5 Common Winnebago Travato Problems [Solutions Included]

The Winnebago Travato is a great motorhome for adventure enthusiasts. It has many useful features, including huge storage space and a large kitchen. In addition, fuel efficiency saves money the longer you drive. Still, the Travato has been subject to complaints and common issues.

The most common RV issues with the Winnebago Travato include, but are not limited to, electrical issues, the RV being difficult to start, roof air conditioning not working, seals coming off, and the slide-out issue.

In the rest of the article, we will discuss these issues, including their causes, symptoms, and simple fixing strategies. Keep reading to find out more.


What Are The Common Problems With Winnebago Revel?

The Winnebago Travato faces a variety of other issues in addition to the ones we’ve already mentioned. A single article, however, cannot address all of these issues. Here is a list of a few common issues that owners often complain about.

  1. Electrical Issue 12 V is Tripped (coach side)
  2. Generator Difficult to Start Issues
  3. Cooling Issue With Roof Air
  4. Seals Coming Off
  5. Slide Out Issue

5 Common Problems with Winnebago Travato and Their Fixes:

The approach to solving the Winnebago Travato should be to get to the root cause of it and find some simple fixes. The benefit of simple fixes is that they can be done on your own, which will reduce the cost. However, never forget to check the repair bulletin. Consult a professional for complex problems.

Problem 1: Electrical Issue 12 V is Tripped (coach side)

When running on battery power, you find that 12V is tripped. You may also experience intermittent tripping with various other appliances. These are the kinds of electrical problems that you can face, even with a brand-new Travato.

What Caused The Winnebago Travato RV Coach Side Electrical Issue?

The starting point should be the grounding of a battery. A fault here or a poor connection will increase the resistance and the heat afterwards, leading to a loss of voltage. Usually, the electrical issue occurs for the following reasons:

  • The power system overload 
  • Loose wire 
  • Dying Battery 
  • Drained battery issue 

How to Fix the Winnebago Travato RV Electrical Issue?

Start the generator, and wait for 2.5 minutes before the power is sent to the appliances (such as the refrigerator and air conditioner). After 2.5 minutes, the appliance can use the generator with 120V power.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Electrical Issue?

As you know, the fixing strategy for this issue is very simple and can be fixed on your own. You just have to start the generator and wait a few minutes. That’s all.

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Problem 2: Generator Not starting or Difficult to Start Issue

The energy used to power appliances like refrigerators and microwaves comes from a Winnebago generator. The 12V power source provided by the battery illuminates lights and other low voltage electrical devices. On the other hand, the generator is a strong electric power source.

The major generator issue includes generator failure. Minor issues include the generator being difficult to start or not start. Any kind of fault in the generator should be taken seriously. 

What Causes the Generator Problem in My Winnebago Travato?

A generator is a big thing and, of course, an important one. It works through other components like the battery and consists of many other crucial components, including rotational parts. 

Any damage to one of its components could render the generator inoperable.  Some common causes of the generator issue include the following:

  • Faulty Battery
  • Low Coolant 
  • Faulty Filters
  • Clogged fuel pump 
  • Empty fuel tank

How to Fix the Generator Issue in the Winnebago Travato?

Fixing the generator issue should be your utmost priority. It involves completing many important tasks that include the following:

  • The fuel tank has to be filled by at least 25%
  • The fuel tank and oil tank in a contemporary RV are connected somehow. So the oil tank also has to be at least 1 quart full.
  • The generator needs the power to start. To start, the generator requires a 12V battery. So it is important to make sure the battery is turned on.
  • Clean the debris inside the filter. Debris in the filter clogs the filter, preventing the generator from starting.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Winnebago Travato Generator Issue?

The average cost of repairing the generator depends on parts and labor costs. For example, someone has paid around $1600 for doing the following:

  • Labor + maintenance
  • Rebuild Carb
  • Cleaning of slip rings
  • Replace the  brushes

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Problem 3: Cooling Issue with Roof Air

Cooling issues with the roof air include that it cools very little. There can be some other symptoms, too, including that it is not cooling at all. These are the most likely symptoms you may encounter.

Travota cooling issues are a very common complaint among owners. The most common complaints involve the AC not functioning properly or not providing the desired temperature.

What causes the Winnebago Travato Roof Air Issue?

A problem with the fan, such as improper fan operation, or obstruction of the coil by debris or insects, may result in an air cooling issue.

This is the most likely cause of the issue. On the other hand, if the air is coming out nice and fine and there is no issue with the fan, find some other cause. 

How To Fix Winnebago Travato RV Roof Air Issue?

If there is a defective unit inside the ac, you have nothing to do but replace it. The other simple strategy includes the following:

Simple Fix 1: Close all the windows and doors.

It is a bit silly, but it is worth trying, especially when the air is a bit less cool. Ac works by recirculating the air, so if there is any open window, you must close it. After 10 to 15 minutes, you will feel a bit differently than when the window was open.

Simple Fix 2: Switching Power Sources

The second easy fix entails switching to a reliable power source or a generator. Then, turn the left knob to high and the right knob to the blue side of the scale. If the issue remains after 10 minutes, you must look for the defective unit.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the Travato Roof Air Issue?

The problem can be resolved for free if cleaning the fan and coil solves it. On the other hand, if a unit is defective, replacing or repairing it will cost you money for the necessary parts and labor, which can cost anywhere between $100 and $200.

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Problem 4: Seals Coming Off

Another common issue is seals coming off, especially if the RV is old. Travato owners often encounter this issue. The best way to avoid this problem is to check the condition of the seal. Very often, the slide-out seal comes off.

What Causes the Winnebago Travato Seals to Come Off?

The most common reason for Trovato seals coming off is drying out. Water damage or rust also plays a crucial role in the seals coming off issue. Another reason could be that the clips inside the seals are rusty, and the seals fall from the trim.

How to Fix the Seals Coming Off Issue in the Winnebago Travato?

For example, we are assuming the clips are rusted out. You have to remove the old seal and clean all the adhesive off the trim. If you do it yourself, it requires time. After the seals are pulled out, apply the new seal using black decor.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Seals Coming Off Issue?

The only expense if you replace the slide-out seal to fix the problem is the price of the new seal.

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Problem 5: Slide Out Issue

The slide moves, but not as smoothly as it should when you try to move it out. Additionally, it occasionally stops working and stops moving altogether. The RV’s slide-out creates additional interior space. So a nonfunctioning RV slide-out makes your trip somewhat rigid.

What Caused the Winnebago Travato Slide Out Issue?

There are two potential causes for the slide-out to stop working. First, an electrical issue, and then a foreign object or leak, stops the slide from working properly. Sometimes the slide-out moves, but not as expected. In that case, the slide-out has a lubrication issue.

How to Fix the Winnebago Travato Slide Out Issue?

Properly lubricating the slide out may make it move in and out properly. If the motor has a problem, the slide-out does not have the power it needs to move in.

If so, the motor or electrical problem needs to be fixed. Finally, if there are any leaks or a foreign object is blocking the RV’s path, repairing leaks or removing the object may be the best course of action.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Travato RV Slide Out Issue?

The cost depends on the severity of the issue. There is no cost involved if lubricating the slideout fixes the issue. If you are not confident, then the mechanic will charge. Significant costs are involved when the entire slide-out has to be replaced.


The RV is big, and it is a huge responsibility. It’s a common thing that it will run into issues. So, as an owner, learning about these common issues and knowing some simple fixing strategies is your responsibility too.

Learning about them has a few advantages. First, it gives you confidence. Second, the chances of ruining your adventure trip due to a common problem are less.

We believe our guide to the common Winnebago Travato problem was helpful. You can broaden your search and introduce yourself to some more common issues and fixing strategies.

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