Grand Design Transcend vs Imagine RV – Which One to Prefer?

Need help choosing between Grand design transcend vs. Imagine? These two RVs are popular among camping enthusiasts for their comfort and reliability. Their quality and features make them worth the price. So, which one to buy? Learning the differences will help you narrow down your options.

Size is the noticeable difference between Grand Design Imagine and Transcend. The Imagine is smaller and compact compared to the Transcend. Also, price is another crucial factor that differs these two popular trailers. The Imagine is affordable while the Transcend is expensive. 

Continue reading to learn more similarities and dissimilarities between these 2 trailers.

Grand Design Transcend vs. Imagine – Comparison Chart

Learn the comparison between Grand Design Transcend and Imagine from the below chart at a glance.

ParameterGrand Design TranscendGrand Design Imagine
SizeLargerSmaller and Compact
Counter SpaceSpaciousRoomy but less than Transcend
Number of Models63

Overview of the Grand Design Transcend – Features, Pros & Cons

Grand Design Transcend has several features to make your camping trips enjoyable. Here is the list of features to help you understand what it offers.

Spacious Counter Space

Transcend kitchen has a longer or larger counter space around the stove and sink. As a result, you will get enough space while preparing your food or serving. At the same time, the bathroom counters are also spacious, letting you lay out a towel or allowing convenient organizing of the toiletries.

A few Transcend models feature countertops in certain areas, like inside the door. However, these countertops are less spacious but come in handy when you want to utilize additional inches of your trailers. This way, you can easily manage your daily tasks.

Quality Materials

Each component of Transcend is made of quality materials. In fact, you can clearly discover the differences between Transcend’s craftsmanship and its competitors. Interior and exterior parts are made durably, letting the trailer withstand travel stress efficiently while maintaining the RV is convenient.

You will need help finding a TPO Roof Membrane offering a minimum of 18 years warranty on other RVs of Transcends price range. The build quality gives you an expression like an expensive recreational vehicle, which is pretty surprising at this price point.

Outstanding Towing

Many customers appreciated its outstanding towing feature. Such a feature is possible due to the excellent weight distribution. Also, an aerodynamic front-end design lets the user achieve trouble-free towing.

Up-to-date Furniture

The interior of the Grand Design Transcend has an appealing look. Couches have decorative stitches. You will find thicker cushions on the bunks and dinette. Simultaneously, the cabinetry is well-made and designed with high-grade hardware.

This camper is equipped with

  • Residential-size refrigerator
  • Solid-core bedroom door
  • Solid-surface countertops

And many more.


Six models of Grand Design Transcend include bunkhouses. Also, 1 model comes with a half-bath suitable for family camping trips. They have a wide range of bed options, such as double sets of twin bunks, double-size bunks, or full-size beds with a twin bunk over.


Grand Design Transcend is equipped with lots of storage options. Thanks to the manufacturer as they added drawers in the shelves, overhead positions, pantry, and wherever possible to let you store belongings safely.

With so many storage options, the trailer becomes much roomier, an incredible touch.


  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • 12V 8-cubic foot refrigerator
  • Bathrooms have a walk-in shower ABS tub surround
  • Power vent fan in the bathroom
  • Every trial has a DVD player, TV, incorporated satellite, antenna, speakers, etc.


  • Limited exterior storage

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Overview of the Grand Design Imagine – Features, Pros & Cons

Imagine is another popular travel trailer from Grand Design. It features several necessary options while being smaller than the Transcend. This travel trailer is lightweight also, allowing you to tow easily. Currently, Grand Design Imagine offers 3 model lines: the Imagine, the Imagine XLS, and the Imagine AIM.

Counter Specs

All the Imagine models feature roomy counter space in the bathroom and kitchen. Much space is unavailable in other trailers. Additionally, a few floor plans include an island, helping you prepare food and cook and wash kitchen utensils effortlessly.

Moreover, a large flat surface means organizing dishes or toiletries becomes a breeze in this recreational vehicle.

Queen Bed

Every Imagine unit has a queen sized bed measuring 60” X 80”. As a result, adults can sleep comfortably. More importantly, you won’t have to convert the bed into a sofa.

Another worth-mentioning feature is the lift system of the queen beds. This feature lets you safely store as much as camping supplies and gear beneath the bed.

Updated Interior Design

Although the Imagine models are low-end recreational vehicles from Grand Design, I don’t think they lack updated features in the interior. Surprisingly, the manufacturer did an excellent job giving a modern look that will surpass your expectations.

Moreover, the exterior and interior components are made using the same materials used to make high-end RVs. The makers only changed the color scheme and design of the furniture.

Storage Options

Imagine trailers have shelves, cabinets, and drawers everywhere in the interior. This way, you will get ample space to store your belongings, whether gear or food.

You can also haul bulky or long sports or camping equipment without trouble in the exterior storage bays.

The storage options are smartly positioned to make your camping trips enjoyable.

Quality Construction

Undoubtedly, the construction of the Imagine is better than other RV lines of Grand Design. The reason is the workers of the manufacturing plant of the Grand Design Imagine are more skilled and experienced. They follow the highest quality standard at any cost.

Truly, the Imagine is a robust camper having reliable appliances along with long-lasting furniture which will provide service for decades.

Heated & Enclosed Underbelly

One of the biggest features of Grand Design Imagine is the Heated and Enclosed Underbelly. This feature comes in handy for many reasons.

The foremost reason is it protects the RVs plumbing lines, wiring, and waste tank from road dirt.

Then, the plumbing lines and the waste tank remain protected from leaking and cracking during lower temperatures. Thus, you can save bucks by minimizing costly repairs.

Finally, critters fail to enter your RV due to the enclosing. This is beneficial, especially during storage.


  • On-demand tankless water heater
  • The main AC is ducted
  • 12V freezer
  • Power tongue jack
  • Adjustable power awning with LED lights


  • Cheap stock tires

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Grand Design Transcend vs. Imagine – Which One to Buy?

The Grand Design Transcend and Imagine are popular travel trailers featuring several amenities for users’ convenience.

Buy Grand Design Transcend, if your priority is

  • More space
  • Luxury
  • High-end features

Buy Grand Design Imagine, if your priority is

  • Versatility
  • Affordability
  • Functionality

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Does Grand Design still manufacture Transcend?

Well, I looked at Grand Design’s official website before preparing this comparison. I was unable to access the floor plans and related information of Transcend. However, I found a dealer selling the 2022 model with a discount, and it is on sale.

I recommend talking to your local Grand Design dealer or calling their customer support if you plan to buy the Grand Design Transcend. Most probably, this model series is in production with limited numbers.

What is the top-of-the-line RV from Grand Design?

All trailer models from Grand Design are top-of-the-line for their individual classes. But in my opinion, Solitude is the best of all. The reasons are listed below,

  • It has 11-floor plans
  • 44 ft. in length
  • Fewest problems
  • Lots of luxury items

Final Words

The Transcend and Imagine are made by the same manufacturer Grand Design. So, you will get the best-quality trailer for sure. Grand Design is famous for its construction quality. It means whatever model you choose, between Grand Design Transcend vs. Imagine, you are receiving the premium-quality camping trailer.

Ultimately, the choice between these trailers comes from personal priorities and preferences. Read the features mentioned above, pros and cons. Then select one that meets your requirements.

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