How to Fix Wind Noise From Side View Window Class A?

Having a conversation is not always pleasant when driving an RV. Sometimes, you may need to shout due to the loud wind noise. Don’t assume you have faced such a situation alone since it is a common problem in many trailers. So, how to fix the wind noise from side view window Class A.

The first thing you need to do is check the antenna. These look to be engineered to break the wind and stop the whistling. An owner successfully stopped the noise by wrapping it and taking assistance from a technician. While others stopped the wind noise by re-positioning their mirrors.

Take a few minutes and consider reading this comprehensive guide to learn more on this topic.

What are the Sources of Wind Noise from the Side View Window Class A?

Wind noise happens if the mirror is readjusted. As a result, a new path for wind gets created. The wind noise started due to the new angle of the mirror, while there was no wind noise before the adjustment. In this case, it will be best to readjust the mirror again to its actual position.

Moreover, mirror positioning can be the culprit for wind noise. It is not about the readjustment of the position. Most probably, the location of the mirror is incorrect. If it protrudes past the housing, the noise might be created because of the new position.

So, reposition the housing first and then the mirror. Make sure it doesn’t protrude past the housing. Sometimes, there might be wind leaks, letting the wind through and creating noise.

Are you wondering why the leak appears? Well, it might happen because of the natural flex of the window. Thus, wind noise appears while driving curves at highway speeds.

Weep holes are the final place to look to identify the source of the wind noise. These are well-known for creating lots of wind noise when driving your trailer. Weep holes are available throughout the RV and can be an excellent source of wind noise.

Happily, if the noise is coming from the weep holes, sorting out the issue requires only tape. Put a little tape over the holes. Thus, the wind noise will reduce significantly.

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How to Reduce Wind Noise from Side View Window Class A?

I already mentioned a few fixations to the problem. Hopefully, you have already followed them. Here are some more solutions for you.

Solution #01: Check for Open Window or Doors

Let’s begin with a few simple tricks. Look for missing plugs. Also, there might be an open window that you think is closed.

Moreover, the misaligned door can also be responsible. So, find out these things. Fixations of these things are simple. So, calling a professional is unnecessary; you can do it yourself to save a few bucks. Besides, make sure all doors are shut perfectly before you begin driving.

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Solution #02: Reposition or Wrap the Mirrors

Consider checking the mirror position. One owner did not experience wind noise once he made his spoiler to reduce and redirect the wind noise. Wind noise minimizes greatly after doing so.

Another owner wrapped the antenna so that the wind noise broke due to the wrapped design and got reduced drastically.

Besides, look at the position of the mirrors. The noise can get generated because of the wrongly positioned mirrors. It is crucial to properly re-position the mirrors so that the wind fails to get caught and creates noise when driving.

Solution #03: Tape the Weep Holes

Weep holes are the other common reason for wind noise. So, don’t forget to check them. It would be best to place some tape over the holes when driving. However, there are a few conditions for taping them. Make sure the below things,

  • The weather is dry
  • It is not raining or snowing

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What is RV Door Wind Noise?

RV wind noise can be a problem, possibly due to the frequent use of trailer doors. As a result, doors can go out of alignment, and the wind starts to get into the trailer, causing door noise.

Try to figure out how to solve RV door wind noise. The best solution is to adjust the alignment of the doors.

An owner stated that he had a door having 2 catches, and those were adjusted incorrectly. Thus, the door failed to latch on the second door. Such a thing created the noise. He solved the problem by adjusting the door alignment slightly.

Another owner admitted that he forgot to close the door when driving. He experienced a lot of noise throughout the trip. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize the door was opened slightly, causing the wind noise. He drove the trailer more dangerously for a long time, keeping the door open.

For this reason, it is vital to check whether the door or window is open. Ensure this before every trip.

A bolt hole can be another simple source of RV door wind noise. Sometimes, it could have lost its plug. Then, the wind gets into the trailer and creates the noise.

Often, there are small gaps in the door or windows after shutting them off. These little gaps are big enough to create wind noise.

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Additional Tips to Reduce Wind Noise from Side View Window Class A

Wind noise can make your RV experience unpleasant. You can follow a few simple hacks to keep the wind noise minimal inside the RV.

  • Hang curtains or drapes on the window
  • Lounge beds or furniture by adding blankets, throws, and pillows
  • Install area rugs in the entire living spaces
  • Add cushions on sofas and chairs
  • Install foam or blankets inside the cabinets of the bedroom. This will reduce the wind noise in the living areas

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Is wind noise from side-view windows dangerous?

Wind noise may not be dangerous on its own, it can distract drivers and passengers. Wind noise makes communication difficult and potentially increases stress levels during long journeys.

Can weatherstripping be replaced to reduce wind noise?

Yes, weatherstripping can be replaced to reduce wind noise. It is important to ensure that the new weatherstripping is the correct size and shape for the vehicle’s windows to achieve the best results.

Is it possible to eliminate wind noise from side-view windows?

While it is possible to reduce wind noise from side-view windows significantly, it is unlikely that you will be able to eliminate it. However, you can greatly reduce the amount of noise you hear while driving by using a combination of solutions such as weatherstripping, wind deflectors, and adjusting mirrors.

Final Words

Wind noise from side view windows in Class A vehicles can be a major nuisance for drivers and passengers. Not only is it distracting and uncomfortable, but it can also make communication difficult and increase stress levels during long journeys. 

However, there are several effective solutions to reduce wind noise and make your ride more pleasant. These include adding weatherstripping to the windows, adjusting the mirrors, installing wind deflectors, and driving at lower speeds.

By taking these steps, you can enjoy a quieter and more enjoyable driving experience in your Class A vehicle without being disturbed by the annoying sound of wind noise.

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