5 Common Winnebago Solis Problems [Solutions Included]

Winnebago has one of the best RV lineups in the USA, making them one of the best RV manufacturers in the world. They are quite well known for selling their vehicles at a significantly lower price. 

However, even having so many benefits can’t override Winnebago soil issues. The most common problems with Winnebago solis include an air conditioner failure, an underpowered generator, a battery issue, sealant and roof leakage, and many more.

This article will cover the common Winnebago solis problem, along with the troubleshooting tips and tricks.


What Are The Common Problems With Winnebago Solis?

If you own Winnebago solis, you have to deal with some problems as time goes on. These RVs aren’t without their own bag of problems. Here are some common issues.

  1. Electrical Issue
  2. Air Conditioner Failure
  3. Generator Issue
  4. Battery Issue
  5. Water leakage

5 Common Problems with Winnebago Solis and Their Solutions:

The good thing is that you can troubleshoot the most common problems and fix them without taking any help from experts or professionals. So, let’s take a look into them-

Problem 1: Electrical Issues

There are different types of electrical issues you can experience with your Winnebago solis. If you face any electrical issue then you might experience an emergency braking problem or your dashboard AC might work properly.

What causes the electrical issue in the Winnebago solis?

Well, it can be caused for many reasons. If there is an issue with the fuse or the battery, you might experience this problem. Other reasons include the following :

  • Blown fuse
  • Fried wires
  • Old age
  • Faulty sensor

How to fix the electrical issue in the Winnebago solis?

An electrical issue can be a very big problem if you don’t solve it quickly. In order to prevent your RV from further damage, you can easily follow our steps-

Step 1: Replacing the fuse box

Check the fuse box. If there is an issue with a single fuse, simply change the faulty one and replace it with a new one.

Step 2: Following the troubleshooting guide

If the whole fuse is blown and you don’t know which one to start with, follow the troubleshooting guide that comes with the RV.

Some of the problems can be caused by a broken sensor or changing the sensor in such a case. But, if you are facing multiple issues at the same time, it would be best for you to take the RV to a repair shop.

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Problem 2: Air Conditioner Failure

This is the most common one we hear from the users of Winnebago solis. If you are on a trip during the summer and your air conditioner is not working, you are going to have a brutal time. 

Even though you might see the conditioner running smoothly, the air is not cool. A faulty air conditioner will make weird noises while you are on the run.

What causes the air conditioner failure in the Winnebago solis?

First of all,  we believe that a manufacturing fault can cause it. Although there are other reasons that can also lead to air conditioning failure, those include-

  • Frequent compressor failure
  • Failure of certain fuses
  • Clogged or dirty air vent filters
  • Faulty thermostat

How to fix the air conditioning failure in the Winnebago solis?

You need to take a problem one at a time by checking and fixing the individual problems. Even though the company was to blame for such a mess, you can’t just ignore the problem.

Strategy 1: Compressor

First of all, check the compressor. If there is any problem in there, then change it as soon as possible. The company had to pay a lot of cash to fix the compressor design. If you can change the Freon of your air conditioning system.

Strategy 2: Cleaning air vents

Check if the air vents are clogged by dirt or something. If it is clogged, then clean it properly. 

But if the air conditioner is still not working even after cleaning, then change the air vent filters. As a matter of fact, you should replace your air vents filter regularly as a preventive measure.

Strategy 3: Thermostat fix

If a strange noise comes out of your air conditioner, there might be a problem with the thermostat. This might happen if the thermostat fails to communicate with the AC unit. 

In such a case, an adjustment in the thermostat might do the job; otherwise, replace the thermostat with a new one.

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Problem 3: The Generator is Not Running

Winnebago solis use the quiet Onan 2800i generator. We hear a lot of complaints about the generator on Winnebago solis. Although, this one is a cheap and affordable model. 

When you are having an issue with the generator, you might notice that the generator is getting completely shut down after running for 5-10 seconds.

What caused the generator failure in the Winnebago solis?

This problem can occur due to different issues. It is important to address the right one for troubleshooting properly. This can happen due to-

  • Fuel delivery issues
  • Bad fuel pump
  • Gummed carburetor
  • Low coach battery

How to fix the generator failure in the Winnebago solis?

So, when the battery is low, start the engine, then go for the generator. Make sure you turn on the generator while the engine is on. The worst part is that the generator is not covered under any warranty.

If you see any issues with the fuel pump, carburetor, or battery, replacing them might fix the problem.

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Problem 4: Battery Issue

Complaints about the battery are very common for Winnebago RVs. In some cases, the users experienced that the battery was not charging while driving. This can happen if the battery is self-discharging or the battery is dead.

What causes the battery issue in the Winnebago solis?

You need to be very cautious while fixing the issues of the battery, as the battery is an explosive element. Failure of the battery can happen due to some reason, and those are-

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Improper charging
  • Not adding enough water
  • Overcharging/ Undercharging
  • Self-discharging
  • Damage and cracks

How to fix the battery issue in the Winnebago solis?

Before taking any action, it is necessary to determine the root of the problem. You need to be very careful with the maintenance as batteries are explosive, and it may cause a big accident.

Strategy 1: battery charging

You can take some steps to prevent the battery from dying. Always remove the battery from the charger as soon as the battery hits the 100% mark. 

Never drain the battery below 50%. Make sure the battery isn’t stored in a place where it can get frozen and always charge based upon your usage.

Strategy 2: proper maintenance

Never overcharge the battery. Make sure to keep proper maintenance from time to time and don’t keep the engine running if not necessary. By doing this maintenance, your battery might last for 4-6 years without any problem.

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Problem 5: Water Leakage

Water damage is a prevalent issue for every RV out there. Often the owners had to go through a lot during the rainy season. Water can come from anywhere- from the roof or the walls.

What causes water leakage in the Winnebago solis?

Several reasons can cause it. You need to quickly find the leaked spot and treat it in order to prevent further damage to your RV. So, what causes water leakage in your RV? They are-

  • Weak sealants
  • Overfilled freshwater tank
  • Low-quality plywood
  • Broken black water tank
  • Bad weather

How to fix the water leakage in the Winnebago solis?

Even though this one is a tough cookie, you can easily fix the problem.

Make sure you are using the proper sealants. If you see any leak or hole in the walls or the roofs, seal it with sealants. Moreover, you can replace the old sealants with new ones as they may weaken. Now, let it dry.

Replace all the rooftop materials like vents and plywood, clear all the rubber membrane from the roof, and replace it with a new one. Then, reinstall the rooftop material back to its place.


You are probably now aware of all the possible issues you might face while riding on Winnebago soil. Buying a Winnebago is an excellent investment, but you must also deal with the problems.

You might also take a look at the refrigerator as there is an issue of propane leak also. The problem is that the fridge constantly loses propane. 

In order to prevent this situation, get a fuel shut-off switch. This will prevent the propane from getting out. Also, ensure there are no issues with the selector switch.

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