5 Most Common Problems with Avenger RV (Troubleshooting)

The Avenger RV by Prime Time is a talked-about vehicle for its outstanding features. However, it is obvious that even after taking excellent care of it, your Avenger RV can develop some issues during its runtime. 

Some common Avenger RV problems are – water damage, electrical system issues, tire failure, and a malfunctioning slide-out. Some of these problems, especially water system leaks and tire blowouts, require immediate attention to prevent further damage. 

But before anything else, you must first understand the problem to find the appropriate solution. Keep reading to learn more!

Avenger RV Problems

5 Most Common Problems with Avenger RV and Their Possible Solutions:

To tackle an issue in the best way possible, you need to troubleshoot it correctly. Let’s troubleshoot the five most common Avenger RV problems and discuss the solutions.

01: Issues with the water system

Water system issues can be bothersome. Many people complained about having water flood their RV within a few months of using it, which can be quite upsetting. 

Some common water system issues include leaks in one or more parts of the system, including malfunctioning water pumps, bad water heaters, and low water pressure.

You can start by checking all the plumbing fixtures carefully. If a component wears off or develops leaks, you can replace it for a faster fix. 

Repairing the leaks or cracks may solve the issue for the time being, but replacing the damaged component will be more helpful in the long run. 

Also, you must keep the water pump and heater clean to avoid a water system failure in the future. 

02: Electrical system issues

Electrical system issues in RVs are common and can happen due to faulty connections, worn-out wires, or blown fuses, leading to malfunctioning outlets and flickering lights. 

You must check all the connections to ensure they are stable and secure. If you find any damaged parts, fix or replace them. For complex connections, consider taking help from an expert. 

Another common electrical issue with Avenger RV is the battery draining. The batteries can drain quickly if the wires come loose or develop corrosion. In that case, you need to check the connections and charge the battery.

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03: Malfunctioning slide-out

Many 27 BBS and 28 DBS owners encountered dampness and mold in their slide-outs within the first few months. This mostly happens due to manufacturing defects. 

If the seals of the slide-out are not secured perfectly, water can enter through the gaps. The best way to fix this issue is to get the seals checked and repaired. 

Some users come across poor construction of slide-out walls and wallboards. If you face something like this, contact the dealership immediately to get the RV checked and repaired to save it from further damage.  

A few users also experienced trouble extending and retracting the slide out. It happens when the motor or gears don’t perform at their best. You can lubricate the system according to the manual to see if that helps. Also, keep the slide-out area clear.

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04: Tire failure

Tire failure in the Avenger RV can be fatal. Some complaints involved tire blowout after only 20 miles of RV driving. It can damage the RV’s floors and many other components as well. 

Tire failure or blowout can happen due to manufacturing compromise, causing the tire to get overinflated and blow out eventually. You must keep the tires and tire pressure in check. Also, upon experiencing a tire blowout, seek help from a professional ASAP. 

05: Damaged seals and seams

Another common issue with the Avenger RV is damaged seals and seams. Most of the time, this happens due to age. If you find any leaks or cracks, seal and fix them immediately. 

There could also be some structural flaws that only start showing after you use the RV for some time. In such cases, consult an expert to make the best decisions for the vehicle.  

Nonetheless, the best way to care for your Avenger RV is by keeping the exterior walls and the roof clear of dust and debris.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Avenger RV

A recreational vehicle is an expensive purchase. Hence, you shouldn’t decide to purchase a used RV hastily. It would help to consider the following things before buying a used Avenger RV. 

Look for water damage

The first thing to check before buying a used Avenger RV is water damage. A common sign of water damage is bubbling or warping wallpaper. 

Also, a used RV would be more prone to growing mold and mildew if water ever got inside. 

So, you must check the whole area—walls, roofs, and the slide-out for signs of mold growth, brown spots, or rusting.

Check the electrical system

You need to consider checking the electrical system properly. Check all the connections to ensure every appliance is running properly. Also, inspect the wires for corrosion or rust. 

Look for propane leaks 

You can’t take chances with the possibility of propane leaks. Check all the stoves, their connections, and every part to rule out potential leaks. Discuss the age of the propane cylinders beforehand.

Check all plumbing features

Leaks stem from structural issues or worn-out plumbing elements. A used Avenger RV can have issues with the water heater, water tanks, waste tanks, and water pump. 

You should check for leaks or any signs of damage or corrosion within the water system. Scrutinize the shower and toilet areas and ensure all the plumbing features do their job correctly. 

Discuss user history

Lastly, you must consider discussing the user history of the Avenger RV with the seller before making the purchase. 

This will give you a heads-up about the issues and modifications that the RV experienced, so you can maintain it better.

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Expert Tips To Maintain An Avenger RV

For many people, an RV is where they find comfort when they need to spend some time away from home and get closer to nature. 

The following tips can help you take better care of your Avenger RV so you can enjoy its comfort for a long time. 

  • Check and service the water system regularly. 
  • Always check the batteries and replace them as needed. 
  • Reseal or fix the leaks and cracks as soon as you detect them.
  • Inspect the tires, wheel bearings, and tire pressure routinely.
  • Perform regular brake maintenance and oil changes.
  • Clean the slide out and lubricate the system routinely. 
  • Check all the filters and replace them when required. 


Now that we’ve discussed the common problems with the Avenger RV and their solutions, let’s look at some frequently asked questions by users and RV enthusiasts.

What can cause air conditioner issues in your Avenger RV?

Most RV air conditioning issues happen due to dirty air filters, a dirty compressor, or low refrigerant levels. If the air conditioner in your Avenger RV is not working properly, you can start by checking these and then consult an expert to fix the issue. 

Can damaged sealants cause the roof of your Avenger RV to leak?

Yes, damaged sealants can cause the roof of your Avenger RV to leak. Besides, not only the roof but also the windows and doors can leak due to worn-out sealants. You must reseal the cracks and gaps to safeguard the RV from water damage. 

Why does your Avenger RV smell bad?

Different things can cause foul odors inside an RV. But first, you must check for propane leaks. The smell can also be triggered by a fault or leak in the water system or lack of hygiene. Cleaning and ventilating the RV can help get rid of the smell. 

Final Words

If you want to enjoy using your Avenger RV for a long time, you must take good care of it. Moreover, when you face difficulty solving a problem yourself, consult an expert. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t face issues anymore, but ensuring prompt troubleshooting and adequate maintenance can guarantee durability and better performance.

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