4 Common Arctic Fox Truck Camper Problems & Their Solutions

Has your life been going rough due to your Arctic Fox Truck Camper? Are you getting frustrated with the frequent occurrences of the problems? If so, No worries, we are going to deal with them.

The most common problems with Arctic Fox Truck include broken roofs, issues with your toilet, bad interior design, and so on. Other common problems include sinks and tires. Such problems are frequent among owners.

Such problems range from easy DIY (Do-it-yourself) tricks to visiting the garage too. Don’t fret at all! We will guide you through all the steps. In no time, you will be able to fix all your issues.


What Are The Common Problems With Arctic Fox Truck Campers?

It’s unusual for a big machine to run smoothly without facing any hiccups! This is also the case for our Arctic Fox Truck Campers. We have listed down the most recurring problems that one is bound to see. The problems include:

  1. Issues Regarding the Camper’s Exterior Walls
  2. Electrical Faults
  3. Bad tires and Braking Problems
  4. Toilet-related Problems

4 Common Problems with Arctic Fox Truck Campers & Their Solutions:

As the problems are common, such are the troubleshooting. We have taken our sweet time to research and find all the solutions to your problems. Let us dive straight into them.

Problem 1: Issues Regarding the Exterior Wall

Among the list of common problems seen, issues regarding the exterior walls are the most prevalent in any forum. However, this problem is quite noticeable and can also be easily detected. The common symptoms of this problem include:

  • Small bumps felt on the walls
  • Elevated surfaces 

What Is the Cause Behind This Problem?

Generally, your camper truck’s exterior is made up of three layers, just like a sandwich. Occasionally, the problem occurs when the “meat”, a.k.a. The wood and the styrofoam is damaged. These could be some of the causes:

  • Excessive exposure to sunlight
  • Water leakage
  • The constant strain of the fiberglass

How to Troubleshoot this Problem?

This issue is best handled by a professional. However, if you are willing to save money by doing it yourself, here is the procedure:

  • Buy a delamination repair kit from your local store. Make sure that it is from a good brand.
  • Take your drill and drill holes. The holes must go through the top layer of plywood and styrofoam insulation at least.
  • Fill the holes with the adhesive from the delamination kit.
  • Repair the holes once the glue has hardened. 
  • Clean out the excessive glue 

What Is the Price Range for the Fix?

For DIY, the delamination kits hover from $100 to $350, which you can purchase from your local stores. However, if you decide to do the fixes with the help of an expert, prices could skyrocket from $7000 to $12000.

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Problem 2: Electrical Faults

A commoner for Arctic Fox Camper truck owners is the electrical faults. However, the fault type can differ. You could either be facing a minor fault such as changing a fuse or a major fault such as fixing your fridge. Let us jot down the symptoms first.

  • Issues with the microwave
  • Issues with the fridge
  • Issues with the air conditioning

What Is the Cause Behind This Problem?

The main cause behind the problem is the power supply. Most of the electrical faults arrive because your appliances are not getting enough power. One of the main problems could be:

  • Faulty wirings
  • Faulty battery system

How to Troubleshoot This Problem?

Before we even say anything, please make sure that you are comfortable handling electricity. If you are hesitant, do not rush with it! Contact an expert instead to solve your issues. However, if you do feel comfortable, let us dwell on the journey of fixing.

The solution to the issue includes the following

  • Start with checking if all your appliances are running or not. They run on the same power supply. Therefore, if one is to work, the other is bound to.
  • If your air conditioner or fridge is not working, try looking into the 120-volt power supply. Your problem should lie there.
  • However, if your oven is not working, look into the breakers of the power converter.

What Is the Price Range for the Fix?

The prices vary with your problem. We advise you to call the repairman for your particular appliances to cut the cost significantly. A whole repair check could easily put a dent in your wallet.

Here’s a small list of the price approximates:

  • A/C – about $600
  • Power inverter – $2000
  • Fridge – $1000

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Problem 3: Bad Tires and Braking Issues

Since you own an Arctic Fox Truck Camper, tires are bound to face some issues. This can undoubtedly be one of the most major problems since it affects your mobility. We advise you to start looking into this issue if you face these instances quite often.

  • Sudden jerks
  • Brakes taking too long to work

What Is the Cause Behind This Problem?

Weight! An average Arctic Fox Camper Truck weighs around 4,000 pounds. This is an immense amount of weight for the tires to handle. This weight puts intense pressure on the small surface area of tires, wiring them out. Summarizing everything:

  • Constant high pressure
  • Off-road tracks

How Do You Troubleshoot This Problem?

This is an easy one out of all the problems. However, caution must still be taken. If you notice a worn-out tire or a flat one, follow these procedures:

  • Wear a glove and check the tire pressure of your tire. If you notice less pressure, proceed to the next step.
  • Use a bottle jack to lift your truck at a safe height. 
  • Use the tool wrench and unscrew the bolts. 
  • Change the tire and securely screw the bolts again.

If you notice your brakes are not functioning properly, it’s best to go to a nearby garage and get it fixed. Brakes are a sensitive part of the camper truck and should be handled with caution.

What Is the Price Range for the Fix?

Generally, a good Arctic Fox camper truck tire should cost you around $150. We advise you to look for quality tires as they will be more long-lasting!

For the braking system, we found out it would cost you around $150 per axle. However, prices may vary with time, so we advise you to approximately assume $200 per axle.

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Problem 4: Toilet and Sink Problems

Toilet problems aren’t much of a big problem compared to the other ones, but still, make the chart of the top problems. The problems are relatively simple and are much easier to solve. We advise you to look into these problems if you notice:

  • Bubbling of the water
  • Urine smell
  • Black water coming out

What Is the cause Behind This Problem?

Toilet issues come from a group of common causes. These include:

  • Clogging in the pathway
  • Blocked vent
  • Blocked or partially blocked water tank

Therefore, feces face obstacles in their pathway. They cannot pass through and hence is the result. In the next section, we talk about how to fix these issues.

How Do You Troubleshoot This Problem?

We will divide this section into two parts. Firstly, we will go through the bubbling and then, the smell problem. For bubbling, we would suggest you try out these 3 things.

  • Check your vent if it contains any blockage or not. Also, look underneath the vent cap just to be sure. If there is any debris, clean them out.
  • Try pouring out hot boiling water or RV-approved septic chemicals into the toilet. This will help loosen up any clogging that was present earlier.
  • Clear out the water tank completely.

For smell-related issues:

  • It might be a sign to clean out your toilet
  • Change the seal

What Is the Price Range for the Fix?

Honestly, this is the cheapest fix and would mostly require manpower over money. Still, we suggest a little over $100, just in case you need to buy any spare parts.

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Being an Arctic Fox Camper truck owner is hard. It is a big vehicle and needs constant support from its owner. Therefore, we advise you to at least take your truck for a maintenance check every 6 months.

Every maintenance check would cost a couple of hundred bucks. It includes basic checking to fill up your truck with air. This should help you to avoid the problems we have mentioned above.

We hope that this article was informative enough for you to help you out with your problems. Please take good care of your camper truck and contact a professional if you notice any unwanted problems. Have a good day!

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