Why RV Microwave Not Working: How to Fix Those Problems?

When going for a long trip, you always hope for the microwave in your RV to function spot-on. But, often, the microwave in your RV might turn bad and stir up a lot of bother. What should you do then?

You should first make out the causes. Some key factors come into play when the rv microwave is not working. Chances are the fuse goes bad. There can be issues like lack of power supply, damaged cord, inappropriate venting, defective breaker, bad magnetron, and more.

Therefore, squaring off the causes is the best thing you can do here! Keep reading to find the details!

RV Microwave Not Working

Why Is the RV Microwave Not Working?

A microwave in your recreational vehicle works by dint of some of the critical components. 

And you can only have a well-performing microwave when all the elements function on the money as expected. But, sad to say, there might be some things that can fall apart!

  • Inaccurate installation. 
  • Defective microwave fuse. 
  • Bad door switch. 
  • Faulty magnetron.
  • Insufficient electrical power supply to the microwave. 
  • Issues with the microwave circuit breaker. 
  • Damage or broken cord microwave cord. 
  • Bad electrical outlet. 
  • Inappropriate venting.

Track the right procedures when setting up a microwave in your Rv for the first time. 

If the installation is not correct, could you even expect to have a well-functioning microwave? No!

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How to Fix a RV Microwave Not Working Problem?

It’s best to leave the work to qualified mechanics if you’re not an expert. However, you are always welcome to go through the upcoming troubleshooting steps. 

Moreover, troubleshooting a microwave is not a hard nut to crack if you follow the correct procedures.

Check and Replace the Bad Fuse

The fuse is one of the vital components to check when the microwave is not working. Thus, you must first check this one. 

Occasionally an electrical overload or short circuit causes the microwave’s fuse to overload. And when this happens, the microwave won’t have any electrical power. 

Therefore, you need to check the fuse with a multimeter. And if the fuse turns out blown, you have to replace it with a new one. You will find the fuse in the control panel of your recreational vehicle. 

Check and Replace RV Microwave Bad Door Switch

Odds are the door or control switch in your RV microwave becomes faulty. And when this happens, you are not supposed to access the microwave properly. Ultimately, this brings up the issue of a non-working microwave. 

The quick fix is to remove the door switch panel of your RV microwave. You will find 3-4 switches out there. 

Then, you have got to check the door switches individually and replace them if any of them goes bad. Here, you also need to use the multimeter.

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Check and Replace the Faulty Microwave Magnetron

The magnetron inside the microwave makes it meaningful, and you get what you expect from the device—well-cooked food. 

So, when you notice the microwave can’t generate enough heat to cook food, it is time to check the magnetron. 

Source: https://youtu.be/A631Jb4rT9s

Here you can look into a YouTube video in order to check the magnetron of your RV microwave. 

Now if the magnetron fails, there is no alternative to check the component as soon as possible. Replacing the magnetron will cost you around $50-$150. 

Check the Electrical Power Supply to the Microwave

How can you ever expect to run your RV microwave without electrical power? Hence, it is crucial to always check that your RV microwave has enough power. 

In other words, there should be enough wattage for the microwave to operate. Here, you need to check other electrical components of your RV. 

You should resolve the issue first if you notice a lack of electrical power supply. And this is supposed to fix the non-working microwave issue. 

The microwave installed on your RV needs around 1200-1500 power supply wattage to run smoothly. So make sure to ensure this. 

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Flip Microwave Circuit Breaker off and Back On

Sometimes, issues may arise with your EV microwave’s circuit breaker. And due to this, you can’t use the microwave. 

You need to exclusively check the RV microwave breaker when you notice no power on the microwave. 

Source: https://youtu.be/8i3iYtQOih4

Here, you need to find the exact microwave breaker from the breaker box of the power panel in your home. 

Then, you need to flip it off for a couple of minutes and then flip it back on. This is supposed to restore the power of your RV microwave, and you will be lucky then. 

Check and Replace the Broken Cord Microwave Cord

You know, your RV microwave must have a certain amount of electrical power supply. 

But, along with a few issues, if the power cord of your microwave becomes damaged or broken, there won’t be any power supply.

Therefore, it makes all the sense to check the power cord of your RV microwave. 

Look carefully to see whether there is any sign of damage. If yes, replace your RV microwave’s power cord or cable. 

In addition, you also need to check whether your rv microwave cord is correctly connected to your home’s power outlet. 

If the power cord is not connected, bang on, it causes the rv microwave to malfunction.

Now let’s have a look at the estimated cost in order to replace the components of your RV microwave.

Components Replacement Cost
Bad Fuse $15-$30
Bad Door Switch$20-$30
Faulty Magnetron$50-$80
Damaged or Broken Microwave Cord$30-$50

Check and Replace the Bad Electric Outlet

If there are issues with the outlet where you plug in the cord of your rv microwave, the microwave is supposed to malfunction. And then again, this will cause an insufficient or no power supply. 

The outlet might go bad due to a power surge, creating a barrier for the power supply to deliver to the microwave. 

You should also check the electric outlet where you plug in your microwave cable. Then repair the outlet if it becomes damaged or shorted. 

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Ensure Smooth Ventilation for the Microwave

You should never assent to your RV microwave to become overheated. Overheating the microwave causes malfunction. 

And you are not supposed to use it for that reason. In most cases, your RV microwave can overheat due to a lack of ventilation. 

Now in order to ensure improved ventilation, you should clean your RV microwave regularly. 

Additionally, you need to check the ventilation components of your microwave and determine whether they are working. 

How to Replace an RV Microwave if It Cannot Be Fixed?

Sometimes, the situation becomes the worst, and you may require to interchange the entire rv microwave. 

But don’t do so without checking the RV microwave with a professional mechanic. In addition, check whether the microwave exceeds the warranty period or not. 

Here you can conform to the steps below to replace your RV microwave; 

  • Step 1: Unplug the power cord of your microwave. 
  • Step 2: Wipe out the screws and bolts of the microwave. 
  • Step 3: Remove the microwave away from the cabinet with the help of a person.
  • Step 4: Place the paper template of the new microwave inside the cabinet.
  • Step 5: Put the new microwave in place in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Step 6: Plug and test the new microwave. 

Here you can also watch this video in order to replace a microwave in your RV. 


RV owners often undergo issues accompanying the microwave. And for this, they never mind asking questions online to deal with the issues. We’ve selected a few questions and plan to answer them here.

How to Avoid RV Microwave Overheating?

Microwave overheating is something you shouldn’t tolerate as an RV owner. The best thing you can do here is to check whether your RV has proper venting. Additionally, you should have regular intervals while using the microwave for an extended period. 

How Do You Reset Your RV Microwave?

Your RV microwave is supposed to have a reset button. Once you find the reset button from the door switch panel, you need to press and hold the button for a few seconds in order to reset your rv microwave. You can do a hard reset by unplugging the microwave cord for 30 seconds. 

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bad RV Microwave?

The replacement cost usually varies depending on the type of microwave installed on your RV. However, it might cost you anything between $100-$300. In addition, you also need to bear the labor cost. Make sure to choose the microwave that suits your RV. 

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Final Words

Whenever you dig up issues with your RV microwave, don’t delay to resolve this. 

Additionally, we always suggest owners go with a professional mechanic in order to resolve the issues if they don’t have that prior knowledge. 

It might take some time to fix the RV microwave not working issues. So be patient enough and check the causes gradually. 

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