Why Are All the Lights Flashing On LCI Electronic Leveling?

What if you’ve just started the journey with your buddies and noticed the lights of your LCI electronic flashing continually? Gosh! It itself is just enough to ruin the entire enjoyment! That’s what I faced a couple of days before, which made me do hours of research to find the actual reason! 

So why are all lights flashing on my LCI electronic leveling? Probably it’s happening for the technical issues that can be solved by resetting the system program. Fuel inconsistency, loose wiring, and battery issues can also result in the same inconvenience.  

The “All lights flashing” issue can give you a hard time unless you are familiar with the solution. Considering this fact, I’d like to share some quick fixes you can try out. Stay tuned!


All Lights Flashing on My LCI Electronic Leveling: Quick Chart

For your convenience, I have listed down the probable reasons behind all lights flashing on the electronic leveling and quick solutions –

Technical GlitchResetting the system
Inconsistent FuelMaintaining fluid level
Loose WiringTighten or replace the wiring
Battery IssuesReplacement / calling a technician

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4 Reasons Behind LCI Electronic Leveling All Lights Flashing with Quick Solutions

Every single component of an RV has its own unique mechanism. Due to improper maintenance, care, and lack of observation, it’s pretty common for the LCI Electronic leveling to face complications!

One such problem is known to be the constant light flashing! Note that it doesn’t occur for a single reason. This is what I’m going to share with their quick fixes –

1. Technical Glitches 

Hardware failure, also considered a technical glitch, is by far the first reason behind all lights flashing on electronic leveling. And it doesn’t occur for a single cause, meaning you need to pay attention to the touchpad, power key, and sensor circuit individually. 

No matter what it is, most of the technical issues should be solved by resetting the system. And here is the basic formula – 

  • Resetting

In order to perform the step, you may find adequate information in the owner’s manual. As a basic rule of thumb, you need to press “diamond-shaped” buttons a couple of times in a particular order. That’s how the system will reset and solve “all lights flashing” issues.

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2. Fuel Inconsistency 

For me, this was the main culprit behind all lights flashing on electronic leveling. Many RV users make mistakes during a fuel selection, where they pick up the wrong one. Even though your RV may run with improper fuel at times, it eventually causes major issues later on. 

Apart from that, maintaining the fluid level is equally necessary. Because inconsistent fuel can’t produce that much power needed for your RV to run every single component normally. And that’s when the “all lights flashing” issue begins!

So make sure you check the fluid level every two times per year, depending on your driving frequency. Some automotive specialists suggest observing it every 20,000-30,000 miles of constant running.

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3. Loose Connections 

Indeed, most of the inner components of an RV maintain a stable connection through wiring. And the LCI electronic leveling is no exception. 

So in case the wire connections appear to be broken or loose, there is a high chance that all lights will start constantly flashing or may be turned off completely!

In order to troubleshoot it, you must consult a seasoned mechanic who has experience in this particular field. Don’t pull yourself in grave danger by trying it yourself, unless you’re quite good to fix wiring issues!

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4. Issues with the Battery

Haven’t you checked the housing battery of your RV yet? If not, then do it ASAP to detect issues with the LCI electronic leveling. Because if none of the solutions listed above work to solve the problem, then the issue might be related to the battery components causing all lights to blink!

So, what’s the solution? As per my personal experience, it’s safe to call an expert so that he can detect the issue in the best way possible. Sometimes, the slight fixing can resolve your LCI electronic leveling. 

But most of the time, it happens for a damaged battery, where replacement is the only way to go. 

Depending on the type and power of the battery, it’ll cost you around 800-1200 dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

For more queries regarding all lights flashing on the electronic leveling, keep on reading the frequently asked questions. Based on customers’ experiences and experts’ suggestions, I’ve gathered the following answers –

What if my LCI electronic leveling lights are flashing for technical issues?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, technical glitches can be solved by resetting the system following the owner’s manual. However, if resetting doesn’t work, some RV users rely on reprogramming.
Consult an expert if you can’t do it yourself.  

Is there any chance for the lights to turn fused if they flash constantly on LCI electronic leveling?

Although it’s pretty much rare, still, lights may get completely fused due to constant blinking.
To eliminate such issues, don’t think twice about taking assistance from a mechanic so that he can let you know about further conditions.

When should I detect inconsistent fluid levels if it causes all lights to flash my electronic leveling?

After 30,000 miles of constant running, experts recommend observing the fluid level, making sure whether there are issues with the inconsistency or incompatibility.
Nonetheless, if you observe anything wrong before the expected range, go for checking, even if you haven’t run 30,000 miles yet. 

Wrapping Up

You shouldn’t think about any replacement for the first time after ending up with all light flashing issues with your RV electric leveling. Rather, it’s a wise decision to jump right into the observation on several aspects, including wiring, housing battery, and fluid level. 

But to be honest, it’s a bit complicated paying attention to the mechanical parts, especially if you aren’t aware of RV’s inner components. In such a case, I’d find it safer to call someone professional to deal with the exact issue. 

In addition, some user manuals contain plenty of instructions you can follow to operate your RV safely and maintain fluid consistency. Keep in mind that inconsistent fluid is just enough to turn your electronic leveling lights flashing continually.

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