Why Pop Up Camper Door Won’t Stay Closed & How to Fix it?

Every RV owner has faced issues with their camper’s doors at least once. The camper door won’t stay closed is a common issue. This single inconvenience is enough to ruin the whole enjoyment of your trip! 

Misalignment, damaged locking system, and loose screws may cause your pop up camper door won’t stay closed! To solve it, realigning the door, lubricating the lock, and tightening the screws will be needed. If it’s happening for the rusty latch, it’s a must to eliminate rust. 

After hours of thorough research, I’ve found the 5 most common reasons why the door won’t stay closed. So read further to learn the causes and simplest ways to solve them once and for all!


5 Reasons Why Pop-Up Camper Door Won’t Stay Closed & How to Fix Them:

Before you get into the way of fixing your pop-up camper door, it’s necessary to find out the reason why it can’t stay closed. And unfortunately, there is no definite reason behind it. 

For your convenience, I have come up with several reasons and the best way to fix them individually. These are as follows: 

1. The door Might be Misaligned

That’s what you can face first with your pop-up camper door. During a drive, it’s pretty common to ride over rough terrains. As a result, constant swaying and rocking actions may turn the door too fragile, especially when it’s aligned in an inappropriate way. 

Along with that, when someone pushes their RV doors aggressively, it results in ruining the alignment of their camper doors. 

If that’s what happened to you as well, make sure you assess the area. You may find issues with the strike plate of your pop-up camper door. For that, use a piece of a screwdriver to realign the part. And that was a snap!

2. Damaged Locks

Broken or damaged locks are known to be the second common reason why your pop-up camper door won’t stay closed. The locks of the door require to be inspected thoroughly to confirm whether it is already damaged or not. 

Besides that, many pop-up camper locks don’t feature weather protection. So there is a slight chance that locks have corroded or seriously rusted. To get rid of them, you can take assistance from a lubricant spray

But to be honest, that won’t work in your damaged locks. For this, replacement is the ultimate solution. So consult the manufacturer and user manual to get the necessary help.

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3. Screws Might be Loosening

Does your pop-up camper door consist of hinges? Make sure you go for an observation to confirm whether there are any loose screws or the hinges are getting out of the attachments. 

Due to the erratic movements from time to time, it’s pretty common for the screws to discharge from their holes. And let’s not forget about frequent usage, which can also turn the nuts and screws loose!

So, before you jump into the replacement, take a piece of a screwdriver to tighten the screws as much as possible. Afterward, you can check the camper door to see if it’s closing or not. 

If not, then observe the screws deeply because they may turn damaged or fragile. In such a case, there is no other option left except for replacing them.

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4. Issues with the Latch

There is no surprise to hear that a rusty door latch is causing your pop-up camper door not to stay closed! And if you’re still unable to fix the issue following the above-written methods, then there might be something wrong with the latch. 

If you notice slight rust, then spraying a silicone spray right there will be enough to make it soft. Afterward, get your hands on a piece of clean cloth to wipe off the existing. 

During the step, you must keep opening the latch.  If you still fail to fix it, consult an expert right away!

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5. Extreme Coldness

Last but not least, moisture and low temperatures are liable to keep the door frozen. And that’s when your pop-up camper door won’t stay closed! 

To deal with the problem, feel free to take assistance from the deicer, if possible. You should avoid using boiled water as this will turn the lock or latch damaged. 

Hand sanitizer is something you could use to melt the ice. Ask why? This is because it contains a certain amount of alcohol, which assists in melting the ice from the lock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a quick look at these frequently asked questions where I answered based on expert’s recommendations:

When should I call the manufacturer if my pop-up camper door won’t stay closed? 

Even after trying everything mentioned above, if you’re still unable to fix your pop-up camper door not staying closed, you must consult the manufacturer! Because I guess the solution is currently not in your hand, which needs to be sorted out by someone expert.

What’s the replacement cost of my pop-up camper door locks?

On average, you’ll require to spend around $130-$315, depending on the model. By watching tutorials and learning fixing methods, you can install it yourself.
However, it’s better to take necessary support from experts if you haven’t done it before.

What’s the quickest way to fix a pop-up camper door that won’t stay closed?

To keep the camper door closed, use thick cardboard by inserting it between the jamb and hinge. Thus, you can narrow down the gap to keep the door closed for a certain period.
But remember that it’s a basic DIY technique, which can’t be a permanent solution.

How often should I lubricate my pop-up camper door lock to avoid the “won’t stay closed” issue?

According to experts, greasing or lubricating the lock at least once per six months is preferable. By doing so, you can keep the door lock active and out of getting rusty or corroded. 

Wrapping Up! 

Because of the poor maintenance, the pop-up camper door turns weaker over time. And that’s when the door won’t stay closed in the way it requires!

But you shouldn’t be worried, even after facing such a situation. Lubricating the door lock and hinges once per 6 months is a wise idea to keep it stable and active. 

Besides, checking the screws and hinges is crucial because they often get loose with constant movement. If possible, I’d recommend storing a lubricant spray with a set of screwdrivers, as they’ll come in handy to deal with the inconveniences. 

And if already have got these, you can fix your pop-up camper door following the above steps, and that too without anyone’s support!

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