Common Imagine XLS 21BHE RV Problems With Solutions

The Imagine XLS 21bhe is an incredibly functional RV that has overtaken the market. This RV features an excellent layout, giving you a spacious living area. However, several consumers identified a few concerning problems with this recreation vehicle.

Installation issue is the most common problem most customers experience. Also, some issue is found when towing the 21bhe. Water heaters and weatherproofing are the other complications customers have illuminated.

I highlighted the most common Imagine XLS 21bhe problems according to customer opinion. Then shared the solutions and maintenance costs after discussing the experienced professionals.

Imagine XLS 21bhe RV Specification

The Imagine XLS 21bhe is a feature-packed RV suitable for a multitude of applications and owners. Find the key specifications from the below chart.

Length24’ 11”
Ext Height10’ 5”
Int Height6’ 6”
Hitch Weight456 lbs.
Water CapacityFresh: 43 gals; Grey: 39 gals; Black: 37 gals
Number of Bunks2
Electrical Service30 amp

Common Imagine XLS 21bhe RV Problems – (At a Glance)

Learn the problems, solutions and repair costs at a glance by reading the below chart.

Sl#ProblemsSolutionsRepair Cost
1Interior installation issuesContact manufacturerN/A
2Towing issuesDon’t drive in windy conditions. Keep the driving speed maximum of 50 MPHN/A
3Water heater problemClean the water tank with distilled water and white vinegar mixture until the rotten egg smell removal from waterN/A
4Weather proofingSeal the door, window and rooftop appliances perfectly$70-$120

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How to Fix Common Imagine XLS 21bhe RV Problems

Happily, solutions to problems are so simple. The best thing is that Imagine is highly supportive and responsive to the issues. Moreover, some issues can be solved by yourself without taking help from a professional.

#01 – Interior Installation Issues

The 21bhe is manufactured keeping consumers’ requirements in mind. For this reason, it has become a jack of all trades, offering substantial versatility in a single package. Also, this RV is produced by maintaining an efficient production process.

Sadly, it has a few problems with the interior installations and precision quality. Such a problem is the kitchen latches alignment. Moreover, a correct lineup of the drawer slides and cupboard doors is necessary. Besides, internal electrical appliances also have some minor issues. The good news is that the customers easily identify and resolve electrical problems.

Imagine sends skilled technicians to fix most of the minor issues related to interior installation issues. The manufacturer is promised to provide a positive, rewarding, and enjoyable ownership experience. In fact, they are well-known for quick-acting approaches regardless of the defect types.

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#02 – Towing Issues

Undoubtedly, you will get a superior living experience when on the road with the Imagine XLS 21bhe. Thus, this RV needs towing, and the manufacturer prioritizes internal functionality instead of vehicle specs.

Truly, consumers found some errors when towing the 21bhe. Bear in mind 21bhe is a heavy RV. As a result, towing requires trucks having high towing capacity. Many owners criticized this towing power specification mentioning that Imagine provided insufficient information.

According to some customers, this is a significant issue for them. They reported that the Imagine is almost unmovable for its huge size, even with light winds. Moreover, the RV is prone to rock severely during bad weather conditions. It is recommended that 21bhe be equipped with the correct width of the tire, rendering it a mostly unbalanced trailer. 

A few owners stated that problems in the winds happen because of the unbalanced weight distribution of the internal components. For instance, the electrical storage, gas appliances, etc., are not distributed evenly in the frame of 21bhe.

That is why you must avoid driving in windy conditions. Also, keep the driving speed above 50MPH.

A solution to the stability issue is using larger tires instead of the factory width. Also, lowering the stock tire’s PSI will help you sort out stability problems.

#03 – Water Heater

The water heater of the RV is prone to develop a residue that generates sulfur dioxide. Bacterial sulfur development is because of the chemical reaction from the magnesium heating rod with the chemical makeup of the water.

You might be wondering how to diagnose the problem. The smell of rotten eggs in water is the first sign of this problem. This sign ensures that sulfur is present in the water. Stop panicking if you have already used the water supply for 1 or 2 days.

The truth is sulfur is not a life-threatening chemical. But if you consume it at a high rate, severe effects like diarrhea and dehydration may appear. So, take prompt steps whenever you identify rotten eggs smell in the water.

To handle the issue, do the following.

  • Step 01: Drain all fresh water out of the tank.
  • Step 02: Thoroughly inspect the tank interior to see whether any particles develop near the heating elements. This will help you find out the source.
  • Step 03: Prepare a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar, maintaining a 2:1 ratio. Pour the mixture into the tank and let it heat for roughly 30 minutes. The particles will easily be removed from the elements because of the mixture. After 30 minutes, flush the tank.
  • Step 04: Now, the tank is required to be filled with fresh water. Then heat it. Again, flush the tank. Follow this step repeatedly until the rotten eggs smell is eliminated.

The sulfur buildup in the water tank is common in all Imagine XLS 21bhe models. The manufacturer added the troubleshooting and fixation method in the user manual of the latest versions.

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#04 – Weatherproofing

One of the most concerning errors of 21bhe is ingesting water. This problem needs to be attended to as soon as it appears.

In case you fail to fix the error, be sure the XLS 21bhe will not last long. Imperfections in the roofing permit water to enter the interior of the RV. As a result, mold and mildew can grow quickly and damage the whole interior.

The Imagine XLS 21bhe hit the market a few years ago. This is a new entrant in the market and is expected to show some problems in the first generation.

After 2 years, it is evident that there are a few severe concerns about the sealant quality of the rooftop appliances, door, and window. Sadly, the rubber seals come out quickly and perform poorly, causing water leaks.

It is advisable to repair all the leaks ASAP. A consumer must inform the issue if the RV warranty is still valid.

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Is Imagine XLS 21bhe RV Reliable?

Learning all the problems of XLS 21bhe, one question might have popped into your mind – is Imagine XLS 21bhe reliable?

The straightforward answer is YES. Let me explain why.

The XLS 21bhe will be the perfect choice if you prefer entertainment in the campground. You will get plenty of space in the living area to make yourself comfortable on the road.

Some of the features that help this RV stand out are given below.

  • Outside Kitchen
  • Dual-sized bunks
  • Free pass-through
  • Booth Dinette
  • Queen Murphy bed
  • Wardrobe Cubby Storage

The RV also features an enclosed and heated underbelly and a residential heating system, making it a perfect choice for the year-round camping connoisseur. This is an ideal RV for an active family.

In addition, it is designed in such a way that you can have an optimized driving experience. More importantly, the RV resists tire rolling and drag efficiently. So, you will have trouble-free driving all the time.

Wrap Up

Our purchases only meet some requirements. Most often, an ideal product has mechanical and technical flaws. The important thing is how quickly the problem is identified and resolved.

The common Imagine XLS 21bhe problems are easy to identify and fix. Some problems are minor and can be solved by the owners themselves. While others need a professional’s attention.

Consider these flaws mentioned above before buying this popular RV. Also, learn about customer and after-sales support which are crucial to sort out any problems related to the XLS 21bhe.

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