Why RV Toilet Won’t Stop Running? – Here’s How to Fix It!

Owning an RV shows your sophistication and passion as well. However, it’s not always easy to maintain, especially when you’re dealing with the RV toilet won’t stop running issues.

A faulty flapper valve is one of the most frequent reasons for an RV toilet that runs nonstop. In addition, a faulty fill valve, a displaced float valve, pipe leakage, and damaged seals can cause the issue. 

No matter the cause, this issue can be a nightmare if you’re far from home and enjoying your vacation. Luckily, we have structured a step-by-step guide to eliminate the issue. Let’s jump on it.

RV Toilet Won’t Stop Running

Why does an RV toilet keep running water?  

To get rid of any kind of issue, the first and foremost duty is to find out the root cause. In the case of a constantly running RV toilet, there are several common causes. Here are some of the common causes:

  • Clogged flapper
  • Cracked flush pedal
  • Loosen or displaced float valve
  • Worn or damaged seals
  • Damaged Fill valve
  • Pipe leakage
  • Too long or short flapper chain

Troubleshooting and Fix for RV Toilet Won’t Stop Running

You are now aware of several potential causes for the continuous running of your RV toilet. So, your troubleshooting steps should start by investigating those components. 

And then, you can easily fix the issue by repairing or replacing a damaged or broken part. So, let’s move on to the main steps. 

Step-1: Gather Necessary Items

Generally, fixing an RV toilet doesn’t require too many tools. However, to simplify your troubleshooting and fixing, try to keep the following items on hand:

  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Storage bag
  • A half-inch wrench
  • Micro bar
  • Face masks
  • Hand gloves

Step-2: Prepare Your Toilet

Once you have arranged all the necessary items, you can remove your toilet’s components. For this, you have to stop the water line first. 

It can be done by either turning the shut-off valve or powering down the RV water pump. However, it depends on the RV toilet model you have. 

Remember that you have to release as much pressure from the system as possible.  Even the main water pipe is removable.

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Step-3: Check Whether the Flapper is Clogged or Worn

As we mentioned earlier, the primary reason behind a continuously running RV toilet is a clogged flapper. So, your attention should be on this part first.

Flapper is the heart of the flushing mechanism. It is frequently positioned near the bottom of the flusher tank, where it is kept submerged in water. So, the flapper is always susceptible to clogging. 

Over time, the minerals of fresh water or other tiny debris accumulate on the surface of the flapper and form a coating. Besides, this component can be worn gradually.

Whether the flapper is clogged or worn, both conditions can lead to overflowing. So, examine your flapper for any coating or visible signs of wear. 

In the case of a clogged flapper, proper cleaning is all you need to do to eliminate the issue. Otherwise, you have to replace it. A flapper will cost around $60 to $120. 

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Step-4: Examine the Flush Pedal

You might need to gently unscrew the flush pedal on an RV toilet in order to examine the mechanical parts. This could involve using a pry bar to remove a plastic cover or unscrewing certain parts to access the inner workings. 

Regardless of the method you use, make sure to expose the flush pedal mechanisms and carefully observe their movement while depressing the pedal. 

If you notice any deformities in the plastic or if any components are catching and causing the toilet to run constantly, these issues are likely the cause of the problem. 

Besides, the spring used in some RV toilets’ pedal mechanisms can be misaligned. In this case, fixing the spring or replacing it will eliminate the issue. 

However, for a severely damaged flush pedal, the whole setup might need to be replaced with a new one.

Step-5: Replace the Float Valve

If the flush pedal and flapper seem okay, the next culprit can be a bad float valve. The float valve of your RV toilet plays a crucial role in water adjustment. 

This balloon-like component allows water to flow into your toilet in a controlled manner. In the event that the float valve is damaged or displaced to the open position, water will run continuously. 

So, first, you have to check whether it’s loose or displaced. If yes, then adjust its position. However, for a damaged float valve, replacement is the only option you have.

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Step-6: Check the Fill Valve

A faulty or damaged fill valve is another major cause of a continuously running RV toilet. The fill valve is a sibling of your RV toilet’s float valve. 

The slight difference is that the fill valve controls the water needed to enter the flush tank. The float valve, on the other hand, regulates the volume of water that must be flushed.

After a prolonged period of being submerged in water, this valve can also be damaged or worn. 

If this happens, water will enter the tank continuously. Your RV toilet won’t stop running as a result. In this instance, the broken fill valve has to be replaced.

It may cost you around $75 to $180 if a professional technician does it. However, if you’re confident enough to perform the task, check out the video below:

Step-7: Inspect Every Seal

Seals are indispensable for RV toilets. Generally, these seals are rubber coatings and plastic gaskets and are used to prevent water leaking. 

Over time, seals can degrade and lose their capacity to hold water. So, your attention should be on these seals as well. 

A good place to start is by checking whether there is water on the floor near the toilet. If yes, then the seal might be damaged and leaking water. 

To fix this, you should call for professional help, which will expertly seal all the areas susceptible to leaks. 

If you’re unlucky, repairing RV toilet seals might cost you the money you need to purchase a new one. 

This is because the technician may break down different components to check the seals. So stay ready to invest in a new RV toilet.

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Will The RV Toilet Flood If It Keeps Running?

A constantly running RV toilet can pose a significant risk of flooding if left unattended for an extended period. 

Unchecked running toilets can lead to bathroom floods. When the toilet is continuously filled with water but cannot drain properly due to an obstruction, it becomes highly susceptible to overflow. 

As the water level steadily rises, there is nowhere for it to escape except onto your bathroom floor.


Do you still have something more to know in your mind? Our concise FAQ section has addressed various aspects concerning the RV toilet continuously running issue. 

Is a DIY running RV toilet fix safe?

Fixing an RV toilet that keeps running requires precision and skill. If you have these and are confident enough to deal with the task, then you can go for it with professional assistance. 

Does a constantly running RV toilet empty the fresh water tank?

In your RV, freshwater is supplied from the tank to the toilet. When your toilet keeps running constantly, it will gradually waste water. If left unchecked for a long period of time, your fresh water tank can be empty. 

What are the signs of a broken flush valve in a Running RV toilet?

If you notice your RV toilet keeps running, and water flows intermittently into the bowl, it indicates an issue with the flush valve. Besides, unusual sounds and poor flushing power signify a broken flush valve. 

Final Words

A running RV toilet can be a frustrating and wasteful problem to deal with. Regular maintenance and inspections of the toilet’s components are essential to preventing this issue from occurring in the future. 

Additionally, seeking professional help or consulting the manufacturer’s manual can provide further guidance on troubleshooting and resolving the running toilet problem.

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