Why Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking: How to Fix it?

This is not a good sign if you see the temperature light on your Everchill RV refrigerator blinking. You must take action quickly to fix the problem, or it could cause further damage. It is important to figure out why the light is blinking.

Why is the Everchill refrigerator light blinking? The light of the Ever chill refrigerator blinks mainly due to a lack of electrical power. So this could be due to a drained battery, a bad thermostat, or other electrical issues. 

Don’t fret! We’re here to tell you everything you should do about this issue, from the causes to the final solution. Just read this blog till the last word.


Why Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking?

The Everchill RV refrigerator will only run smoothly once a proper amount of electrical power is generated. Moreover, you need to ensure enough amperage available to the fridge to operate its cooling system. Otherwise, the refrigerator won’t cool as you expect.

According to experts, an Everchill RV refrigerator needs a minimum of 11 amps to run correctly. The temperature light blinks if the refrigerator produces less electricity. Moreover, when the compressor of the everchill RV fridge doesn’t pull enough power from the battery, the issue of light mainly flashing occurs.

Now, we will focus on knowing why there is a lack of power supply to the Everchill RV refrigerator. 

Drain Battery

How can the compressor pull power out if the battery on your Everchill RV refrigerator is drained? Hence, it is essential to note that the battery will eventually lose power once in use, so keeping it charged and monitoring its power levels is essential.

There are two ways you can power the battery of the Everchill refrigerator. You can either plug the refrigerator into an AC power source. Or the solar panel can also receive enough sunlight to generate enough power to charge the battery. 

Now, in this case, you should know how long the battery takes to become drained ultimately. 

Well, most of the Everchill RV refrigerators come with a 12v battery which means they can produce 120 amps per hour. And the Everchill refrigerators come with 2.5 amp hours. 

So, for one day, it will be 60 amp hours. Therefore, the 125 battery is supposed to last approximately 2 days. 


To eliminate draining battery issues that ultimately cause a lack of power, make sure you charge the Everchill battery daily. In addition, be extra careful about charging when you tend to travel with your RV.

You can also plug your Everchill RV refrigerator into the shore power to inspect whether there is still a blinking light. You should also level down the temperature on your Everchill Rzv refrigerator to see whether the flashing stops.

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Bad Thermostat

The thermostat controls and regulates the compressor of your Everchill RV refrigerator. However, the thermostat can also malfunction sometimes. And if this happens, the thermostat will be unable to control the fridge’s temperature, and there will be a lack of cooling. 

Moreover, it can’t switch the compressor on and off. And ultimately, the light on your Everchill RV refrigerator can start blinking. 


To eradicate the issue, first, you should reset the thermostat of your Everchill RV refrigerator by raising it a degree. If this doesn’t work, you can check the thermostat reading using an appliance thermometer. 

Replace the thermostat with a technician if the thermostat reading is not appropriate.

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Faulty Compressor

A compressor for any RV refrigerator has to play a prominent role in ensuring the refrigerator is functioning correctly. But unfortunately, the compressor of your everchill RV refrigerator can malfunction sometimes and cause the light to blink. 

Moreover, the compressor is considered the heart of the refrigerator. If the compressor on your ever-chill RV refrigerator goes, the cooling system won’t work appropriately. 

In addition, an Everchill RV refrigerator compressor must respond to the signal of a thermostat or temperature sensor. How could a compressor respond to the signal of the thermostat if it is bad?

There are many symptoms along with the evergreen RV refrigerator light blinking, indicating that the compressor has gone bad. Among them, compressor overheating can be one of the prominent symptoms.


To check the compressor of your Everchill refrigerator, you should first locate the compressor, which is usually located in the back of the refrigerator.

Once you have located the compressor, you should inspect it for any visible signs of damage or wear. If you notice any damage or wear, you should contact a professional to inspect and repair the compressor. 

Sometimes, reinstalling the compressor board can fix the issue as well.

Inappropriate Guage Wire

When you choose a gauge wire which is not suitable for the power of the Everchill RV refrigerator, it can handle a proper power supply. Moreover, the gauge is not able to supply power from the battery. And the issue of lack of power takes place.


Make sure you choose a suitable gauge wire. A 12V-powered Everchill RV refrigerator will need a minimum of 12 gauge wire. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking?

Depending on the type of issue that causes the problem, the cost to fix the Everchill RV refrigerator can vary. In addition, if you need to solve the issues with a trained technician, you are supposed to spend more money. 

However, on average, it will cost you approximately $150-$170 to repair the parts of your Everchill RV fridge on an hourly basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing what other people have asked regarding the Everchill refrigerator light flashing can be immensely helpful. You may have the same questions they had, and the answers they received could also benefit you.

Does an Everchill Fridge Run on Propane?

The Everchill fridge doesn’t run on propane though most EV refrigerators do. The Everchill refrigerator runs on the recommended electrical power of 120 volts. The fridge is unable to run 110 volts or propane.

How Do I Reset My Everchill Refrigerator?

There is no reset button on the Everchill refrigerator. However, you can reset this. To do so, just disconnect the electrical power from the fridge unit. It may take a few hours to reset the Everchill refrigerator completely. 

How Many Watts Does an Everchill RV Refrigerator Use?

Most Everchill RV refrigerators come with 132 watts or 12, which is considered highly impressive to run an RV refrigerator comprehensively.  If you convert the 130 watts into an amp, it will be 11 amps.

Can I Run My Everchill  RV Fridge While Driving?

Yes, you can run your Everchill RV fridge while running. There is no issue with doing so, as the Everchill refrigerator comes with 12 volts of electrical power. The refrigerator won’t cool down so early.

Final Words

If you notice the Everchill refrigerator light blinking too frequently, it’s better to call a technician to check the issues. If your refrigerator is under warranty period, let the seller know about any issues that take place. 

In addition, taking proper care of your Everchill RV refrigerator can avoid major problems, whether linked to blinking or others. Read the user’s manual to know further instructions. 

Nonetheless, make sure there’s enough amp supply to the refrigerator unit. Before going to travel anywhere else, ensure the battery of the fridge is fully charged. Besides, don’t put too much and too hot food in the refrigerator as this sometimes causes major malfunctions.

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