5 Common Problems with Jayco Pinnacle [Solutions Included]

The Jayco Pinnacle is undoubtedly a sign of luxury, especially the 2023 model, which really stands out. There could be many fifth-wheel trailers on the market, but it is hard to beat the Jayco Pinnacle regarding technology and appearance. 

This lavish fifth wheel gives its customers plenty of features. However, the best of the best can have issues, right? That being said, people may face some common Jayco Pinnacle problems, such as leaky roofs, squeaky floorboards, inappropriate water lines, faulty microwaves, broken sliding doors, etc. 

But don’t get too upset yet, since there are solutions to these common problems. In this article, we will share some common Jayco Pinnacle problems and ways to overcome them.


What Are The Common Problems With Jayco’s Pinnacle?

An RV can ensure you are enjoying your adventure. Most camping enthusiasts will agree with that. And the Jayco Pinnacle ensures the absolute features that are essential for long trips. No matter how many features it provides, people have come up with some issues. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common problems with the Jayco Pinnacle, shall we?

  1. Non-Functional Electrical Devices
  2. Sway Problem
  3. The Dometic Water Heater Problem
  4. Disrupted Floorboards
  5. Stove Burner Problem

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix Jayco Pinnacle Problems? 

Fortunately, there are easy fixes for all the common problems with the Jayco Pinnacle. Some fixes will require no cost, while others may require a small cost. Now, we will take a look at the problems and how to fix them. We will also break down the cost needed for troubleshooting the problems.

Problem 1: Non-Functional Electrical Devices

Like most top-graded trailers, the Jayco Pinnacle allows the use of electrical appliances. 

The feature could have been more enjoyable if some electrical devices had not stopped working. People find it annoying when such terrible things happen. Unfortunately, the Jayco Pinnacle has shown such symptoms.

For instance, the microwave, which is a frequently used appliance, may not work properly. Now, that is terrible.

What Causes Non-Functional Electrical Devices on the Jayco Pinnacle?

Non-functional electronic devices inside your Jayco Pinnacle sound terrible. There can be many reasons for creating such a problem. For instance – 

  • This type of problem may occur during the construction of the trailer. 
  • Sometimes, the longevity of some electronic devices just wears out. If you are unlucky, this type of problem may happen to your trailer. 
  • An electronic device inside your RV may stop working if you apply inappropriate voltage. 
  • Also, components like fuse or capacitor may burn out after a couple of usages. This can cause such problems.

How To Fix Non-Functional Electrical Devices on Jayco Pinnacle?

When you notice an electronic device on your Jayco Pinnacle is not working properly, the first thing you can do is call an electrician. If you think that would be costly, then you can try to fix an electronic device by testing its outlets. 

You can use a voltmeter or multimeter to check the voltage readings inside an electronic device.  Alternatively, you can replace the broken or faulty outlets if you can identify them. That should be enough to fix this problem.  

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Non-Functional Electrical Devices on a Jayco Pinnacle?

If you want to hire an electrician to fix a non-functional electrical device on your Jayco Pinnacle, then you may need to budget $100 to $150 per hour. 

Depending on the type of electronic device, the cost of the replacement part may vary. Overall, it should not cost much to solve this problem.

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Problem 2: Sway Problems

This is one of the common problems with the Jayco Pinnacle. Many people reported that the trailer kept on swaying even while driving on a straight road. Now, this can be displeasing for both the driver and the people sitting inside the vehicle. This may also indicate that there is something wrong with the tow bar.

What Causes Sway Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

The Jayco Pinnacle is a big trailer. So like most big trailers, it is obvious to expect some heavy movement while driving. However, there can be some facts causing this problem like –

  • Being a big trailer, Jayco Pinnacle tends to sway more than smaller trailers.
  • This problem may occur if the overall weight is not distributed properly.
  • If the tow bar is carrying more weights than its limit, then this problem may occur.
  • The chances of occurring the sway problem are higher on a zigzag road.
  • If the tries are not on the same level, then this problem may take place.   

How To Fix The Sway Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

First of all, you need to make sure the overall weight of the vehicle is balanced. You can arrange the luggage carefully to ensure it. You can also check whether the tow bar is carrying extra weight since most tow bars have their limits. Extra weight on the tow bar may cause the RV to sway more than usual.     

On top of that, you should check that every tire on your vehicle is at the same level. For the best performance, the tires should stay on the recommended level. Your trailer will start swaying if the air level of any tire goes below the PSI rating

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Sway Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

Honestly, there is no cost to fix the sway issue on Jayco Pinnacle. All it takes is your proper concern. If you are someone who likes to check the tire’s air level frequently, then you can install a pair of sensors. These sensors will keep you posted about the air rating from time to time. It may take $22 to $100 for a pair of sensors.

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Problem 3: The Dometic Water Heater Problem

While going through a forum, we encountered a particular user who reported that his Jayco Pinnacle had an overload situation due to the dysfunctionality of the Dometic water heater. As a result, driving your Jayco Pinnacle on a snowy day can become a burden.  

What Causes The Dometic Water Heater Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

Many people have different explanations for this problem. Most of the time, leaks are the common culprits of this problem. However, we can take a look at the following causes – 

  • The water heater may not work properly if the water lines are improperly placed or the pipelines are broken.
  • Sometimes, the water heater may be damaged, or there can be dysfunctionality of electrical components inside the heater. These can create this problem. 
  • Moreover, there can be leaks in the pipes causing this problem. 
  • A leak in the exhaust pipe may also be a cause of this problem. 

How To Fix The Dometic Water Heater Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

You should always ensure the pipelines are properly placed. If the problem is caused by leaks, then you should replace the pipes as soon as possible. Also, note down all the leaks and try to figure out their sources so that it doesn’t happen later. 

Try to replace the damaged or broken parts on the RV water heater. You may need to change the water heater if replacing damaged parts won’t do any good. And always remember, proper maintenance can save you a lot of money.   

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Dometic Water Heater Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

Depending on the level of damage, this problem can be expensive to fix. Therefore, proper maintenance is all you need to avoid such expensive fixes. 

It won’t be wise to ignore leaks on the exhaust pipe because it can leave you with a big repair bill in the future. The average cost of replacing an exhaust pipe of a vehicle can start from $812 to $836. 

And you should also note – 

  • It will cost around $400 to get a new 6-gallon tank. And will cost around $700 (electric) to $800 (gas) to get a new 10-gallon tank.

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Problem 4: Disrupted Floorboards

Among many problems, disrupted floorboards on a Jayco Pinnacle may be the least of your worries. Why? Because it is nothing severe, it is just hard to keep them clean. But it can be bothersome if the floorboards get often squeaky. 

What Causes This Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

There can be several facts of turning your Jayco Pinnacle’s floorboards squeaky. Perhaps, you can take a look at the following causes – 

  • There is a connection to leaky roofs causing this problem. If there is a leak on the roof, rainwater can constantly wear on the floorboards. This will eventually make them disrupted.
  • Water or any type of liquid sitting on the floorboards for a long time can cause this problem.
  • If there is too much friction on the floorboards they can be damaged.
  • This problem can occur if too much dirt accumulates on the floorboards. 

How To Fix Disrupted Floorboards on Jayco Pinnacle?

When you are about to purchase a Jayco Pinnacle, try to pick a newer model instead of an old one. Why? Because the roofs of the older Jayco Pinnacles are made of a combination of EPDM rubber and aluminum, which are vulnerable to generate leaks. 

If you have bought a newer model and are still facing this problem, then you should better take your RV to a shop or dealer. They will lubricate the floorboards for you. And if you think that is out of your budget, then you can apply WD-40 on the floorboards. 

Also, various mats or carpets are available for RVs. You can cover the floorboard of your Jayco Pinnacle with them. This will protect the floorboard from abrasion and prevent excess dirt accumulation. 

Moreover, you can dig out some dirt with a nail and hammer. Apply some linseed oil after that. This technique often comes in handy to fix the disrupted floorboards on a Jayco Pinnacle. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix This Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

A WD-40 won’t cost much. The price of a WD-40 may range between $11.55 to $19.99. However, the price of replacing or adding an RV carpet may vary. 

The cost generally starts from $600 and can reach up to $6,000. 

And if you take your RV to a dealer or repair shop, you have to count a minimum of $129 per hour. Luckily, this cost can be avoided if you have a warranty.

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Problem 5: Stove Burner Problem

The stove burner on your Jayco Pinnacle is undoubtedly an important component. Therefore, it will turn into a big issue if it doesn’t work properly or just stops working. When you are on a long run, it will be almost impossible to prepare meals if this problem occurs.   

What Causes The Stove Burner Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

It is easy to identify the causes of this problem. Here are the common causes – 

  • If the components of the burner are clogged, this problem can occur.
  • If there is an issue in the gas pipeline.
  • If the burner stops functioning due to aging.

How To Fix The Stove Burner Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

Most of the time, cleaning the components of the burner with vinegar often solves this problem. Try to make sure there is no leak on the gas line. A leak in the gas line can increase the damage to a severe level. 

So yeah! You should definitely take a look. Otherwise, you can take your Jayco Pinnacle to the repair shop to inspect this.

If any of them doesn’t work, simply replace the stove burner with a new one. There are plenty of stove burners available on the market or you can also purchase them online.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Stove Burner Problem on Jayco Pinnacle?

Fixing the Furnace & Propane line of your RV may cost $700. The cost of a stove burner may start from $232 and can reach up to $599. So yeah, fixing this issue is quite expensive. 


Hopefully, we have shown some common Jayco Pinnacle problems in this article. To be honest, it is a fantastic trailer and it hasn’t received many complaints from the customers. 

There can be other issues, or you may not face any issue at all if you are lucky. The latest Jayco Pinnacle models have overcome these problems. So, you may not have to worry about these problems if you have purchased the latest Jayco Pinnacle. 

The good news is there is a fix for all the problems that are mentioned above. And their warranty is pretty solid. You can also contact the customer support team and describe your problem to them. They will handle the rest for you. 

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