What Causes Dometic Fridge Check Light On: How to Fix It?

One day suddenly, you notice that your RV’s Dometic fridge’s check light is blinking, and you are wondering why it is on. Don’t worry; you are not the only one to face that problem. This is a common problem when the refrigerator fails to use the LP as the power source.

The primary reason behind the Dometic fridge check light on is that it fails to run on propane as it should. And the check light indicates that the refrigerator needs checking because it’s not working properly. This failure can happen for many reasons, which we will discuss later.

Solving a check light problem on an RVs fridge isn’t a tough job. You just need some guidance, and in this article, I will provide information about how I fixed mine.


What Does Dometic Fridge Check Light On Mean?

Every Dometic fridge in RV has a check light on purpose. An RVs refrigerator mainly runs on gas (propane). So, the refrigerator will usually work when your vehicle is off, or your electricity is turned off. The Check Light is there, warning that the fridge is not working accordingly.

A Dometic Fridge can troubleshoot for various reasons and stop working, which may ruin the stuff inside. Check light indicates to check the refrigerator’s gas (Line and Tank). Also, when the Dometic Fridge fails to run on gas, it turns on hybrid mode, but if the gas doesn’t ignite, the check light turns on.

What Causes Dometic Fridge Check Light On?

There are quite a few causes behind the check light on the Dometic fridge. Most are related to gas, and some are technical. Below I will tell you about some of the most common causes for check light on an RV Dometic fridge which will help you solve it more efficiently.

  • Dometic Fridge failed to use LP or Propane as its primary power source
  • Flame was unable to ignite the gas because of rust or dust on the furnace
  • On Gas mode, the ignition failed
  • On Hybrid mode, before using electricity, the gas ran off
  • LP Tank emptied
  • Voltage Problem

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How To Fix Dometic Fridge Check Light On Issue?

Most people who use RV and see the check light turned on their Dometic fridge freak out as I did. But, I learned that it isn’t a difficult job to turn off that check light unless it is related to a technical issue or damage where you may need to call a mechanic.

Resetting a Dometic fridge’s check light on an RV is very easy. You just need to follow some instructions I used to fix my refrigerator problem. Follow them and get rid of that check light.

Refill Gas

RV Dometic fridge can work on two power sources. It can rather run entirely on electricity or full-on LP gas. There is also a hybrid mode that works combined depending on the limit of the power source. A Dometic refrigerator will automatically switch its power source when it’s out of one source.

In hybrid mode, the source keeps changing rapidly. When the gas runs out suddenly, the electricity sensor sometimes fails to detect it and shuts down.

This is the first solution and most straightforward solution. Whenever you see a check light on, check the LP gas cylinder; if it’s empty, refill it and restart the Dometic fridge.

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Make Sure the Ignition is Okay

During rain, there is a chance that water will reach the LP gas cylinder hood. So when it comes into contact with water, it rusts. And in dry weather, it catches dust.

The ignition device or burner plate is made of copper and metal. The dust and rust don’t allow the gas to light because the burner doesn’t get proper air and can’t react with the ammonia to ignite.

There are two fixes for fixing your Dometic fridge check light. First, check the burner and see if the rust is removable. If not, you need a new burner plate. Use a screwdriver and scratch it slowly.

A new burner plate costs about 10-15$, and installation is very easy as you just have to unscrew the rusty one and install the new one.

Clean the Fuel Burner Tube

Under the hood of your RV, you will find a line leading from the propane cylinder to the ignition device. You need to clean up when that line gets clogged or blocked. 

First, empty the tubes using the stove, as the stove uses the same line. Then open the tube and clean it so the gas can pass through continuously. Twist-close the cylinder and light up the stove to empty the tube gas. 

Finally, reconnect every tube, turn on the cylinder, and check the stove to see if it’s working properly. Restart the Dometic fridge, and the check light should be gone.

Recharge or Change the Battery

Lower Voltage indicates a battery issue with the Dometic fridge on your RV. A 12V battery is used for a Dometic fridge which lasts quite a long time, but when it comes to an end, it slowly fails to perform and warns you that the check light blinks.

Check the battery; if it’s okay, then recharge it. Getting a new one would be the best option if it’s very drained. 12V batteries cost from 60$ up to 85$. I would suggest replacing it as I replaced mine, and it’s performing very well.

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How Do I Reset Dometic Fridge Check Light On My RV?

In rare cases, the check light on your RV Dometic fridge can be blinking because of a circuit error that has nothing to do with mechanical damage. It can be easily reset, and here is how:

  • Use the Dometic fridge manual to locate the reset button
  • The reset button is in the very corner 
  • Press the button. If you find it difficult, you can cut off the power and restart the fridge, which will automatically reset it.


Dometic fridge problems on RVs are pervasive, and we have received a lot of questions regarding this matter. Here are some of them:

Does Check Light On Dometic Fridge Refer To Cooling Issue?

No, the check light on the Dometic fridge does not indicate a cooling issue. It alerts you about the power source problem. Initially, it won’t affect the temperature, but it will when the power is completely off.

Is It Possible To Check The Freon Level On RV Dometic Fridge?

Buy a pressure gauge from the nearby hardware store. Use the pressure gauge to check the freon level. Then locate the service valve behind the fridge on the bottom.

Does Resetting Dometic Fridge Reset The Temperature?

Resetting a Dometic fridge resets the entire refrigerator settings. So, yes, the Temperature will reset as well. You need to set your previous temperature manually.

Is Gas Mode Better Or Auto Hybrid Mode On A Dometic Fridge?

One single mode is ideal because the power source shifts automatically in hybrid mode, and the chances of losing power are higher.


An RV Dometic fridge check light is not a crucial signal. Instead, it is a warning light that alerts you about certain things, such as you may have run out of gas or the fridge is not working properly.

You don’t need to worry if you noticed the check light within 1-2 days. But if you didn’t, it could ruin the stuff inside. Except for that, check light blinks on for a power source problem, not for a broken fridge.

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