What are the Reasons For Jayco Fridge Not Working?

With a Jayco motorhome, you can enjoy your weekend or vacation more comfortably. It might, however, occasionally run into a few refrigerator issues.  Some issues are easy to solve, while some require professional help.

The most common Jayco problems include leaks in the cooling unit, propane running out, issues with the battery, build-up ammonia sediment, malfunction of the fuse, problems with heating elements, electrical issues, etc.

This article will give proper solutions to these problems. Besides, you will get to know the causes, costs, and severity of your motorhome’s fridge issues.


What Are The Symptoms Of Jayco Fridge Not Working?

You will be able to determine that your Jayco fridge does not work by noticing some signs. Here is a list of things you may notice while your Jayco fridge does not work. 

  • Foods are Spoiling
  • Don’t Cool 
  • Condenser Fins Stop Working 
  • Electricity is Not Working
  • The Pressure Regulator Gets Stuck 
  • Smell of Ammonia 
  • Yellow Residue On the Coils 
  • Excessive Ice is Building Up 
  • The Motor Gets Hot 
  • Very Loud Sound From the Fridge 
  • Excessive Condensation 

What Causes the Jayco Fridge Not Working?

If you notice that your Jayco fridge is not working, you must find out the exact cause of the issue. Sometimes, multiple reasons can take place. This section will introduce you to the most common causes of the Jayco fridge issues. 

1. Leaks In Cooling Unit

Any component of the cooling unit of your Jayco fridge can leak. You will get the smell of ammonia after leaking. At the same time, you will see a yellow residue on the back side of your fridge. 

The coolant in your fridge can leak using an icepick and other materials. At the same time, leaks can appear just for long time use. Notably, you will hear excessive sounds from your fridge after getting leaks in the cooling unit.  

2. Electrical Problem

According to experts’ opinion, your Jayco fridge may not work because of an electrical problem and insufficient current. On the contrary, the electrical cables or outlets can be damaged or broken. 

Blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers can cause your Jayco fridge not to work. Besides, faulty extensional power cords can also create issues. 

3. Faulty Motor

If you notice that your Jayco refrigerator doesn’t start at all, the problem is probably with its motor. A defective motor may create several issues, such as the fridge not cooling and the compressor doesn’t work. 

Moreover, the temperature of your Jayco fridge can get higher automatically, and the fridge can get on or off by itself. 

4. Defective Compressor Start Relay

The compressor start relay helps the compressor motor run by ensuring extra current. As it is an electrical device, it can face various issues. 

Your Jayco fridge won’t run when the compressor start relay is defective. Notably, you will continually hear clicking and humming sounds from your Jayco fridge.

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5. Malfunctioning Electronic Control Board

The electronic control board is the brain of your Jayco fridge. If it faces any issues, the ultimate activities will be impacted, without a doubt. You can easily determine the malfunction of an electronic control board by noticing defects in control panel lights and fans. 

6. Ammonia Sediment

If you leave your Jayco refrigerator in storage for a long time, the ammonia liquid will create sediment. And the sediment impacts the cooling unit by settling down at the bottom of it. 

Even the sediment may destroy the fridge’s cooling system by leaking it. The cooling system will be blocked as well. 

7. Propane Issue

Sometimes, you may notice that your fridge works well on electricity but not well on propane. LP alarms, fridge valves, and other related components may not work well in this situation. 

8. Taking A Long Time To Cool

Your Jayco fridge may face issues in getting cold. It is a massive issue in the case of a refrigerator. Indeed, the Jayco fridge is not like your home fridge. So, it may not face the same type of issue. 

Your Jayco refrigerator may use a gas absorption to make the items cool. And gravity is another crucial component in the cooling system. Sometimes, coils, chemical coolant, or any related part may not work correctly. And your fridge will take a long time to cool the entire interior.

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How To Fix Jayco Fridge’s Not Working Problems?

You can’t fix all the issues described at a glance. The fixing process will take time, and you should concentrate properly during the whole process. Now, let’s jump to the detailed fixing process of the Jayco fridge problems. 

Repair the Cooling System

At the very beginning, you must fix the basic issues your fridge is facing. For this purpose, you should repair the cooling system of your Jayco fridge with the necessary care. 

Check for any blockages in the coils. Trigger out the issue, why can’t the chemical coolant move? If you find any blockages, remove them immediately. You can call an expert as well. 

Then, check the whole cooling unit. Find out any other issues. Most likely, you will find leaks in the cooling unit. You have to turn off the fridge immediately after finding a leak. Then, seal up the leak completely. 

If you still find an issue with the cooling unit or it is going bad after a few days, you must replace the whole cooling unit. And experts suggest doing it as soon as possible to avoid further issues. 

Take Action Against the Propane Issue

A dirty flame is the major cause of the propane issue with your Jayco fridge. So, you have to clean debris from the burner tube. Use high-pressure air to clean the burner tube.

Avoid Electrical Problems

Solutions to some common electrical issues are as follows. 

  • If any electrical cords get damaged, you have to replace them. 
  • Check for tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses. Replace them with new ones instead. 
  • Voltage should be checked. Make sure that it is about 110 volts. 
  • Check the electrical outlet and replace it if it gets damaged. 
  • Ask an expert to repair electrical issues if you aren’t competent enough with electrical activities. 

Fix the Ammonia Sediment issue

If you notice an Ammonia sediment problem on your older Jayco fridge, you must take the necessary actions immediately. You have to ventilate your RV properly. 

Notably, you may notice that the cooling unit of your Jayco fridge has leaked because of sediment. Badly, you have to replace the entire cooling unit in this regard. And some experts also suggest getting a new refrigerator after an attack of ammonia sediment.

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Replace the Control Board

If the main control board of your Jayco fridge gets damaged, you have to replace it. 

  • First, power off the Jayco fridge and remove the cover on the electronic board. 
  • Remove the attached board by detaching the wires. 
  • Attach a new board, connect the wires firmly, and adjust the cover. 

Repair Compressor And Compressor Start Relay

The compressor start relay can be damaged. So, you have to replace it. 

  • Detach the wire retainer holding the start relay. 
  • Pull the start relay and disconnect the wire harness from the relay.
  • Attach the run capacitor to the new relay and plug in the wire harness. 
  • Adjust the new relay with the compressor terminals and reinstall the wire retainer. 

But if the issue is with the compressor, you have to replace it. Before replacing it, never forget to investigate it. 

How Serious Are Jayco Fridge’s Not Working Problems?

After noticing some vital signs and symptoms, you must worry about your Jayco fridge. Notably, your food will be spoiled, the fridge will build excessive ice, and after a time, you will no longer be able to use the fridge.

In this regard, experts’ opinion is to repair fridge problems if it costs less than half the price of a new one. 

But in case of more costs, you should get a new Jayco fridge. Notably, be serious after getting a single symptom. And never neglect minor issues with your Jayco fridge.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Jayco Fridge? 

Changing your Jayco fridge’s compressor should cost 250 to 500 dollars. To replace the control board, you should cost around 500$ to 800$.  

  • Fixing leaks in the cooling unit should take up to 300$ 
  • To fix electrical issues, you may need to cost about 50$

It should cost around 100$ for major repair as labor cost. On the contrary, solving electrical issues, minor leaks, or other maintenance will take less than 50$. 

However, the average cost to fix a Jayco fridge not working is about 200$ to 1000$. 


All the issues described in this article are crucial. As an RV owner, you must concentrate on these problems. Besides, you should take immediate action after noticing any issues. 

Most importantly, some repairing activities are incredibly hazardous. So, you shouldn’t take it into your hand if you are not competent enough. And try to maintain safety measurements while working with electrical issues.

We strongly believe you have a clear concept of fixing Jayco fridge issues. Reread the repairing strategies and start to fix problems. Never hesitate to call an operator if you can’t fix the issue. 

Good luck!

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