RV Slide Out Relay Location: Everything You Need to Know!


So, are you noticing an audible annoying sound after turning your RV? If yes, this might be causing the blown or defective relay. In such a case, you’re probably thinking of a replacement. But how can you replace it if you aren’t familiar with the RV slide out relay location? 

The standard spot of the RV slide-out relay is close to the battery control center. A few models include the relay location onto the slide-outs entry door. Some Fleetwood RV’s fuse is noticeable underneath the bed area. 

Alongside the standard relay location, I’m here to discuss how to fix a stuck slide-out, why it can stop moving, and so forth. So, put on your safety jacket, and let’s dive deeper!


Let’s Find the RV Slide Out Relay Location:

In general, the exact location of your RV slide-out is near the battery control center, although it can vary from model to model. But that’s known to be the simplest trick to find the spot within no time!

Talking about the exceptions, some relays’ locations can be found behind your RV slide-outs entry door. A few models of Fleetwood Excursion have incorporated the relay on the right corner of your RV’s electrical bay. 

If you pay attention to the motor’s front side, you may find the relay’s location on a specific box. 

As you can see, there is no definite spot that you can consider a generalized location for your RV’s relay!  This means it can be situated anywhere on every individual recreational vehicle. 

Because of the variety of manufacturing years, you may notice different locations, even after purchasing the same model. 

So, I’d highly prefer reading the user manual for the RV slide-out you’ve bought. In this way, you can easily locate the exact spot to fill your specific requirement. 

But in case the owner’s manual guide hasn’t discussed anything about it, consult the dealer right away. As an alternative way, I took support from a seasoned mechanic who is familiar with my RV slide-outs model. He guided me through the exact location by opening the bay or boxes.

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What’s the RV Slide-out Relay Location on Fleetwood?

From Frontier GTX to Prowler, there are so many models available in Fleetwood RV. So there can be varieties as well when it comes down to the RV slide-out relay location. 

Now, it’s crystal clear that Fleetwood doesn’t maintain consistency in terms of the relay switching location!

Let’s say the Prowler 2004 has incorporated a fuse relay under its bed (queen size). In contrast, the Prowler 2002 includes its relay onto the control panel, which stands close to the floor underneath the bed. 

According to my personal experiences, I didn’t find the relay switch locations in Fleetwood’s owner manuals. So if you’re facing the same inconveniences, feel free to take advice from manufacturers’ instructions.

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How to Diagnose the Stuck RV Slide-out?

Issues with the stuck RV slide-out are pretty common. Furthermore, the way of fixing them is a snap, all you need is to get familiar with them thoroughly. So let me give you a helping hand by showing some fixing procedures –

1. Visual Testing

Chances are the branches or sticks may turn your RV slide-out not to work by falling onto that surface. So look for the obstacles so that you can eliminate them. 

2. Components’ Observation 

Fuses, breakers, and batteries are known to be some of the crucial components of your RV slide-out. Make sure the battery is fully charged, and none of the components are disconnected. Pay attention to reconnecting and tightening each part, if needed. 

Also, there might be issues with the terminals as they’re prone to get corroded. In case you face it, cleaning them up is the only way to go! 

3. Checking the JST Connector and Wiring 

For wiring observation, look for the connection between the control box and the battery of your RV. There shouldn’t be anything loose or damaged. Or else, tightening or replacing them would be the only solution left. 

Speaking of the JST connector, it has to be securely attached, and switches require to be free from wear out.

4. Observing the Activation Switch 

Over time, it’s pretty common for your RV slide-out activation switch to wear out. In such a case, close the section of your RV slide-out in a manual way to repair it as soon as possible. 

But no need to be worried after thinking of the replacement cost, as it’s going to be dirt cheap! Consult the manufacturer for optimal feedback.

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Why Does My RV Slide-out Stop the Movement?

Have you found your RV slide-out not making a slight movement after operating the switch? If so, there might be serious issues with the control switch!

For those whose RV consists of multiple slide-outs, it is recommended to try the alternative switches. Thus, you can make sure whether they’re functioning or not. 

If you see the rest of them are working normally, you must replace the one that isn’t responding yet! 

Depending on your RV model and the quality of the switch, the replacement charge of the control switch ranges between 5-100 dollars. Extra labor will cost you around $10-$15 for the complete replacement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For better understanding, I’d like to share some authentic answers to frequently asked questions related to RV slide-out and relay location. So let’s read on –

What causes my RV slide-out relay not to work? 

Poor wiring, weaker battery, and burned-out fuse are the 3 common reasons why your RV slide-out relay isn’t working. Most relays require replacement if any of the issues occur.
In contrast, slight issues can be solved by expert mechanics.  

Why is my RV slide-out making annoying noise? 

If you aren’t well aware of the track alignment and proper lubrication, your RV slide-out may start making annoying sounds. So I’d suggest taking your RV to the nearest repair market to solve issues with track misalignment.
Besides, you should use lubes as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. 

Do issues with the RV slide-out relay cause motor failure? 

Yes! This is because there is a wiring connection between the slide-out fuse and the motor. So chances are your motor stops responding due to the damaged relay, which you can solve immediately by changing the fuse. 

What’s the average replacement cost of the RV slide-out relay? 

Although it varies from model to model, the standard rate of an RV slide-out relay is around $60-$75 (excluding the labor charge). Before you buy it, make sure to know its compatibility with your RV to avoid further inconveniences. 

Wrapping Up!  

Those days were gone when you had to take off the interior parts of the RV to locate the desired component. Nowadays, everything is under your thumb because from the owner’s manual to the internet, you can find your RV slide-out relay location anywhere with ease! 

Nonetheless, a few models of recreational vehicle manuals don’t highlight the exact spot. In such a case, I’d prefer to consult the seller or the official website of your RV model to get the most authentic info. 

Besides, I’ve discussed some of the standard spots, where any of the relays can be found, unless they’re unique. And if you’re not a pro, don’t dare to touch the power circuit board as it’s risky!

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