10 Top Bathroom Storage Ideas For RV You’ll Absolutely Love

You must have ample bathroom elements that you take with you on your weekend RV trip. But RV’s are infamous for cramped space in the bathroom. But is it possible to maximize the available space? 

You can use the back of your RV bathroom door, mount it on the wall, under the sink and so on to maximize space. These positions are suitable for making up a room for storing bathroom essentials.

We’ll be discussing more about this in the sections below. Therefore, let us begin!

Bathroom Storage Ideas For RV

Why Utilize RV Bathroom Space?

Since you’ll be moving out for a few days with your RV, there will be many items you are supposed to carry. Every other space in the RV would need adjustments to make room for all these items.

The problem with the RV bathroom is that the space isn’t adequate most of the time. Yet, it would help if adequately utilized like all the rooms available. It’s not rocket science how to use the space and store necessary items for your weekend RV trip.

In the spaces or compartments available, you can hold supplies like hygiene products or paper towels. Also, you’ll have space or cabinets for storing items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs or medications. 

Top 10 Storage Ideas for Your RV Bathroom

Finding sufficient space in the RV bathroom can often be a challenge. That’s why we have gathered some of the bathroom storage ideas that can help your case. Let us check those ideas out below:

10. Mounted Toothbrush Holder

If you plan to be out for a few days, you must need toothbrushes. But since these are light, they can bounce occasionally when you go through bumpy roads.

When you mount a toothbrush holder on the bathroom wall, it gives you a suitable slot for storing toothbrushes, razors and toothpaste. Multiple slots present in it make the holder genuinely multipurpose. 

9. Over-The-Shower Caddy

The presence of a shower caddy will help you in making space usage efficient. You can slot it just above your shower head and store soap, sponges or razors.

From this caddy, the shower or bathroom items won’t be displaced as there is enough suction mounting. In addition, since the caddy itself is firmly installed, there is no worry about anything falling out.

8. Trash Can

You must ensure the proper passage for the trash that may accumulate in your RV bathroom. It will help to avoid the clogging of the black tank. A trash can will be a lifesaver and will take up minimum space in the bathroom.

7. Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips in your RV bathroom will help you creatively use limited space. These strips will quickly help you to attach small metal items to your bathroom wall.

The strips produce a magnetic field, which is strong enough to attach knives or scissors. In this process, you can remain tension free as the strips won’t damage the surface of your RV bathroom wall.

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6. Over-The-Door Organizer

The need for using the space over the door becomes a necessity when you are cramped up. Having an over-the-door organizer will enable you to store multiple things.

In this regard, you should position the organizer to ensure the items don’t fall out. It’s a reliable mounting option to store soaps, razors, brushes or shampoo sachets.

5. Under Sink Storage

This entirely depends on how much space you have under your bathroom sink. When you have ample space, you can use a set of drawers or storage baskets that will use up that space to store items.

Properly using this available space is possible when you choose the right basket size. Dirty clothes, hair dryers or cleaning products are all you can store in this space.

4. Over-The-Door Hooks

You need to keep a space for storing the towels, robes and washcloths. The better option is always to hang them, and an over-the-door hook works best in this regard. 

This hook can act as a hanging towel rack, which has multiple slots for hanging multiple items. You can dry the towels and robes in a small space and avoid the issues of smelly and molded towels.

3. Curtain Rings

Apart from hanging bathroom curtains, you can use curtain rings to hold different bathroom items. These bathroom items may include towels, robes or toiletries. 

You must attach these rings through a hook on the bathroom wall and then use it to hang multiple things. 

Another thing you can do is attach the rings to any rod or hanger. It would help in the case of attaching the rings to the hanger.

2. Roll Holders

Toilet papers need a specific storage place to keep them safe from soaking. You can use a plastic roll holder in this regard, which you can place either under the sink or on any corner.

Mostly under your sink, you’ll find enough space for storing three rolls. Moreover, having such roll storage makes it flexible for you to grab a tissue quickly.

1. Laundry Hamper

The better strategy for storing clothes can be a laundry hamper. It will take a space in any corner of the bathroom and won’t affect much of the space for moving into the RV bathroom.

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Tips for Utilizing RV Bathroom Storage Space

The tactic for your RV bathroom storage would be to use the items with minimum space requirements. That said, we include some of the notable tips that will help you to make efficient use of the space available.

  • Declutter all the unused items to make space for the new and essential ones
  • Select the space-saving solutions that have multipurpose use 
  • Include toiletries that are suitable for traveling or are travel-sized
  • Go for items that can be easily foldable and are portable
  • Take the approach of storing the items vertically through shelves or drawers
  • You can try and get creative with the DIY solutions that may save up your space
  • Try using suction hooks in the RV bathroom as they enable easy hanging of things


Using bathroom storage in your RV requires a selection of proper items. But the process may invoke a lot of confusion. Let us explore some of the most asked queries regarding this.

How do you store toiletries in your RV?

The best location for toiletries in your RV bathroom is beneath the sink or adjacent to the sink as soon as possible. A better practice would be to place the toiletries supplies under the sink.

Is expandable shelf racks a good option for an RV bathroom?

The expandable shelf racks work as suitable for an RV bathroom because of the presence of various parts that can store multiple items. 

Where can I store my towel in the RV bathroom?

For storing towels in your RV bathroom you can use shelves, over-the-door towel racks, swivel racks, hooks etc. You should ensure that the towel doesn’t get molded by any chance. 

Final Thoughts

Properly optimizing your RV bathroom space lets you accommodate multiple items. 

Your approach should include items that serve your basic needs during a weekend RV tour. Unnecessary things will only clutter the limited space.

We hope that gives you a better understanding of the RV bathroom storage. Do let us know if you face any difficulties.

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