RV Converter Fan Won’t Shut Off: 3 Probable Reasons & Fixes!

It doesn’t seem common for any RV components to stay turned on non-stop, no matter whether it’s a converter fan or anything else! I had a hard time with my converter fan as it’s running all the time, even after cooling off other parts! 

What causes RV converter fan won’t shut off? A poor battery is responsible for decreasing the voltage, which results in not shutting off the fan. Furthermore, loose wiring and extra power consumption will lead to the same issue. 

After doing hours of studies and observing multiple users’ feedback, I’ve added the most common reasons why converter fans run all the time! Besides, the quick fixes I’ve added shouldn’t be avoided. So, are you ready?

RV Converter Fan Won’t Shut Off

Why RV Converter Fan Won’t Shut Off and Best Ways to Solve Them:

Everyone desires to have a converter fan that smoothly turns on and off. But if your RV converter fan isn’t shutting off at all, there is no chance to take it simply! 

Depending on the several conditions, the reason behind “not shutting off” will vary. So here, I’d like to share the 3 most common causes, including their quick fixes – 

1. Issues with the Battery 

Sometimes, your RV converter battery becomes unable to bear the loads. And that’s when you need to pay attention to the battery of your RV to see if everything is okay or not. 

Why? This is because poor battery cells are liable to decrease the voltage level and cause your converter won’t shut off.  

By taking assistance from a multimeter, you can check the level of voltage. If you found it 13.5+ and still running all the time, then the problem might be anywhere else as the converter fan is completely fine. 

In contrast, if the battery turns weaker, you’re likely to discover less than 12.6. Consider replacing the battery by taking the manufacturers’ advice and instructions.

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2. Loose Wiring Connections 

Some of us often neglect the necessity of looking at the wirings of a converter fan, even after facing complications. But guess what? Loosen and broken wiring connections are known to be one of the core reasons why your RV fan won’t shut off! 

Although some converter fans of RV come in an automatic powering system, the power of converter fans often consist of dual wiring connections. Thus, it allows you to turn it on and off while needed. 

So, if there are any loose connections, especially on the shut-off wiring line, your RV fan will likely run all the time! In that case, consult an expert mechanic to fix the issue by tightening the connection. 

However, if the problem is related to a broken connection, you may have to replace it right away.

3. Extra Power Consumption 

Note that some 12V consumers take power through a fuse set instead of the circuit breaker. So chances are it is running the water heater, light, or refrigerator of your RV and causing the converter fan not to shut off. 

Fuse replacement might work at times to fix the actual issue. But you better take expert support to see why that’s consuming additional power than usual!

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Different Ways to Check the RV Converter Fan

Even after trying all the nooks and crannies mentioned above, are you still noticing issues with your RV converter fan? Well, let me give you a helping hand by showing some effective methods to test the fan and other relevant components.

Thus, you can rest assured that whether the problem is here or anywhere else: 

  • Using Multimeter 

Get your hands on a quality multimeter to find whether your converter fan is getting power or not. If yes, there is nothing wrong with the converter fan as the issue is anywhere else. 

  • Observing the Circuit Breaker 

Because of a blown-out fuse, there is a slight chance of ending up with a converter fan no-working issue. Consider looking at the circuit breaker as well. 

  • Cleaning A Jammed Input Jack

Believe it or not, a jammed input jack is highly responsible for not letting your RV converter fan work correctly. So cleaning it up would be the only way to go in order to overcome such an issue. 

  • Contact Seasoned Mechanics

A bad temperature can cause your RV converter fan not to work for being unable to detect the actual temperature. So feel free to take the mechanic’s support for further inquiries.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have more queries on why the RV converter fan won’t shut off? Read on the following questions, where I shared the most authentic answers based on customers’ opinions and experts’ recommendations:

What’s the quickest way to turn off the RV converter fan if it’s running all the time? 

A converter fan that doesn’t shut off at all is likely to end up with overheating issues. So professionals recommend turning off your RV in that kind of annoying situation.
In this way, the fan will take a short time to get to regular temperature. 

What if my RV converter fan isn’t shutting off for the circuit breaker issues?

Problems regarding circuit breakers can be significant from time to time. So if you have found it damaged or ruined, consult a licensed technician as it is going to be a bit challenging to replace. 

Is it normal for my RV converter fan to shut off and on without any reason?

No! The problem regarding auto shut off and on occurs when the battery of your RV goes bad. If it can’t maintain consistency in terms of holding the charge, the fan itself may shut off and on. 

How much should I spend on replacing my damaged RV converter fan? 

From 150 to 1500 dollars, tons of different ranges are available for your RV converter fan. Considering the type, amperage rate, and compatibility, you need to get the one that matches your recreational vehicle perfectly. 

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Wrapping Up

RV converter fans seem to stop working for numerous reasons. But when you notice it’s running all the time or not shutting off, make sure to pay attention to the battery first. 


Because weak battery cells are one of the main culprits behind decreasing the voltage. And this eventually causes the fan not to shut off!

Alongside the issue, loose wiring can also cause the same bummer, which should be fixed by tightening cables and other wiring related to the converter fan. If you at least have an intermediate-level skill, you can do it yourself using the necessary tools. 

Nonetheless, some problems can be unfixable by random RV users. So, don’t think twice about taking experts’ support and advice in that kind of situation!

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