RV AC Soft Start Vs Easy Start Kit | Which One is Worth it?

Soft Start and Easy Start RV AC kit both aid in starting the AC but have some major differences. If you have heard the terms but are not sure which one to choose, you can give this article a read.

The main difference between the SoftStart and Easy Start RV AC kits is in their rooftop installation service. The other differences are with installation, installation kit, warranty, return policy, and user experience.

Knowing the functions of these kits and the differences between them will help you decide which one to install. To make it easier for you to choose one of these products, we will draw a detailed comparison between the two in this article.


Overview Of Soft Start For RV Air Conditioners

The SoftStart RV helps the AC to start with gradual electricity input. A surge of power to the appliances, high vibration, loud noise, etc. can be avoided by using SoftStart kit. In this section, let’s also look at the pros and cons of the SoftStart RV AC kit.


  • Saves electricity
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Great customer service


  • Cost of the product and installation is an add-on

Overview Of Easy Start For RV Air Conditioner

Like the SoftStart RV, the Easy Start RV also allows power to gradually go to the engine or AC instead of a surge of power. Let’s look at some pros and cons of the Easy Start kit.


  • Less noise at starting
  • Less electricity cost
  • Better appliance health
  • Easy to install


  • No rooftop installation service
  • Increased charges

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Soft Start Vs Easy Start: Comparison Table

We have gathered some side-by-side comparisons of SoftStart RV and Easy Start RV in this part. From the following table, you can have a first-hand comparison of the two very similar products to help you decide which one to select. 

FeaturesSoft Start kitEasy Start kit
FunctionAllows power to gradually start up the ACAlso allows power to gradually start up the AC
Customer supportGreat customer supportAlso provides great customer support
Rooftop tech supportHas live rooftop tech supportNo live rooftop tech support
InstallationQuicker installationSlower installation
Compressor protectionHas compressor overload protectionDoes not have compressor overload protection
Restocking feeNo restocking fee$74.75 restocking fee

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What Are The Differences Between Soft Start And Easy Start RV AC? 

As you can see from the comparison table above, there are some similarities and differences between SoftStart and Easy Start RV AC. Both of these have similar technology and the same function. 

You will find multiple brands of both SoftStart and Easy Start kit for your RV AC in the market which have the same functions. Although they are quite similar, they also have some significant differences. Let’s delve into the differences in detail in this section.


The SoftStart RV installation is faster in the sense that you can start using the product right after installing it. Contrastively, you have to restart the Easy Start kit 5 times after installation to activate it. 

The SoftStart RV installation can be considered easier as well because of their “no-cut no splice wire” method of installation with guided videos.

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Rooftop Service

The SoftStart AC kit will also provide you with a live rooftop installation service. There will be a technician on the phone with you to guide you through the rooftop installation. 

It is certainly a much better experience than watching a video to figure out how to install it. The Easy Start RV AC does not provide any such service.

Installation Kit

With the SoftStart RV you get a free installation kit. Even though both products cost $299, the Easy Start RV does not actually include an installation kit. You’ll have to pay an extra $9-$10 for that, which is a bummer.

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Warranty and Return Policy

The SoftStart kit has a free 2-year warranty policy. Even though the warranty period is the same for Easy Start, their warranty comes with some conditions that may cause you to lose the warranty. 

SoftStart also has a free trial policy and free return. If you don’t like Easy Start or if it’s not working out for you, you’ll have to pay a restocking fee of $74.75.

User Experience

Both of the products have great reviews and usually work out for the people buying and using them. But if the user happens to be technologically challenged, they may find using Easy Start more challenging. 

In the SoftStart kit, they have 3 LED lights that can tell you if the product is working. The Easy Start RV does not have a similar interface, and it is difficult to determine if the product is up and running.

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Soft Start Or Easy Start: Which One is Worth it?

In the beginning, we must say, both SoftStart and Easy Start work great and have positive reviews from the users. From reading this article, you can decide which one is more worth it to you. 

Now, my suggestion is that the SoftStart RV AC soft starting kit is more suitable compared to the Easy Start RV. Given the fact that with the SoftStart you are getting more facilities for less money. 

You can also test the product, and if for some reason it’s not working well, you can return it without any cost. The customer service experience is also better in SoftStart than in Easy Start. So, you can opt for the SoftStart RV rather than the Easy Start RV, especially if you’re new at this.


In this part of the article, we have discussed some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have one of the following questions on EasyStart and SoftStart, you can look at the section below.

Does Soft Start and Easy Start damage AC?

No. On the contrary, they can improve your AC health by gradual access to power when the AC is turning on.

How are Easy Start and Soft Start beneficial for RV lifers?

The Easy Start and the SoftStart both work by allowing gradual power to the AC. So, they are beneficial because they can turn AC on with less power than available at campgrounds. They can also reduce the noise and vibration of an AC start-up.

Which one gives more discounts on price: Soft Start or Easy Start?

Both of these products have discounts on different occasions. You can check different brand websites or Websites like Amazon to find discounts.


Now that you know the differences between the two products, you can choose the right product for your RV. SoftStart and Easy Start RVs will help you use your AC even when your RV is connected to a low-power source. 

Using these kits for your AC, you can make sure you have air conditioning even when your RV is parked in hot and humid spots. Before deciding between the two available options, you should keep in mind the ease of customer service related to the products.

You can check out the RV threads to find reviews on these products from experienced users. In the end, it comes down to your preference for the brand and service.

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