9 Common Forest River RV Electrical Problems & Their Easy Solutions


I know how much Forest River RV electrical problems can bother you. That’s the time all you want a precise guide to get out of the matter effectively. If you want to know what are those irritating problems along with precise answers then this guide is for you. 

The most common electrical problems on the forest river are over isn’t turning or not heating. It can also be AC or the refrigerator not functioning in the RV. The worst can be that the power outlets have gone bad themselves. 

That’s not all! There are many more things that you may require to know. Therefore, without going anywhere else, stay tuned with us.


How Do I Troubleshoot Electrical Problems On Forest River RV? 

Over time, different electrical problems arise on the Forest River RV. As an owner of Forest River RV, I experience quick fixes for these electrical problems. 

That’s why I’m going to provide a precise guide on electrical problems of RV, quick & effective steps. Let’s get started.

1. Oven isn’t turning on: Check the breakers of the power converter

One of the common Forest River RV electrical problems is the oven isn’t turning on. When that happens and does not even have any display, it can be that the oven isn’t getting enough power to function properly. 

So, while facing the problem the first thing you need to do is to check whether the wires are connected firmly to the oven. 

If there is no connection problem, plus you see the AC is working, then move ahead & check the breaker of the converter. 

If the breaker is turned off, turn it on. Also, ensure the breaker that supplies the oven isn’t tripped. 

2. Oven isn’t heating food: Oven requires repair or replacing

A very bothersome issue on the Forest River RV can be that the oven isn’t heating the food even after the oven is lit up. It can be a probable indication of a broken oven. 

When there is any internal defect in the oven or it has tripped, the oven becomes incapable of heating up. 

So that’s the time you may require repair or replacement. But don’t try to do it yourself. Take the help of the experts.

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3. The refrigerator not functioning: Inspect 120V power system

The other electrical issue which is most complained about by the users is that the refrigerator isn’t functioning on the RV. 

While facing the issue, what you need to do is- 

  • First, see if the connection is snug to confirm adequate power. 
  • When the connection is good, see whether the other appliances like the oven are working properly. 
  • If yes, the 120V power system is working fine. Otherwise check the 120V power system and the breaker of the converter.  

4. AC doesn’t run: Check 120V power system

The most common reason why the AC of your Forest River stops running is that the 120V power can’t get to the rooftop to the AC. 

Before moving forward to check the 120V power system, first, check the breaker of the converter. 

If the breaker is fine and working all good then you may need to troubleshoot the 120V power system. 

5. No power supply in the RV coach: Inspect the converter

The situation is most likely the breaker issue of the external power supply or the converter of your Forest River RV.

To sort out the matter of your RV coach, check the converters & its breakers whether it’s tripped. 

6. Outlets Malfunctioning: Check GFCI

In some cases of electrical problems in the Forest River RV, you may see all the appliances are fine but the outlets are not working. 

When that happened, it’s mainly due to the GFCI malfunctions. Either it can be that the GFCI is defective or the converter breakers are. 

  • In the way of troubleshooting, first, check your GFCI. You can also try to reset it to see if the reset process can work out for you. 
  • If the GFCI isn’t the case, then you may now require to inspect the breakers of the converter. If needed, reset the breakers.

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7. Circuit breaker panel not working: Reset the breaker

The circuit breaker is the thing that monitors the circuit & whenever there is an overload, it immediately shuts down. 

So, when you see this important circuit breaker panel isn’t functioning then a simple reset on the circuit breaker panel can bring you luck. 

8. Wires coming loose: Call the experts

Wires play a crucial role as they ensure the optimum conductance of the appliances by supplying adequate power. Moreover, the wires also should be fine otherwise you know how dangerous a faulty wire can be!

Therefore, if you see the electrical cables being loosened then obviously call an electrician. They’ll fix the issue for good. 

9. Unpleasant smell: Check coach battery

The unpleasant smell on your Forest River RV can also be related to the electrical systems. 

Although the situation is rare, it’s also worth knowing about in case anyhow you’re facing the problem.

If there is any unpleasant smell on your RV, it’s mainly due to the coach battery. 

When the coach battery is overcharged or tripped it’ll emit sulfur foam. As a result, there can be a smell of rotten eggs. 

Whenever there is this issue, you have to check the coach’s battery. The best will be calling the technicians as troubleshooting by yourself can be risky.

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Now at this point of our article, we’re going to discuss some other Forest River RV problems. 

These are the questions that are mostly searched by the users. Have a glance for quick knowledge.

How do I reset my Forest River RV power?

First, turn off the power and disconnect all the electrical appliances. Now reset the circuit breaker inside the RV and the GFCI outlets. Turn on the power supply. 

How do you find an electrical short in an RV?

You can find the electrical short in an RV by using a DC clump meter along the wires. When the clump meter is placed after a short circuit, the meter will show 0 amperes. 

Is there a reset button for the inverter on an RV?

To reset the inverter on an RV, you need to press and hold the power button of the inverter for about 15 seconds. When you can see the rapid flashing light, release the button. 

How do I know if a fuse is blown in my RV?

To check the fuse whether it’s blown or bad, use a multimeter or test light. Through these inexpensive devices, you can know the situation of the fuses of your RV.

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Ending Thoughts 

We’re about to wrap up the whole discussion. Hope that the Forest River RV electrical problems no more confuse you to think about what to do. 

Whenever any electrical problems pop up on your Forest River, don’t be harsh to solve the problem yourself. Because without a piece of proper electrical knowledge you may put yourself at risk of injuries or even death. So, it’s always a good idea to call for professionals to handle the job. 

That’s all to say. Thank you so many guys for staying tuned with us till the end of our discussion. We really appreciate your staying on our webpage.

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