5 Common Problems with Sunseeker RV [Solutions Included]

Sunseeker RVs are produced by Forest River, a Berkshire Hathaway company based in Indiana, United States. The company has made a name for itself in the motorhome industry with its affordable and utilitarian RV design since 1996. And one of their best sellers is the Sunseeker RV. But the popularity doesn’t really absolve the RV of issues.

Some of the most common problems faced by sunseeker owners include transmission failure, tank leakage, heating and cooling issues, etc. While it might look like a handful, most of these problems don’t even require professional intervention.

Interested to know how you can troubleshoot and solve your Sunseeker RV problems? Let’s find out then.


What Are the Common Problems With Sunseeker RV?

As mentioned already, Sunseeker RVs bring a unique blend of budget and utility. There are a few cut corners that might prove to be faulty most of the time. Additionally, general wear and tear and climate also play a heavy role in this regard. Below are some of the most commonly mentioned problems.

  1. Transmission Failure
  2. Windshield Crack
  3. AC Malfunction
  4. Slide Malfunction
  5. Black Tank Leakage

5 Common Problems with Sunseeker RV and Their Fixes:

The solution to these problems starts with troubleshooting. More often than not, a faulty identification or troubleshooting may lead to secondary complications which will only run up the repair cost. As a result, we take a detailed look at each of the problems separately.

Problem 1: Transmission Failure

While driving, users might notice that the RV isn’t shifting beyond the first or second gear. Even if you can move the shift stick, the transmission won’t pick up speed. Some users have also noticed that the issue also persists in the case of taking reverse as well.

What Causes Transmission Failure On Sunseeker RV?

There isn’t really any inherent cause for the transmission failure of the Sunseeker RV. It mainly happens due to software bugs on general wear and tear of the fluid or harness. In any case, this is a problem that can be solved with DIY methods.

How To Fix Transmission Failure On Sunseeker RV?

You’ll first need to identify whether the problem is related to the software or the hardware. If it’s a software case, we suggest resetting the RV. Check for any updates as well. Lastly, try refreshing.

If it’s a hardware issue, the likely causes are either the transmission fluid or the harness. Replace both of these to see whether the problem has been solved. If the problem still persists, you will most likely need a complete transmission replacement.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Transmission Failure On Sunseeker RV?

The transmission failure can be solved with tools that are already available. You will need to buy the transmission fluid and harness only which might cost 500 USD altogether.

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Problem 2: Windshield Crack

Remember how we said Sunseeker RVs are a unique blend of budget and utility? 

And how does it force the company to make some cut corners in the RVs? Well, one of the cut corners is the windshield, and that sometimes results in a broken front end.

What Causes Windshield Crack On Sunseeker RV?

The most common cause of windshield crack is related to its construction itself. The sidelining that actually connects with the car has a very thin edge which is mostly where the crack appears.

Temperature variation can also be a strong reason why the windshield cracks. For example, washing the car on a very hot or humid day may prove fatal for the windshield.

How To Fix Windshield Crack On Sunseeker RV?

Glass cracks aren’t something you can simply go and fix. A crack might appear and quickly spread over the rest rendering the windshield unusable and in worst cases, subject to policy interventions.

The best way to fix the windshield crack is to take it to the dealership. But if you don’t want to go all out, the best possible fix can be using resin. It will make sure that the crack doesn’t spread to the other parts.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Windshield Crack On Sunseeker RV?

The cost of fixing the windshield depends on the windshield grade and dealership. So based on your preference, the dealership will provide you with a quote.

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Problem 3: AC Malfunction

Another common problem with the Sunseeker RV is the AC malfunction. It’s not really a malfunction per se but rather underperformance. 

For example, you might notice that even though the AC is running in full swing, it might not cool the RV to its optimum level.

What Causes AC Malfunction on Sunseeker RV?

The AC Malfunction is mainly caused by 2 components – the air distribution box and the AC vent. The AC vent might leak the cool air outside the RV. 

The air distribution box might also leak the air to the attic which really doesn’t do anything to cool the RV.

How To Fix AC Malfunction On Sunseeker RV?

Identifying the problem correctly makes the job of fixing very easy in this case. Start by replacing the filters to make sure air doesn’t get obstructed. 

Also, remove the upper vent to check whether there is any leak or not. Make sure to seal them properly with heavy-duty glue or aluminum tape.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix AC Malfunction On Sunseeker RV?

AC malfunctions can be easily solved with DIY as long as the problem isn’t the AC unit itself. 

The repair cost shouldn’t be more than a couple of hundred bucks considering it’s mostly the filter and sealants that you’ll be needing.

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Problem 4: Slide Malfunction

This is probably the most frustrating issue out of the lot. Imagine you’re inside or outside the RV and the slide suddenly stops working. 

Beyond the obvious frustration, it also means that you can’t drive around with a half-open or closed slide.

What Causes Slide Malfunction on Sunseeker RV?

The main cause behind the slide malfunction is the bent hand bars. These bars act as the retracting mechanism for the slide. If they aren’t aligned well, the slide won’t work. 

One of the reasons why the bars don’t work is the poor construction and unfortunately, users can’t do anything about it.

How To Fix AC Malfunction On Sunseeker RV?

There are two ways to fix the slide malfunction issue. The first is to take out the outer panel and straighten the bend with the hand. If it doesn’t revert to its original position, do not keep pushing as it might break the joint.

If the slide is already broken, do not try DIY stuff. Take the RV to the dealership as it requires professional repair.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Windshield Crack On Sunseeker RV?

The dealership will provide a quote based on the extent of the damage. For example, if it’s a bent arm, then the price will be significantly less. But if it requires replacement, then expect to pay a high charge.

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Problem 5: Black Tank Leakage

We all know that the black tank is used to deposit the flush material from the RV. A leak in the black tank not only renders the RV unusable but also makes the surroundings unhygienic. Not to mention the pungent smell.

What Causes Black Tank Leakage on Sunseeker RV?

Again there are two reasons why the black tank might leak – loose screw and worn-out caulk. These two are the most common reason why the black tank on the Sunseeker RV leaks. Much of it is attributed to improper finishing on the RV.

How To Fix Black Tank Leakage On Sunseeker RV?

To fix the problem, users will first need to open the black tank chamber and search for the leaks. If it’s a loose screw, you will need an Allen tool to tighten them in place. 

However, the problem might still persist afterward. In that, you will need to completely remove the black tank and reapply the caulk. It’s better to go to the dealership for caulking as the professional finish is important.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Black Tank Leakage On Sunseeker RV?

The accrued cost will depend on the solution you’re opting for. If it requires caulking, then the dealership will provide a quote. If it’s just a loose screw, then you can fix it yourself.


Sunseeker RVs are known for their usability and value propositions. But over the years, the new models have developed several issues as reported by the clients. All of these problems aren’t anything serious that would make it a complete waste.

In fact, you won’t even need to visit the dealership for most of the problems as they can be easily solved in the backyard. 

In spite of its problems, the Sunseeker RV remains one of the top choices and a reliable performer in its class.

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