4 Common Oliver Trailer Problems And Easy Solutions

The Oliver Trailer is a great recreational vehicle because of its features and user flexibility. It has some of the best traits among RVs. But you can face some troublesome issues while having fun in your Oliver trailer. Oliver does, however, occasionally run into issues that make you concerned.

The most common Oliver Trailer problems include A wet bathroom, a defective aluminum frame, a damaged water pump/water line, and limited storage. Some additional issues are a faulty blower motor, tire issues, and hardware problems. 

You can fix these problems by addressing their causes before the problem happens. If you don’t know the causes, this discourse will help you find them and fix them ASAP.


What Are The Common Problems With The Oliver Trailer?

Oliver’s Trailer has the same type of problems as most RVs. It’s not hard to detect the trailer’s issues. Some issues can be quickly fixed, and some will need expert attention. Knowing about these common problems beforehand will help you solve them fast.

  1. Limited Storage in the Vehicle
  2. Soaked Bathroom
  3. Cracked Aluminum Frame
  4. Broken Water Line/ Defective Water Pump

4 Common Problems with Oliver Trailer And Their Solutions:

Most Oliver Trailer problems are easy to solve. Resolving easy problems is pretty painless, but fixing complex problems is challenging. You’ll find better solutions if you read the manual guide of the Oliver Trailer.

We’ll discuss the problems’ causes, fixes, and repair costs. Additionally, knowing these difficulties’ severity, probability, and symptoms helps find solutions faster.

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Problem 1: Limited Storage

The storage issue is a manufacturer’s problem. A confined living area and a tiny bathroom result from the storage issue. It’s a significant problem for large families and couples to hang out. 

Because of this problem, you won’t be able to put furniture and regular items in. Manufacturers don’t make them in large sizes because fiberglass tends to break easily.

What Causes Limited Storage Problems On Oliver Trailer?

There are several reasons behind the storage problem on the Oliver Trailer. It remains a constant for different shapes and sizes of the Trailer. 

We’ve pointed out the major causes behind this mix-up.

  • The circular shape of the trailer
  • Designing problem
  • Not enough corner space

How To Fix Limited Storage Issues On The Oliver Trailer?

It’s tough to fix the storage problem since it’s a manufacturing fault. But there are some fixes to resolve this situation. Take a quick look at these solutions to solve your trailer’s storage problem.

  • Use round-shaped furniture adjusting to the round walls.
  • Utilize the mid-section of the walls to put the stands and essential kits. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Storage Issue On The Oliver Trailer?

The fixing cost depends on various factors. The size of the Trailer and modification cost play a vital role in estimating the cost. Customizing a confined trailer is a tough job. You can add a trailer to your Oliver to solve the issue permanently.

It’s better to add a second-hand trailer to the Oliver Trend. A used trailer is cheaper than a new one. But if you want to add a new one, you’ll have to pay around $20,000.

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Problem 2: Soaked Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the essential parts of the Oliver Trailer. But a wet bathroom only brings more problems. You wouldn’t want to clean the water from your RV’s bathroom daily.

A wet floor helps to grow mold on the floor, produces white spots, and weakens the wooden frame. Learn the reasons behind this problem, its fixes, and the approximate cost of a wet bathroom.

What Causes Wet Bathroom Issues In The Oliver Trailer?

The reasons behind a wet bathroom are pretty simple. You don’t have to be a certified plumber to find the causes. Learn about the causes behind a wet bathroom in an Oliver Trailer.

  • Water line leakages
  • Faucet leakages
  • Leaving the tap open
  • Less airflow in the bathroom
  • Not cross-checking the taps and water lines regularly

How To Fix Wet Bathroom Problems On An Oliver Trailer?

You just have to fix the reasons to resolve the bathroom issue. These reasons are easy to fix if you’ve got proper plumbing knowledge. Otherwise, it’s best to call a plumber to fix it for you.

  • Replace the water lines with new ones
  • Close the tap properly after using it
  • Change the defective faucets
  • Use an air purifier to reduce moisture in the bathroom
  • Perform a routine check to reduce the chances

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Dampened Bathroom Of Oliver Trailer?

Fixing costs depend on the price of the parts you want to replace. A branded faucet costs $300 on average. It’s better to replace the water line with a new one than to fix it. 

The average price of an RV waterline is 20 to 40 bucks. You’ve to pay more for a durable and branded waterline. So the total sum to replace the components is around $500. 

Using moderate price range parts will save you some money. There is no specific data regarding labor charges. It depends on the plumber’s experience and the complexity of the problem.

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Problem 3: Cracked Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frames make the Trend’s structure perfect and strong. But a cracked frame cannot support the structure for an extended period. It’s a severe problem since your RV won’t be able to handle the structure if it’s cracked.

Metal frames are better than wooden ones. Aluminum frames are lighter and more robust. It’s imperative to detect the causes of this issue. Knowing the reasons helps to find a budget-friendly solution.

What Causes A Cracked Aluminum Frame On An Oliver Trailer?

Several reasons cause cracks in the aluminum frame. We’ve listed the crucial reasons behind the cracking of the frame of the Oliver Trailer.

  • Driving on the rough and uneven surface
  • Exposure of the exterior part of the frame to open air and sunlight
  • Parking the RV out in the rain increases the corrosion rate

How To Fix A Cracked Aluminum Frame On An Oliver Trailer?

There’s nothing to do except contact a technician if the frame gets cracked. Learning how to avoid cracking will save the Trailer for a long time.

  • Park the car in the shade during the summer season
  • Use plastic covers in the rainy season to avoid corrosion
  • Driving carefully on bumpy roads
  • Weld the joints if you’ve enough experience 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Cracked Aluminum Frame Of An Oliver Trailer?

As you can see, following most techniques to prevent a cracked aluminum frame won’t cost you a penny. However, a mechanic will charge you a fat sum to resolve the problem if it arises. There’s no known fixing price for a cracked frame. 

The mechanic charges depending on the severity of the problem. A good plastic cover will cost you around $400. You must pay more for a branded cover.

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Problem 4: Broken Water Line/Water Pump Problems

A faulty water pump is worse than a broken water line. If the water pump in your RV is broken, forget about cleaning up after yourself and using the bathroom.

It is preferable to understand the reasons for pump problems, how to solve them, and the cost of rectifying them to solve them permanently.

What Causes Broken Water Line/Water Pump Problems On Oliver Trailer?

Water pump and line problems depend on many reasons. Some of them are easy to find, but it’s hard to detect the technical ones. Here’s a short list of the causes behind a broken water line/ water pump.

  • Insufficient power supply
  • Not enough water in the tank
  • Dust suspending inside the pump
  • Leakage in the water line

How To Fix Broken Water Line/Water Pump Problems On Oliver Trailer?

The pump issue is a pretty critical problem in the Oliver Trailer. Learn how to avoid water line/water pump problems on an Oliver Trailer.

  • Keeping the batteries charged
  • Fixing the faulty wiring
  • Replace the damaged water lines
  • Cleaning the pump regularly
  • Keep the water tank full

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Water Line/Water Pump Problem In An Oliver Trailer?

It doesn’t cost much to fix a broken water pump. You can fix it for $50 to $500 for a brand new water pump. 

The fixing cost also depends on the pump you’re using in the RV. A technician will charge you $45 to $200 hourly to fix a broken water pump.


Oliver Trend is reasonably practical as a motorhome. If you fix the problems, it stays in excellent condition for a long time. Reading the user manual helps a lot to avoid the problems firsthand.

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