How To Open A Pop-Up Camper Without A Crank? (Helpful Guide)


Cranking is nothing but one kind of external pressure. And a crank is the simplest and most common tool to open a camper. But somehow, if you forget or lose your crank, you may worry about How to open a pop-up camper without a crank?

To crank your camper, use a galvanized pipe, socket genie, drill machine, or general tools like a screwdriver and tiny wrench instead of a crank.

This article will give you ideas about alternative tools and ways to open your pop-up camper without a crank.


How to Open a Pop-up Camper Without a Crank?

Using a crank to open the camper is the usual option. But when you don’t have the crank, you lose or forget to pick before the outing; then, you must select an alternative or backup option. 

As you don’t have your crank, first, you need to check what you have on your trailer. You need a tool that can enter into the crankshaft, and you can use other parts to pull or raise the camper. 

You can use a galvanized pipe or available tools as alternatives to pull the crankshaft like a crank. Let’s see, without a crank, how you can open your pop-up with these alternatives.

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1. Screwdriver and Tiny Wrench

Usually, in your trailer toolbox, you may find at least a screwdriver and a tiny wrench. Now you need to shift the wrench’s round part into the crankshaft, and the other part remains to stay out. 

Next, stick your screwdriver into the wrench’s outer part. Now pull the wrench with the driver and start cranking. This is how slowly your camper will rise.

2. Galvanized Pipe or Wrench or Good Griped Plus

If you find a galvanized pipe and a wrench, just set the pipe into the crankshaft. Next, you need to properly grip the other part of the pipe with the wrench or plus. Just start to pull and rotate the pipe. Gradually, your camper will open.

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3. Socket Genie and Drill Machine

Socket genie is a wonderful option. A heavy-duty drill machine and a socket genie can be great options to lift your camper. This option is the fastest option to crank. You need to shift your socket genie to your drill machine’s head. 

Then, you need to put the drill machine into the crankshaft and give power to the drill machine. Now, you can notice a fast cranking and your open camper.

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How Can You Set-up a Camper For Staying?

After opening your camper properly, it’s time to set your camper’s inside part. Here is the instruction for setting camper for staying:

  • Set your bed frame properly and fix it to sit.
  • Then Pinch the edge of the bed to tighten the tent. Next, you must set the poll properly, which is attached to the bed.
  • Fill up the stove/sink into its usable phrase.
  • Attach water and gutter lines. 
  • Connect all electrical supply cords with the campground-electric unit. Now you can use electrical appliances smoothly in your camper.
  • If the pop-up is dusty and you haven’t cleaned it at home, you can do a little cleaning to feel good vibes.
  • Thus, your camp is ready to stay. And now you can enjoy your time.


It doesn’t mean what tool you use, but leveling is necessary before starting your cranking. And try to firm the footing of the camper properly. 

Then begin your camper opening process. Also, reverse the above processes to pack your camper after returning home from camping.

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Most camper users who usually go camping regularly or occasionally have some questions about managing a camper. Here I will answer some often-asked questions below.

Does pop-up camper affect mileage?

Yes, it does. The vehicle attaching to the camper loses around 7 miles per gallon. This amount can be plus or minus by weight, size, and aerodynamics. But you can increase your mileage by avoiding braking and fast acceleration, never driving above 45 mph, etc.

What to do if my camper is locked with my car?

If this tragic incident happens to you that you lose your key and your camper is locked, you can follow the below tips. They may help you to get rid form the problem:
• Don’t panic; keep yourself calm.
• Then, find a secure place and wait for help.
• Check for alternative keys 
• Look at helping tools

How long does a pop-up camper last?

A pop-up camera can last an average of 15 years or above. But, your faulty maintenance and handling process can affect its longevity. So, take care of its cleaning and servicing. If any part gets broken, get it repaired as soon as possible. 

Can you manually lift a pop-up camper?

If your camper has a manual system equipped, you can manually lift a pop-up camper. This type of option you can find in standard pop-up campers. They bear manual pump mechanisms like a bottle jack. Some models, like the Hi-Lo trailer, carry this manual lifting.

Should I open a pop-up camper without a crank?

Crank is an easy option to open a pop-up camper. If you have this tool, using it will be a wise decision as it simply can do the work. But if it hasn’t, use other methods. They will not harm your camper. So, without a crank, you can open it.


At your campsite, opening or setting up your pop-up camper for the first time may be intimidating and seems a hassle too. But a crank may help you open your camper easily. 

But, if it isn’t available, you can also pop up the camper without a crank. So, if you can’t find your old crank tool and are looking for alternatives, I suggest you follow the options and ways mentioned above. 

In my opinion, socket genie and drill machine is the fastest option among all the choices.

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