How to Fix Atwood Furnace Ignition Lockout Fault? 6 Ways

Atwood furnaces are small RV heaters that heat your trailer’s water supply. Sadly, many users experienced ignition faults in the Atwood furnace, reducing the device’s lifespan. They want to know how to fix the Atwood furnace ignition lockout fault.

Cleaning the inside of an Atwood furnace is the first attempt to fix the issue. However, what if the solution doesn’t work for you? No worries! There are other simple ways to solve the problem.

This comprehensive guide will help you identify the Atwood furnace ignition lockout fault. Continue reading.

What is Atwood Furnace Ignition Lockout?

The Atwood furnace is designed with a number of sensors. These sensors monitor the specific conditions of your furnace. When any problem occurs in the furnace, they detect it immediately and shut the furnace off as soon as possible.

This situation is called ignition lockout fault. Resolving this problem is only possible when you revive the system using the furnace reset switch. If the reset doesn’t work, follow the other solutions described below.

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Why Does My Atwood Furnace Ignition Lockout Fault Happen?

Atwood furnace ignition lockout fault happens due to 3 possible reasons. Let’s learn the reasons in detail to solve the problem efficiently.

1. Faulty Flame Sensor

When you face a furnace lockout, check the condition of the flame sensor. This is the first thing you will need to do without fail. The faulty flame sensor is one of the common reasons for the Atwood furnace lockout fault.

The good news is that solving this issue doesn’t require professional help.

If you see that the flame sensor is switching off after starting it and it runs for a moment, buy a new one and replace it.

2. Defective Ignitor

Another common reason for lockout fault is a defective ignitor. When the ignitor stops responding, the flame fails to detect the presence of flames.

Thus, the furnace turns off the whole system. In such a situation, buy a good-quality Atwood ignitor and replace the faulty one.

3. Limit Circuit Lockout

Rollout switch comes with limitations. Ignition lockout may occur when the switch remains on for over 180 seconds or 3 minutes.

In comparison, the system will go into auto-pilot mode for lockout in case the lockout exceeds the limit with 10 consecutive attempts when the furnace heat is high or low.

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How to Fix Atwood Furnace Ignition Lockout Fault?

Fear not when you experience an ignition lockout fault in your Atwood furnace. I have covered you with our comprehensive guide to fixing this common issue.

Solution #01: Reset the Atwood Furnace

Resetting the Atwood furnace ignition lockout fault is the most common solution. A reset button looks simple in the furnace. Most of the time, it is available over the circuit board.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to reset the Atwood furnace. The method is called Atwood furnace ignition lockout fault 3 flashes with a 3-second pause.

Step 01: First, press the hole button “+” and then hit the on/off switch. Don’t release your fingers from the buttons; hold them for at least 3 seconds. You will see 3 flashes in the LCD.

Step 02: After 3 seconds, release the buttons. Then press the on/off button again. As a result, the furnace will reset. Hopefully, this will help you fix the issue.

Now, you might be wondering how many times I should have to hit the furnace reset button.

Hit the furnace reset button maximum of 2 times. If you do more than this, the oil will get into the burner chamber and accumulate abruptly, causing an explosion.

That is why, if there is no effective result after trying 2 attempts, call a professional.

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Solution #02: Monitor Water Pressure

Ignition fault is a security feature of the Atwood furnace. It protects the device from damage. When you experience a problem with the ignition lockout, monitor the water pressure as soon as possible. There should be sufficient water running through the pipelines.

So, how to test it? All you need to do is open the tap in your trailer and check the pressure of the water.

Sometimes, many taps are opened in a camper at the same time, consuming a lot of water. Such a thing reduces the water pressure in the furnace.

In this case, simply turn the additional taps off. The water pressure problem will be fixed automatically, as well as the ignition lockout fault.

Solution #03: Check Gas Pressure

You will face an ignition lockout fault if your trailer runs out of gas. For this reason, checking the propane gas pressure is crucial. In a few cases, your trailer may not be out of gas completely but might run too low.

Bear in mind gas pressure is required for the Atwood furnace to run. You can easily avoid the unpleasant problem by monitoring the gas tank.

Check the pipes thoroughly. Make sure there are no bends and that it is connected tightly. Sometimes, propane gas fails to flow due to routing. So, check if they are appropriately installed. If not, call a professional and let them handle the issue.

Solution #04: Faulty Ignitor

A defective ignitor can also be responsible for the Atwood furnace ignition lockout fault. The ignitor must be activated once you switch on the furnace. Undoubtedly, the furnace will not run if the ignitor doesn’t ignite the flame.

However, keep in mind to try a few attempts if the ignitor fails to generate flame on the first attempt. Quite often, the ignitor gets activated on the second and third attempts. But if the ignitor doesn’t work after the 3rd try, be sure it goes bad. For a bad ignitor, replacement is the best solution.

I recommend calling a skilled technician to handle the faulty ignitor issue. They will suggest the best solution.

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Solution #05: Replace or Clean the Sensors

What if you are still experiencing the ignition lockout fault after trying the above 4 methods? Don’t worry! There are more solutions.

Dust, debris, and mites can build up in great numbers in the sensors, leading to damage. In this case, opening the system and clearing everything would always be best.

Also, the sensor might get ruined because of smoke or clog. So, clearing may not work in such situations. Changing the sensor is the best solution.

Here is the sensor cleaning procedure.

Step 01: Turn the power off of the furnace.

Step 02: The valve needs to be closed. Then, pull the mounting screw out.

Step 03: Next, pull the sensors out.

Step 04: Check the furnace sensors carefully to know if they look burned, dingy, or corroded. If yes, cleaning is an ideal fix.

After cleaning, if you find that the problem is not yet solved, consider replacing the sensors.

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Solution #06: Replace the Air Filter

Did you check the air filter condition? Is it clogged badly with dust? Then cleaning or replacing is the best solution.

If you want efficient units of sensors, periodic cleaning of the vent and register is a must. Otherwise, the vents or register will get over-clogged. When it happens, there will be no choice except to replace the air filter.

First, whether the filter is clogged with dust, clean it properly. Wiping out the filter would be okay in most cases. Then check if the furnace works. Are you still facing an ignition lockout fault after cleaning? Buy a new furnace filter and replace the faulty one.

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Final Words

Experiencing an ignition lockout fault in your Atwood furnace can be frustrating and inconvenient. However, it is a common problem that can be easily fixed with the right steps. 

Following our step-by-step guide, you can quickly and safely troubleshoot the issue and get your furnace up and running again quickly. 

Remember to always prioritize safety when working with furnace repairs or maintenance, and don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you’re unsure what to do. 

Hopefully, by reading this guide on how to fix the Atwood furnace ignition fault, you can easily fix the issue and enjoy a warm and comfortable trailer once again.

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