Why Unique Propane Fridge Won’t Stay Lit: How to Fix it?

A propane refrigerator is useful when there is no electricity available. Especially if you have an RV, this refrigerator is very helpful in keeping your food cold. However, just like any other refrigerator, propane refrigerators run into issues. 

One of the frequent issues with unique propane refrigerators is that the light won’t stay lit. There are several causes, and a defective thermocouple is one of them. In addition, you should look for loose connections, a bad control board, and a bad gas valve.

With the right tools and a decent amount of preparation, you can fix the lighting issue of the unique fridge. Keep reading to find out more. The reasons and other pertinent details are covered in detail in this blog.


Why Unique Propane Refrigerator Won’t Stay Lit?

It’s time to go into more detail about the factors that prevent the unique propane refrigerator from staying lit. These factors were briefly mentioned earlier. I believe the discussion below will help you solve the issue.

1. Defective Thermocouple

If you have a propane fridge, you must know that thermocouple is a crucial part of the functionality of the refrigerator. It is two different metals. When you apply heat to it, voltage is produced. This voltage travels to the gas valve and shuts it off.

Your refrigerator may not stay lit if the thermocouple is defective. The thermocouple may be dirty or loose in a too-old refrigerator. Therefore, you must either properly adjust it or clean it. If it is defective, you should replace it with a new one.

Check out all the connections, especially at the back of the valve body. Doing it by yourself requires a wrench. Keep an eye on the flame while adjusting the thermocouple. It should typically match the original exactly.  

If nothing seems to be working, the thermocouple needs to be changed. The most crucial thing is to seek professional assistance if you are unsure of the root cause.

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2. Faulty Control Board 

There may be a problem with the Control board. It is like the brain that senses the voltage. The gas valve and ignitor will be shut off unless the required voltage is detected. 

To repair the control board, replace the control board with a superior board to the OEM board. A faulty control board is a dealer issue; they’ll test and evaluate the item’s condition before replacing it.

3. Main Valve is Stuck

The main gas valve might not open even if the ignition is operational and the pilot light is lit. Additionally, there’s a possibility that the thermal coupler is not facing the pilot flame. Simply doing the realignment can fix the issue.

Check the gas valve solenoid and the power supply to the solenoid if the main gas valve is stuck as well. Well, you can try this approach; it might help with the problem. You need a screwdriver to complete this task and a voltmeter to check the power.

4. Clean Everything 

An unreliable connection is the main cause. The thermocouple can be unscrewed, cleaned, and then screwed back on to try again. You can bleed the gas line leading to the burner.

Unplugging everything is the best way to clean it. Reassemble and test after cleaning is finished. If the first try is unsuccessful, try several times again. Additionally, look to see if the line has any leaks.

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What Are the Reasons For Unique Propane Fridge is Not Cooling?

The reasons for the unique propane refrigerator not cooling include the following. In addition to them, there could be other reasons as well. Being aware of them beforehand will help you get ready for the situation.

  • If the burner orifice is clogged, it is one of the reasons the fridge is not cooling. Make sure to clean it
  • Making sure that the refrigerator is level when you place it is another important but often neglected step
  • Defrost the evaporator fans if frost accumulates because the cooling unit won’t cool if the airflow is restricted
  • Well, you should exercise caution when adjusting the thermostat
  • The flue tube baffle was installed incorrectly
  • Ensure that the burner is cleaned if it’s dirty
  • Check the regulator pressure; it should be less than 11
  • The burner should be placed underneath the flue tube
  • If the burner is faulty or damaged, replace it

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Hopefully, you have got your answer why the propane refrigerator is not staying lit. You might be interested in knowing the answers to frequently asked questions. Check Unique FAQs Here.

Can the Propane Refrigerator Run on Electricity?

Some refrigerators powered by propane can also be powered by electricity. Users can choose between these refrigerators thanks to switching options that are included. However, a propane refrigerator does not need electricity and can only run on gas.

Can Unique propane fridges be used in an RV?  

No, their website makes it very clear that the Unique propane refrigerators cannot be used on an RV and that it is preferable to use them on a level surface.

How long can you run a refrigerator on propane?

A propane refrigerator typically uses 2 pounds of propane per day to operate. So if the standard propane tank is around 20 to 25 pounds, you can expect the refrigerator to run continuously for 12 to 15 days.

How cold will a propane refrigerator get?

On average, the propane refrigerator can produce -5 degrees. It depends on several other factors, including the proper functionality of the freeze and its cooling unit.


There you have it. Hopefully, you were able to troubleshoot and find the exact reason why the refrigerator is not staying lit. Once you know the root cause of the issue, find the best way to solve it.

Here are some helpful suggestions. A propane refrigerator needs proper maintenance if you want it to last a long time. The most likely reason it fails to function properly is the outside dirt. Clean the system at least twice a month. 

Above all, keep in mind that common causes of defects include faulty thermocouples, cracked valves, and circuit boards. There could be other reasons as well. Most importantly, call your dealer and listen to their opinion.

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