5 Common Problems with Winnebago Rialta [Solutions Included]

Just like any other RV, the Winnebago Rialta runs into issues and has some shortcomings. Some issues are easy to handle and have multiple solutions, while some require special attention. For a manufacturing fault or shortcoming, owners must reinstall or redesign the Winnebago.

The most common Winnebago Rialta problems include, but are not limited to, generator hard to start, refrigerator issue, poorly designed AC compressor, leaky roof, and toilet flush issues.

Later in this article, we will discuss these common Winnebago Rialta issues, including symptoms, causes, and fixing strategies. Keep reading to find out more.


What Are the Common Problems With the Winnebago Rialta?

Earlier, we briefly mentioned some common issues, but there can be more. You can broaden your search and learn about them. Our purpose is to give you a detailed analysis of the issues listed below.

  1. Generator Hard-to-Start Issue
  2. Refrigerator Issues
  3. Poorly designed air conditioning compressor
  4. Roof Leak
  5. Toilet Flush Issue

5 Common Problems with Winnebago Rialta and Their Solutions:

For manufacturing problems or built-in issues, for example, small RV space, re-engineering or re-design the RV is a good strategy. 

On the other hand, for electrical issues, the best strategy is to get help from a professional or dealer. Some common issues, like wet floors or leaky roofs, can be solved independently. 

Problem 1: Winnebago Rialta Generator Hard to Start Issue

The generator of Riata is a bit cheap. The common problem with the generator is that the generator is hard to start. In other words, the generator will turn over but will not start. 

Since it is a source of electricity, a faulty generator will have a greater overall impact on your RV than anything else. Keep reading. We will have a detailed discussion on this problem.

What causes the Winnebago Rialta Generator to be difficult to start?

The primary cause of the generator problem is a malfunction in the carburetor and fuel system, which makes it difficult or impossible for the generator to run continuously. Varnish in the carburetor develops, especially when you leave the Rialta idle for many days. 

How FIx Generator Hard to Start Issue In the Winnebago Rialta?

If there is a problem with the generator, it is due to the carburetor or fuel system or if varnish forms over time. The gas feed line to the generator should have it installed there. Here are some things you can do to solve the generator starting problem.

  • If your coach’s battery is weak, you might try turning on the engine before turning on the generator.
  • Check the gas tank. As a safety precaution, the generator will shut off on its own if gas fills the tank less than one-fourth. Also, check the oil level. Insufficient oil levels prevent the generator from starting.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix The Generator Issue?

It depends on the severity of the issue. If major repairs take place, then you will have to pay more. Fixing the generator may require more parts to be replaced. 

Then you have to pay for the replacement parts.  To solve this kind of issue, you need a professional. The cost per hour for a professional is around $200.

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Problem 2: Winnebago Rialta Refrigerator Issues

Refrigerator issues are common for Winnebago Rialta. The symptoms include a freeze that stops cooling. The refrigerator may occasionally run but not cool at all. 

Sometimes, the refrigerator does not work at all. Rialta has 3 power sources to operate. Sources are AC mode, LP mode, and DC mode. 

What Causes the Refrigerator Issues in Winnebago Rialta

Any electrical issue may cause the refrigerator to stop working, or maybe there is a leak in the cooling unit. There can be a lot of other reasons why Winnebago Rialta is not working properly.

  • Ammonia sediment buildup
  • Freeze burner fails
  • Interior open detect set to off
  • Poor electrical connection

How to Fix a Winnebago Rialta Refrigerator Issue?

Besides any electrical issues, the deposit of ammonia sediment plays a crucial role in freezing stops working. Especially when the fridge is old and has not been used for a long time, ammonia becomes liquid and damages the cooling unit.

If the RV refrigerator issue is due to some electrical problem, you may have to do the following.

  • Check the regulator 
  • Though it is a bit silly, make sure the refrigerator is plugged in
  • Make sure the breaker is working properly. If not, reset the breaker.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Winnebago Rialta Refrigerator Issues?

There is no definite cost to solve the Rialta refrigerator issue. It depends on the severity of the issue. Sometimes the whole refrigerator has to be changed, or only minor repairs may fix the issue.

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Problem 3: Winnebago Rialta Poorly designed Air conditioning Compressor

As the title suggests, the air conditioning compressor may only be particularly poorly designed in Rialta. We will specifically discuss the two issues with the Rialta AC in our discussion.

What Causes the Rialta AC issues?

There are two reasons why the Rialta ac is subjected to many complaints. Unfortunately, Winnebago overflows the system with the incorrect number. 

They overfilled Freon with erroneous numbers. They put 48 oz of freon in it rather than 39 oz. One of the main causes of the Rialta compressor failing is an inaccurate freon level. 

Another factor contributing to the failure of the Rialta ac compressor is that VW altered its design in 2011. The design was not as expected as it should be. This newly redesigned compressor was not working as expected and was the reason for the failure.

Besides these two manufacturing faults, there are common problems you may face with the Rialta AC. For example, the AC is not cooling, or there is too much dust coming out of the AC.

How to fix the Winnebago Rialta AC issue?

In addition to the two manufacturing faults we have described earlier, you may face some other issues. However, Winnebago Riata has erased its inefficiency by changing the inaccurate amount of freon and replacing the faulty redesign compressor. 

The other problems include the ac not cooling properly or too much dust coming out of the ac. If you have these issues, you must first look for lack of coolant and a dirty filter.

How Much Does it Cost To Fix the Issue?

If you have to change the compressor, the cost of replacing the compressor is somewhere between $1000 and $3000. If only the filter has to be changed, then the cost of the filter can be up to $20. In addition, the labor cost will be added if a mechanic does the job.

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Problem 4: Winnebago Rialta Roof Leak

A leaky roof is a common event for RV owners. Though it is considered a minor issue, it should be solved as soon as possible. Water gets in and damages other important elements when there is a leak in your RV.

What Caused the Roof Leak Issue in the Winnebago Rialta?

The most obvious reason the leak appears on the roof is poor maintenance. You should check the roof for potential leaks every six months or three times a year. The likelihood of the caulk leaking increases as the Rialta ages.

How to Fix the Roof Leak on the Winnebago Rialta?

The Winnebago roof leak issue is very easy to solve. You need to inspect the leak area and reseal the leak. Self-leveling decor or silicon can reseal the leak. 

However, as stated earlier, maintenance is essential. After the resealing, there is a chance that the leak will reappear. So you must inspect the leak area after a reasonable amount of time.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix the Leaky Roof Issue?

Fortunately, to solve the leak issue, you do not have to spend more money and time. As soon as you locate the leak, use silicone caulk to reseal the leak.

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Problem 5: Winnebago Rialta Toilet Flush Issue

You have pushed the button, but the toilet is not flushing at all or flushing very slowly. We are talking about a symptom of the Winnebago Rialta toilet flashing issue. 

What causes the Winnebago Rialta Toilet Flashing Issue?

Since flashing water comes from the tank,  when there is no water inside the tank, water is not reaching the comet. If the toilet flushes slowly, there is a small amount of water in the tank. Sometimes the drain line is clogged due to a foreign object, causing the flushing issue.

How Do You Fix the Water Flash Issue in the Winnebago Rialta?

Fixing it is quite easy. You have to ensure two things. First, refill the tank. Second, make sure there is no foreign object stuck in the line. Some toilets have flush levers; some have push buttons. Both are easy to operate. 

Just pull the lever or use a push button to lift out the top lead and let the water inside the tank.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Issue?

There is no cost involved; you just have to fill the water tank. If there is any clogging, then remove the object.


There you have it. We have described the common Rialta problems and solutions. Well, you can broaden your search and learn more about it. We believe the information we shared was helpful.

If you want to solve this common issue, never forget to check the user manual. While some issues may make you frightened, in that case, contact your dealer or ask someone who has previous experience.

Finally, if you have an RV but lack basic repair knowledge, you are in trouble. Make sure you know some basic tips so that mechanics won’t get the opportunity to charge you a lot for fixing common issues.

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