issues. Another common reason is that the thermostat setting is altered or faulty, causing the water not to heat up.

How To Fix Water Not Heating Up On Jayco Water Heater? 

As we have said, there can be two probable reasons for your water not heating up, so you will need to troubleshoot the reason first. 

Fixing Bypass Valve

The heater is shielded from the coolant by a bypass valve. Before you may store additional water for showering, you must totally rinse out the heater if antifreeze somehow manages to get inside. 

So, check properly if the bypass valve is turned off. If it is turned off, then coolant can enter inside the water, causing it to cool down. So make sure to turn on the bypass valve. 

Fixing Thermostat 

The thermostat controls the temperature of the water, and if there is a fault in it, you will need to fix it. You will need a multimeter to check the thermostat properly. 

Use your flathead screwdriver to remove the thermostat unit’s top and bottom access covers. There will be insulation inside with a flap with a cutout for the thermostat. 

Set the top thermostat to its highest setting. Now take the multimeter and set RX1 on the multimeter. Put just one probe on the connector on the bottom left. Put the second-meter probe on terminal screw number 1, which is located above terminal number 2. 

You ought to receive a value of 0. The thermostat needs to be repaired if you receive no reading at all. It is better to consult an electrician to replace the thermostat properly as many wirings need to be connected. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Water Not Heating Up On Jayco Water Heater?

Sometimes you can simply fix your thermostat, but if the problem is more severe, you will need to replace it. Usually cost, and replacement of the thermostat can be anywhere from $150-$200.

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Problem 2: Leakages

Sometimes, leakages are significant problems faced by water heaters. Suppose you see water leaking from pipes connecting the water heater to everything else. Also, if you notice water underneath the shower tray, then there is a leakage. 

What Causes Leakages On Jayco Water Heater?

There are a lot of different possible reasons for leaks. A broken temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve and too much pressure inside the heater are the primary causes. 

Another major cause of leaks is overheating. The leak is often not inside the water tank but in the plumbing pipes. The water storage tank can also leak from the top, and you find a wet top. 

How To Fix Leakages On Jayco Water Heater? 

To fix leakages in the water tank, you will first need to be sure about the source of the problem. 

Temperature and Pressure Valve

Place a bucket beneath the above pipe, release the T&P valve, and clean out any debris. If the valve still leaks, then the primary source of the leakage is the valve, and you will need to replace it. 

Overheating and extra pressure

To get rid of overheating and extra pressure, you will have to alter the settings in your thermostat. Go to your thermostat unit and check the current temperature. After that lower, the temperature and your leakings should stop. 

Plumbing Pipes

Check the plumbing pipes properly and try to find out any leaks. If you can spot a leak, try to close down that leak using a leak stopper. However, if the leak is too big, then it is better to replace the whole pipe. 

Leak in Storage Tank

If the leak is in the water storage, then it is mostly due to bad o-rings. Clean the tank very carefully and remove any dirt from the tank and check if any o-rings have gone bad. If there is a damaged o-rings, get a new one and change it.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Leakages On Jayco Water Heater?

If you need to replace the temperature and pressure valve, then it can cost between $150-$550. O-rings are pretty inexpensive, and they will only cost a few cents.

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Problem 3: Bad Smelly Water

When you turn on your tap or shower, the water will smell like rotten eggs, and that’s horrible. This pungent smell will keep coming from your water, indicating there’s an issue with the water heater.

What Causes Bad Smelly Water On Jayco Water Heater?

Bad smelly water is annoying, and the reason for this is sometimes very simple; your tank may be filled with debris and toxic particles, which are causing this bad pungent smell in the water. 

Another possible reason is the anode rod below the heater may be corroded and needs replacement. 

How To Fix Bad Smelly Water On Jayco Water Heater?

If the smell is only due to dirt and debris, then all you need to do is clean the tank properly. Flush all the tanks from the water heater tank and make sure the water has cooled down before you do this.

Take some vinegar and use it to clean your tank further, and after that, rinse the tank properly with fresh water. Doing this will take away all the smell.

If the water still smells bad after cleaning with vinegar, then take a look at the anode rod. The anode rod catches all dust and dirt, keeping the water fresh, and as a result, it gets rusted. So, if this is the case, take out the rod using a socket wrench and replace it with a new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Bad Smelly Water On Jayco Water Heater?

Since you can easily clean the tank yourself, it doesn’t cost any money at all. However, if the anode rod is corroded, you will need to buy a new anode rod for your Jayco water heater. Magnesium anode rods can cost you between $15-$20.

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Problem 4: Soot Buildup

If you notice soot building up on your Jayco’s exterior, then there can be some issues with the water heater. You will see some deep black powdery or flaky stuff on the RV.

What Causes Soot Buildup On Jayco Water Heater?

One of the most crucial factors contributing to soot buildup is Blockages in the main burner. This will cause the main burner to misalign, and as a result, it doesn’t exactly burn the things it is supposed to. Soot buildup can also be caused by a broken air shutter. 

How To Fix Soot Buildup On Jayco Water Heater?

Even though soot buildup is not common and not that serious, you should still fix it as soon as possible. This is one such problem that is hard to fix by yourself, and you need to hire a professional mechanic for this work.

If the air shutter is broken, it needs to be replaced. However, if there are blockages in the main burner due to misalignment, then you will have to clean the blockages and align the burner back, which can be a daunting task. So it is better to consult a professional for the work.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Soot Buildup On Jayco Water Heater?

Since this fixing process must be done by hiring a maintenance specialist, you can expect to pay between $100-$300 depending on the degree of damage and your location.

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Problem 5: Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is also a quite common problem with Jayco water heaters. For instance, you turn on the shower and turn the valve to the max, but the water pressure is still low. If this happens, then there must be issues with some internals of your water heater. 

What Causes Low Water Pressure On Jayco Water Heater?

There can be a few different reasons which can cause low water pressure on Jayo water heaters. The first problematic zone is the water pump; if there is a problem with the water pump, there will be low water pressure through the faucets.

You can also find minerals along with dirt and debris buildup inside the faucet’s screens, which can block the regular flow of water.

How To Fix Low Water Pressure On Jayco Water Heater?

At first, you will need to check the water pump for any problems. Well, it is kind of complicated to check the water pump by yourself, so it is better to call a mechanic to get the pump checked. Replace or repair it if needed. 

If the water pump is not at fault, then there must be blockages inside the faucets or the pipelines. Carefully open the faucets and examine them for minerals or debris buildup. If you find any, then soak the screen in vinegar, and they should be clean as new.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Low Water Pressure On Jayco Water Heater?

The replacement cost of an RV water pump can cost you in a range of $60-$100, depending on the type of pump you are buying, plus the installation charge of around $20-$30.


Jayco RVs are one of the most reliable campers in the market, but the water heater can create serious problems at a time. These issues can ruin a pleasurable trip for you. Hence, today in this guide, we discussed all the common problems of Jayco water heater problems & solutions.

Regularly maintaining the water heater tank is important to save yourself from the trouble of fixing them later on and spending money. At first, try to find the exact source of the problems before going with the fixing step.

Even after reading this guide, if you cannot detect the problem and fix it yourself, it is better to visit the dealership or hire a professional mechanic.

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