What Causes Winnebago Slide Out Problems & How to Fix Them? 

Slide-out features are provided by Winnebago to guarantee your comfort. However, this feature may run into a number of issues. Among them, some issues are minor and easy to fix, while some issues require professional help.

The most common Winnebago slideout problems include but are not limited to failing slideout control switches, malfunctions in the slideout motor, issues with fuses and breakers, obstacles with a hydraulic pump, getting jammed, etc.

This article will provide you with a clear description of these problems. You will also get the necessary solutions. So, without wasting time, let’s find some simple fixes for Winnebago Slide problems.


What Are The Symptoms Of Winnebago Slide Out Problems? 

By noticing different symptoms, you will be able to know that your Winnebago automotive is facing problems. Here are some common signs that you will see frequently. 

  • Getting Jammed
  • Locking or Unlocking Problems
  • Malfunction of Switches
  • Rust in Moving Parts
  • Malfunction with the Power Plug
  • The Converter is Not Working
  • Transit Bars Can’t Move
  • Broken Slideout Seals
  • Stuck the Slides

What Causes Winnebago Slide Out Problems?

Many reasons are responsible for Winnebago slideout problems. Among them, some of the most common causes are as follows. 

Power Supply-Related Issues

When the engine starts and all other conditions are satisfied, the slide out will function. And the house part of your Winnebago mainly depends on the batteries. 

Notably, if the power supply has any problems, the batteries won’t be charged. Consequently, the slideout problem will arise. 

Hydraulic System Malfunction

The hydraulic system uses pumps to create pressure on the slides so that they can be moved. But the pumps can face different issues that may cause an ultimate slideout problem. Here is a list of the most common issues related to the hydraulic system.  

  • Leaky pumps 
  • Damaged valves 
  • Faulty hydraulic line 
  • Misfire in actuator triggers 
  • Faulty actuators 

Defective Slideout Motor

The slideout motor dramatically affects the entire slide locking and unlocking system. 

And you will be amazed to know that the motor faces many malfunctions because of excessive regular use. 

The wires of the motor can be damaged or broken. At the same time, other defects can be shown. And ultimately, the motor will fail to operate the slides. 

Damaged Slide Out Switch

The slideout has its own control switch. By pressing the button, you can operate it. 

But sometimes, the switch can get damaged. As a consequence, the slides of your Winnebago automotive will not be moved. 

An individual slide should have its own switch. The switch can be damaged, jammed, or stuck down.

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Slideout Seals Leaks

Slideout seals can leak very frequently. As a result, you will not be able to operate the slide outs of your vehicle. Now, the question is, why do the seals leak? 

Usually, the seals of slideouts can get damaged because of extreme weather conditions. Other reasons are also responsible for this problem. 


You can’t ignore the matter of misalignment whenever you notice that the slides get stuck or misaligned. And because of misalignment, you will not be able to slide out your Winnebago’s housing parts. 

Sometimes, you may be allowed to extend the slides. But retracting will not be possible at all. It can also happen due to misalignment or blocking of moving parts. 

Slides Get Jammed

The slides of your Winnebago vehicle can get jammed after using it for a long time or storing it for an extended period. In this situation, you will face numerous issues. 

It is possible to open a slide, but others can be stuck because of a jam. Rust and dust can attack the outer and inner parts of the slides. Hence, jams can take place. Other outer objects can cause jams in your slideout.

Attack of Gravity

Gravity can attack the slides of your Winnebago. Consequently, the slides will be stuck, and you won’t be able to move them. 

Gravity can attack when setting up a campaign or storing your Winnebago. Hence, you may face excessive difficulties at that time. 

Lack of Lubrication

Lack of lubrication is one of the most common causes of slide-out problems. If your Winnebago face lacks lubrication, it will not be moved smoothly. 

If you experience slide-out problems, primarily think about the lubrication issue. Though it is a common cause, it can create many more problems. 

The Attack of Dust and Foreign Objects

The slideout problem can arise because of dust. Excessive dust will not allow you to move the slides of your Winnebago vehicle. 

At the same time, foreign objects can also be stuck with the moving parts of slides. Hence, they may not move ideally.

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How To Fix Winnebago Slide Out Problems?

Winnebago slide-out problems can’t be fixed overnight. You must move through a step by step process to fix the problems. Here, we will describe some common steps covering major slide-out issues. 

Step 1: Remove Dust and Rust

You must remove the dust stuck on the slides at the beginning of the process. Use a soft cloth or a cleaner in this step. 

If you notice foreign objects or rust on your Winnebago slides, you must remove them thoroughly. Sometimes, you may face difficulties in cleaning the rust from the slides. In this situation, you have to call an expert. 

Try to extend the slides after removing the objects. But if you still face difficulties, jump to the next step. 

Step 2: Use Lubricates

Lubrication can give you smooth-moving slides. Use a particular lubrication product on the slides to fix the slide-out problem. 

You should not force the slides whenever they need lubrication. Otherwise, the situation could get worse. And you may face other difficulties as well.  

Step 3: Repair Leaks

If you find leaks on your Winnebago slide-outs, you must repair them as soon as possible. Otherwise, slide-out problems will not be fixed. 

Use a seal protectant in this situation. Apply the protectant on both sides of the leaks. Remember that using protectants is the primary solution. 

Alternatively, you can attach brand new seals on slide-outs. This repairing step is highly needed when the seals get damaged entirely.

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Step 4: Replace the Damaged Switches

Damaged switches should be replaced to fix your Winnebago automotive slideout problem. 

If you notice that the switches slide out and get damaged, you should replace them with new ones instead of the old ones. 

This step may not be done on your own. Hence, you can get the help of an expert or a service center. 

Step 5: Fix Slide-Out Motor Issues

If the slide-out motor malfunctions, you have to fix it immediately. First, you have to check the wiring of the motors. Broken wires can be found there. If so, you have to repair the cables. 

Check the voltage of the motor with a multimeter. Look for its regular voltage and current voltage. If you find dissimilarities, call an expert. 

At the same time, check the motor by pressing the switch. After pressing the slideout switch, the motor will start to operate. 

If you notice that the motor is running but the slides are not moving, then you must replace the motor. 

Step 6: Check the Power Supply and Electrical Issue

Check that the power supply is capable of ensuring the charge of batteries. Besides, check the cables and joints that have the possibility of being damaged or broken. 

At the same time, other electrical components should be checked. You can find blown fuses or tripped breakers. So, replace them. 

Moreover, you can face overwhelming circuit issues. To avoid these issues, keep your battery fully charged. 

Step 7: Fix Hydraulic Pumps and System

Hydraulic pumps and systems should be checked regularly. Actuators, pumps, and hydraulic lines can get damaged. Repair them with the help of a technician. 

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How Serious Are the Winnebago Slide-Out Problems?

Imagine the situation when you are on a long vacation with your Winnebago. And here, the slide-out problems have arisen. So, you will undoubtedly face an extreme worse case. 

Indeed, the slide-out problems are severe for Winnebago RV. And you should take immediate action whenever you notice a minor issue with the slides. Otherwise, you will face a costly and hazardous situation. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Winnebago Slide Out Problems?

For minor repair activities, you may need to pay around $200 to $5500$. But if you need to replace major components such as motors, power supplies, etc., it will cost you around 7000 to 12000 dollars. 


A Winnebago is a good vehicle for your long vacation. Importantly, the slideout feature of the Winnebago will ensure your comfort. So, you should not ignore the slideout problems. 

The described problems are the most common. Besides these issues, your Winnebago can face other obstacles as well. Then, you must keep a keen eye on your slide-out. At the same time, you must take immediate action against slide-out problems. 

We hope you got all the relevant information and the proper solution to your slide-out problems. Now, fix the issues and enjoy your vacation. Good luck!

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