Forest River RV Power Converter Location [Possible 7 Places] 


Are you having a hard time locating the power converter on your Forest River RV? I know It feels so bothersome to search for it everywhere without clueing about possible locations. But now the question is what the Forest River power converter location can be. 

The converter placed in your Forest River is behind the breaker/ fuse panel. It also can be near the fan/vent, somewhere near the batteries. You can also spot the converter in some odd places.

So, with the help of a precise guide, it’ll be a great help to search in those places and be free from this bothersome job. That’s why I’m going to help you out in this matter. So, without any more delay, let’s get to the point.


Where Is My Forest River RV Power Converter Located?

While you face any electrical problem in your Forest River RV, you may search for your converter issue to solve the problem. 

The location of the Forest River RV converter varies from one another. So, it will feel tricky to find the exact place for the converter. 

However, here are some of the most possible places where you can find your power converter.

1. Behind The Breaker/Fuse Panel

In search of the location of the converter of your Forest River RV, the most common place is behind the breaker or fuse panel. 

When I also searched for my converter on my 2019 Rockwood Signature 5th wheel, I found it behind the dark brown fuse panel. 

But be careful as there are AC breakers and DC fuses with mounted wires. Carefully disconnect the wires and then remove the converter. As there can be many wires, I suggest you call an electrician.

2. Search For Fan/Vent

According to the different models of Forest River RV, you know there are different places where you may spot your converter. 

As power converters generate heat, it has fans or vents to cool them up. So, search for a small fan or vent in your Forest River RV. It’ll give you a clue that the power converter is nearby.

In this way, you may find the converter as a part of the fuse panel or very near to the compartment.

3. Somewhere Near Your Batteries

On some models of the Forest River RV, another possible place where your power converter is likely to be hidden is near the batteries. 

So, do not forget to look for the converter near the shore power and the batteries. There is a good chance you may succeed to get it here. 

On some models, you may also locate the power converter on the opposite end of the 5th wheel from the batteries.

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4. Under The Dinette Seats/ Beneath The Kitchen Counter

A good clue where you can spot the power converter is under the dinette chair of your Forest River or beneath the kitchen counter. 

So hope to find luck in the searching converter task, look beneath these items in your Forest River RV.

5. Find In Odd Places

While you are in search of your power converter on your Forest River RV, the converter can be mounted in some common places. It can be the places you may not expect the converter to be located. Such as- 

  • Under The Bathroom Sink
  • Under the 12V fridge 
  • Beneath the bed or couch
  • Near a vent or fan 
  • In the Pantry cupboard 
  • On a lamp table 
  • Or you may need to take the drawers out and look underneath 

Sounds like a power converter can be anywhere in Forest River RV! 

6. Listen For Sounds

Still having a hard time locating the converter in the Forest River RV. So an easy & effective trick can help you out. 

Here, all you need to do is turn off all the electrical stuff in your motorhome and track the sound. 

As the power converter has a cooling fan attached to it, you may hear the sound when the converter charges the battery. Now go forward to the sound.

7. Still Missing? Search For Manuals

When all the possible places fail to track down the converter on your Forest River RV, the last possible hope is the manual. 

Now go to find your Forest River RV manual and search for the converter location in it. 

You can also contact the manufacturer directly to get a quick and direct answer.

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How do I know what power converter my Forest River RV has?

How do I know what power converter my Forest River RV has?

There are different types of power converters used in the different models of Forest River RV. They all have different types of functions with different types of functionalities. 

At times there you may need to know the model of the power converter in the situation of upgrading or replacing the old or broken converter. 

So, when you need to know what power converter in your Forest River RV has, you just need your manual. You can find the model number of your converter there. 

In case you lost your manual, you can also find the model written on your converter. Just find your converter and look for the model number on it. Otherwise, you can also contact your manufacturer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are some more queries in your mind related to the RV. That’s why I highlighted some mostly searched queries related to the matter.

Can you use a battery charger instead of a converter in an RV?

In the appliances of the RV, the battery charger and the converter are used interchangeably. The converter converts the AC power to DC power to charge the battery of the RV. 

Will an RV work without a converter? 

For the functionality of your RV, you may need a converter for many reasons. Even if you have connected your rig to the shore power, the converter is required for the 12V components of your RV. 

Can I use a power converter in an RV while driving?

Yes, it’s possible to use the power converter while driving. Actually, it’s better to use the converter while driving as it’ll drain the motorhome battery. 

How much does it cost to replace a converter in a Forest River RV?

The cost of replacing a converter in an RV is between $150 to $1600. The replacement price range may vary according to the models of your Forest River RV.

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Wrapping Things Up 

That’s all from us today. In this short but precise article, I’ve tried my utmost to highlight all the possible places where your power converter in your Forest River RV can be located. 

So, whenever you need to know the Forest River RV power converter location, first check out the places that I have mentioned above. If you still can find out the converter your manual is always a powerful answer. You can also contact your manufacturer for any kind of problem. 

Thank you so much, guys, for staying with me till the end. You guys are just bee’s knees!

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