4 Common Winnebago Via RV Problems [Solutions Included]

RV is like your actual home. Wherever you go, it goes. It helps you feel the nature close at hand and capture some good memories of you and your family. So it goes without saying that we hate it when our favorite vehicle has problems, especially on long trips. 

The most common RV issues with the Winnebago Via include, but are not limited to; the battery started draining, the engine won’t start, gas leaks, and electrical issues.

The following guide will walk you through a detailed discussion of these issues, including the causes, symptoms, and simple fixes. Keep reading to find out more.


What Are The Common Problems With Winnebago Via RV?

The Keystone Hideout faces a variety of other issues in addition to those we’ve already mentioned. Here is a list of a few common issues that owners often encounter. Later in this article, we’ll discuss the simple solutions to these problems. Keep reading.

  1. Winnebago Via Battery Started Draining
  2. Winnebago Via Engine Won’t Start
  3. Winnebago Via Electrical Issue
  4. Winnebago Via Gas Leak

4 Common Problems with Winnebago Via RV and Their Solutions:

Troubleshooting means getting to the root of the issue and figuring out the best course of action. When the problem appears, either you can follow the DIY (do it yourself) approach or resort to some professional help.

If you follow the DIY approach, go through the service manual to get the idea and find the best strategy. On the other hand, if you resort to a mechanic, find someone with the best reviews.

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Problem 1: Winnebago Via Battery Started To Draining

If the battery has a drain issue, you may see the dash icon light up, hear a beep sound, and maybe you won’t be able to turn the key, especially after attempting to start. The issue is moderately severe and should be considered as soon as possible. 

What caused the Winnebago Via RV Battery Drain?

Self-discharging or overcharging is one of the most common reasons for battery drain. The other causes include the following:

  • Lack of maintenance 
  • Parasitic loads 
  • Lack of charge

How to Fix Winnebago Via RV Battery Drain?

Parasitic drain means energy continues to be drained even when the Via engine is off. The parasitic drain is an important source of battery drain. The dash radio or some engine parts, like the propane director, can drain the battery. 

Simple Fix 1: Install Battery Disconnect Switch

A battery disconnect or 12V house disconnect is required to prevent this drain, which will unquestionably stop the parasitic battery drain. 

Winnebago Via ‘how to disconnect the chassis battery

The Winnebago Via could come equipped with a battery disconnect switch, just like other Winnebagos. It helps disconnect or cut off power when you need to do the necessary electrical maintenance. The disconnect switch offers protection from electric shock.

What are the reasons you need a disconnect switch?

The disconnect switch is located close to the battery or maintenance bay. As the name implies, you can use this switch to cut the battery off from the Winnebago Via circuit. As a result, there is no chance of electric shock.

How To Fix or Install the Winnebago Via Disconnect Switch?

The strategy for installing a disconnect switch is the same across all Winnebago models, especially if the engine diagram is the same. Check the manual in which you will find the process in detail. Here is a glimpse of the process.

Step 1: Start by taking the key out of the ignition, and then wait for a while (up to 5 minutes).

Step 2: Press and hold the button while following the arrow’s direction.

Step 3: Pull the connector away from the ground pin, then push it outward until it cannot make contact with the ground pin.  The battery power supply must be cut off at every component level.

How Much Does it Cost to Disconnect the Chassis Battery?

You need a ‘disconnect switch.’ You must check the latest price from Amazon. We have found prices of at least $15 to a maximum of $40. We believe you can do it yourself, so there is no need to pay a mechanic.

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Problem 2: Winnebago Via Engine Won’t Start

When you start, the engine won’t start. What you get is a couple of clicks. Maybe you have tried cleaning the cables or changing the battery, but the issue remains.

What causes the Winnebago Via engine to refuse to start?

The main culprits behind the issue are the dead battery or the battery with any fault. The other issues include the following:

  • Motor Issue 
  • Lack of fuel
  • Corroded wire 
  • Any kind of electrical issue?
  • Engine Problem

How to Fix the Winnebago Via the engine’s refusal to start?

As we have stated, inspect the battery when the engine refuses to start. It should be your first starting point.

Simple Fix 1: Use Boost Switch

The dash of the Winnebago Via has a battery boost switch. If you haven’t tried it yet, do so right away. What to do? Find the switch on the dash and hold it down until the engine starts.

Simple Fix 2: Inspect the Connections

If simple fix 1 does not work, inspect all the battery connections, especially the cable that runs from negative to frame. There is a chance that the cable is severely rusted.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Winnebago Via the engine’s refusal to start issue?

If you have to change the battery, replacing the old one is as low as $50, but the deep cycle battery costs more. Consider the price of cable and the cost of labor. Fortunately, no cost is required if the boost switch works.

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Problem 3: Winnebago Via Electrical Issues

Electrical issues include blown fuses, blown cover chargers, or DC blade fuses. As you can see, electrical issues include a wide variety of things. A fault in one major point leads to one or more component failures. Electricity runs the vehicle, so the issue requires immediate action.

What caused the Electrical issue in the Winnebago?

The most common cause of the electrical issue is a faulty battery, corroded wire, or faulty fuses. More specifically, if you replace the battery with incorrect voltage or, say, mis-cabled, you will experience an electrical issue. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Issue?

Replacing the battery most of the time fixes the issue. Sometimes the fuse needs to be replaced. If the issue is due to a damaged wire or poor electrical connection, repairing or replacing the wire fixes the Issue.

Here to mention that the electrical issue is a bit complex and needs a special tool like a digital multimeter. So seeking professional help rather than following a DIY approach to solving the issue is the best course of action.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Electricity issue?

If you replace the battery, then the cost of a deep cycle battery is more than a regular battery. The cost of replacing a fuse or wire is negligible. However, the cost of a mechanic is a bit high. Depending on several other factors, the cost of a mechanic is somewhere between $75 and $200 per hour.

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Problem 4: Winnebago Via Gas Leak

More specifically, the Winnebago Via in 2020 comes with a two-burner cooktop. The control valve may be damaged and cause a gas leak. A gas leak is a severe issue, leading to major incidents and calamities. 

What caused the Winnebago Via Gas leak issue?

To reiterate, if the burner control valve is damaged, it leads to a gas leak. Gas leaks increase the chances of fire and other severe calamities.  In addition, a propane leak or loose fitting is also responsible for this issue.

How to Fix the Winnebago Via Gas Leak Issue?

Suppose you have a gas leak issue. The dealer advises that you must replace the cooktops. On the other hand, if the gas leak is due to some kind of propane leak, and it smells like a rotten egg, then find the leak and repair it. As stated, you must resort to the dealer and fix the issue.

How Much Does it Cost To Fix the Winnebago Via Gas Leak Issue?

Well, the good news is that dealers will replace the cooktops for free. They will handle it if you reach out to them, and no cost is required.


Just like other vehicles, RVs run into issues. As an owner, you have a huge responsibility to take care of it. Learning common problems and knowing some simple fixes to the issue before you face it reduce the cost and help you avoid calamities.

For Most of the common problems, you can try fixing them on your own. However, for some mechanical issues, let’s handle them with the dealer or expert hand.

This guide has dealt with some common Winnebago Via issues, but you can broaden your search and learn more about it. We believe our effort was helpful.

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