4 Common Problems with Allison Transmission Shift Selector

Like every component of your RV’s transmission system, the gear shift selector requires equal caring, even if it belongs to the well-known manufacturer “Allison Transmission.” Chances are it’ll get stuck in one undesired gear, or it might delay in gear shifting if there is anything wrong related to it. 

What are the common Allison Transmission shift selector problems? If you notice anything regarding bad transmission oils, misaligned gears, and leakage issues, stay assured that there might be a problem with the shifter. Dirty transmission fluid can also cause issues with your shift selector.

Have you started scratching your head? Relax! I’m here to disclose the quickest solutions for each of the above-written issues. So let’s start reading without wasting any time.


Causes of Allison Transmission Shift Selector Problems & Effective Ways to Fix Them:

Without a correct transmission shift selector, you won’t be able to shift your gear in multiple moods while required. As a result, a defective shifter will likely cause several issues or even serious accidents from time to time!

So, to avoid such annoying situations, you need to get familiar with some of the causes of the Allison transmission shift selector problem and its quick fixes. These are given below: 

1. Misaligned Lever and Gears

For me, that was the very first reason why I ended up with the Allison transmission shift selector issue. A few months back, I had a transmission repair by a local mechanic. And that’s when the issue occurs. Guess how?

Long story short: the transmission shifter needed to be aligned perfectly with the gears. But that novice worker made a serious mistake during the alignment, which caused the “misalignment issue!”

Note that the wiring of the shift selector shouldn’t be lengthy or too short. Or else, alignment between them won’t be appropriate at all. 

So once you face such a bummer, consult the manufacturer to adjust the size, observe the shift selector’s cable and the overall transmission system. 

2. Poor or Low Transmission Oils 

Apart from the misalignment issue, delaying in shifting gear is known to be a common issue with your transmission shift selector. And I guess this single problem is enough to ruin your entire journey, as gear shifting will seem to be a nightmare! 

Bad transmission oils and inappropriate air intake are the two main reasons behind deferred gear shifting. A lack of consistent and quality oils can decrease the smoothness level of transmission. And thus, it results in annoying friction on the shift selector. 

Besides that, the clutches of the RV can’t run normally due to the lack of transmission oils. This eventually causes a delay in terms of gear shifting. So checking each of them individually would be the primary solution. 

If you can’t take any risks, take expert support immediately!

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3. Dirty Transmission Fluid

Have you noticed undesirable shaking during a gear shifting? Rest assured that it’s happening for the issues with the Allison Transmission shift selector. It mainly occurs when the transmission fluid gets contaminated by gunk or such sticky substances. 

But sometimes, it can also happen due to the presence of dirt around the fluid you use. In case the transmission fluid or oil gets contaminated through dirt, completely draining it would be the only way to go. 

In order to avoid rough shaking during a gear shifting, add the proper and dirt-free oil suggested by Allison Transmission. 

4. Significant Leakage 

The transmission shift selector will act abnormally if there is anything wrong with the transmission fluid leakage, especially oil leakage. 

Basically, the level of oil needs to be balanced or normal so that the shift selector can work without any hassle. In fact, it plays an equal role in keeping your RV running in a perfect way. 

By locating the fluid dipstick, you can easily confirm whether there is any leakage around the fluid tank or not. If yes, then sealing it is the ultimate solution. 

And note that slight sealing will cost you only around 150-200 dollars by labor. Consult a professional if the issue appears to be serious.

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What If My Allison Transmission Shift Selector Offers Annoying Sounds? 

To be very frank, it’s a tad bit challenging for newbie RV users to detect the real problem by just observing the sound, guess why? Because there might be several reasons why you’re noticing annoying noises from your RV. 

But the point to be noted is if the noise is coming from the transmission shifter, then be confirmed that the issue is related to your Allison transmission. 

Kind of whining noise, buzzing, humming, and clucking are some of the prominent sound effects that may come from your transmission shift selector. 

The worst part is that there is no single reason for the annoying sounds’ occurrence. Although some RV users are considering “leakage issues” to be the core reason behind it. You better take advice from experts for further queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Still looking for queries on Allison transmission shift selector problems? Well, give these below-mentioned F.A.Q. a read and find some quick answers. I’ve compiled them based on my and users’ experiences –

When my Allison transmission shift selector slips gear? 

Maintaining consistency while shifting the gear is mandatory when you drive through RV. As a result, if you fail to increase the speed gradually, your transmission shift selector may stop working, which will ultimately cause gear slipping issues. 

How can I rest assured that my Allison transmission is going out? 

Unstoppable noises, excessive oil leakage, and poor response time are the 3 prominent symptoms that your Allison transmission is going out.
If any of the single ones between them is noticeable on your RV, contact the nearest workshop as soon as possible.  

In order to avoid Allison transmission shift selector issues, how often should I add transmission fluid?

After a constant run of up to 60,000 miles, it’s preferable for all to change/add new transmission fluid. This is how you can eliminate the transmission shifter and inadequate transmission refilling issues. 

How much will it cost to replace my Allison transmission shift selector? 

Even though the actual range varies from model to model, the average price range is around $300-$550 or even more! You can consult the manufacturer or visit Allison’s official website for further pieces of information. 

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Wrapping Up!

You shouldn’t get too worried after noticing any of the issues mentioned above, like the dirty transmission fluid, leakage, etc. You can solve each problem individually, and that too without spending a small fortune!

That said, even if you need to contact an expert, just go ahead because a defective shift selector may lead to significant drawbacks. These include stuck gear, over-shaking the RV, and brake failure as well! 

If possible, give your owner’s manual a read to get better knowledge about your Allison transmission system. By adding the right transmission oils timely and avoiding dirty fluid, I effectively succeed in preventing Allison transmission shifter problems!

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