Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset: 4 Steps to Get It Done!

Let it be technical glitches or system issues, a reset always works effectively. But that is possible only if you do it precisely on your Dometic RV refrigerator. 

To reset Dometic RV Refrigerator First, break the connection of the RV refrigerator. Detect the reset button’s location, keep the switch pressed for a couple of seconds, and then release it for a while. Perform the same step twice, and afterward, reconnect the refrigerator. 

To get a detailed view of the steps, you must go through the entire post. So let’s dive in!

Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset

Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset Button Location

One of the easiest ways to locate the Dometic RV refrigerator reset button is to look for the user’s manual

Because depending on the model, chances are the location will not be the same, even if the brand is similar! So it can be quite confusing for you to find the actual spot of the reset button. 

But in general, users can locate the reset button around the interior of the fridge. However, other models may contain it at the rear or at the peak of RV’s compressor. 

Some models of Dometic RV, like the RVD7821XF, include the reset button right into the interior of the fridge’s door concealed by a particular cover

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How to Reset Dometic RV Refrigerator?

Sometimes, you may notice abnormal activities due to a power surge or other issues on your Dometic RV fridge. 

And that is where the reset button comes into play! This will assist you in getting your RV’s fridge back to its regular condition. 

But for that, you must go through the following steps to reset the Dometic RV refrigerator. And these are as follows: 

  • Step 01: First, get your Dometic RV fridge disconnected from every electrical power to stay in the safe zone. Dometic’s official website claims that if you find any defects on the cable, make sure to replace it with qualified persons. 
  • Step 02: Once you locate the reset button that is either on the back or inside the fridge, ensure to press and hold it for a few seconds. We’d prefer holding the button for ten seconds. 
  • Step 03: Leave the button, and wait for a couple of seconds. Afterward, start pressing and releasing it once again. Experts recommend doing this step 1-2 times. 
  • Step 04:  Let’s connect every electrical power of your Dometic RV refrigerator to see whether it is acting normally or not. 

N.B: The official Dometic Australia suggests resetting your RV fridge whenever you service your unit or install a brand new one.

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Can You Reset the Dometic RV Refrigerator Manually?

Haven’t you found the reset button on your Dometic RV refrigerator? Or let’s say it does not have a particular reset button. 

In both cases, there is still an option available for you, which is a manual reset. Let us share the basic steps to get the job done –

  • Step 01: Switch off every power of your Dometic RV fridge. 
  • Step 02: Push the “refrigerator” button location near the control panel, and hold it for around ten seconds. 
  • Step 03: Get the button released, and wait for a while. After that, you should push and release the button twice according to the previous direction.
  • Step 04: Locate the refrigerator’s front lid in terms of placing the lid right there. 
  • Step 05: Now, you are allowed to reconnect every power of the RV that you disconnected before. Hopefully, this will let the Dometic RV fridge to reset.

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You might face some inconveniences during the Dometic RV refrigerator reset. Or, you might have queries regarding it. No matter what, the following frequently asked questions can be helpful for you to get educated –

What if the reset button of the Dometic RV refrigerator is not working?

If the reset button is not responding due to technical reasons or anything else, then try out the manual reset we taught above. However, if you are still failing to get the work done, call an expert right away. 

When should you reset the Dometic RV refrigerator?

When you find complications around the pilot light, resetting may help you relight it. Besides, if your Dometic RV fridge stops responding due to internal bugs, you should try a quick reset.  

What if the reset button of the refrigerator fails to work?

You may have to reset your RV refrigerator’s circuit board in case the reset button is not working or stops responding. But it is a bit tricky, for which you may require a couple of extra tools, including wires

Can you reset the control panel of the Dometic RV refrigerator?

You can reset your RV’s control panel by switching the power off and unplugging the fridge. At circuit breaker, switch it off for nearly 30 seconds in terms of resetting the control panel. Take necessary support from a qualified person or owner’s manual.

Final Words

In critical situations, there is nothing better than resetting your Dometic RV refrigerator, especially during a power surge or internal bugs. 

Even though resetting can be smoothly done by pressing the reset button following the above direction, we’d prefer taking the necessary support from experts before doing this. 

Finally, read the owner’s manual to confirm whether the model you use has a different resetting process or not. 

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