Why Does My RV Sleep Number Bed Make Knocking Noise?

I went on a trip with my kids in my RV a while ago, and we had a wonderful day. After all the fun, I went to my RV bed to relax, and guess what. My RV sleep number bed is making a terrible knocking noise that won’t let me sleep. So, I checked the issue thoroughly.

After an extended exploration, I found that the main reason for this particular problem is that the sleep number mattress is loosened from the bed frame, which causes a knocking noise when sitting or lying on the bed.

This is a nightmare for someone trying to go to bed after a long hard day. I found solutions to problems and will discuss them so you don’t have to face them.


Why Does Rv Sleep Number Bed Make Knocking Noise?

RV Sleep number bed’s knocking noise is a pervasive issue among users, and there can be a few causes behind this issue. 

But, the main problem remains the one I mentioned before, which is the mattress loosened from the bed frame. Now let’s look at why RV sleep number beds make a knocking noise.

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1. Air Leak

RV Sleep Number bed mattresses are inflated with air. So, sustainable air is necessary for the mattress to maintain a balanced level and shape. But there is always a possibility that the mattress can get punctured.

A punctured mattress will leak air from its inner segments, resulting in a smaller or not-perfect mattress for the bed frame. So, when you try to rest, a slight movement on the bed will create a knocking noise with the bed frame.

2. Loose Bed Frame

It is not always necessary that the mattress is the reason for the knocking sound of an RV Sleep Number bed. The bed Frame can also be the reason for that.

Sometimes after usage, when your mattress moves frequently, it detaches from the frame and creates a knocking noise unless you adjust the bed frame.

3. Faulty Air Pump/ Uneven Air Level

This is very common and happens to many. The air pump for the RV Sleep number mattress does not last very long and becomes faulty after a few months or a year.

A defective air pump fails to inflate the bed mattress properly and always leaves a gap between the mattress and the bed. Because of this, you keep hearing the irritating knocking noise when you get on your bed.

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Different Sizes Of Sleep Number Mattress For RV

When choosing a bed or mattress for your RV, the size always matters because the bed needs to fit in your RV. 

Keeping that in mind, Sleep Number made two mattress types with different sizes and features. Let’s look at how each of them compares to the other.

FeaturesSleep Number R3Sleep Number R5
Mattress Depth9’’10’’
Comforter Depth1’’2’’
Comfort ZonesSingle LayerSingle Layer

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How To Get Rid Of The Knocking Noise Of RV Sleep Number Bed?

Getting rid of knocking or any kind of noise is necessary to take some good rest. As the noise can make your sleep miserable, I am here with some solutions that you can follow in order to remove that knocking noise from your RV Sleep Number Bed and Mattress.

Follow the instructions below to get rid of the knocking noise.

Repair Punctures/ Check Air Leaks

Air leaks make the mattress lose, and these leaks can occur for many causes and places surrounding the mattress. If your mattress leaks air, follow the steps below to see how I fixed my RV’s Sleep Number mattress’s air leak.

  • First,  you need to unzip the comforters and get access to the inner compartment
  • Look for leaks using soap water which will create bubbles
  • Use an adhesive glue to cover the leak 
  • Refill air on the mattress.

Tighten The Mattress With The Bed Frame

Even when the Sleep Number bed’s mattress air level is perfectly balanced, the bed frame sometimes causes issues because it gets unaligned or loosened. This is the easiest fix for knocking out the noise issue on the Sleep Number Bed.

  • Check which side is loosened of the mattress and bed frame
  • Align both together and tighten them. So next time you get on, it doesn’t move here and there and make any noise

Change/ Recharge Air Pump

Faulty Air Pump can be one of the significant reasons, and it is somewhat complex because it cannot be fixed easily. It is instead a replacement. You need to follow specific steps.

  • The air pump of the sleep number mattress quickly runs out of battery so replace the battery first
  • If after replacing the battery, the bed still makes a knocking noise, then get a new air pump.
  • Connect the new pump to the mattress hose.

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RV Sleep Number mattresses come in different sizes and models with different features. So, when owners face problems with this, they ask some common questions, and some of them are given below.

Why Is My Sleep Number Bed Losing Air?

Air leaks can happen for a few reasons, such as loosening the air hose or a punctured mattress. It can be an error sometimes on the remote, which can be fixed by resetting the remote.

Is There Any King Size Sleep Number Bed For RV?

No, the Sleep number does not make any king-size bed for RV because King size beds are not ideal for RV.  They make a shorter version of the Queen size bed which fits perfectly on almost every RV.

Which One Is Better the Mattress: Sleep Number R5 or R3?

This entirely depends on your RV size and which one can fit. If you have a small RV, you can get the Sleep Number R3, which is Nine inches, and if your RV can fit a Ten inches mattress, then go for R5. Although R5 has more comfort zones compared to R3.

How Can I Reduce RV Sleep Number Bed Noise For the Long Term?

There is only one way to reduce noise in long-term usage for RV Sleep Number Bed noises: checking the mattress once in a while. Check if the pump has enough battery left and functioning correctly or if the bed and mattress are aligned perfectly.


good sleep requires a quiet environment. Sleep Number bed in one of the most premium mattresses for RV. But, the knocking noise problem seems to be a common issue among buyers.

This problem can be prevented if you do a daily maintenance check of your mattress air, air level, and mattress positioning if it is correctly aligned with the bed frame.

I faced the same problem, and a little effort in weekly maintenance solved the problem, and I suggest you do the same.

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