Why Maxxair Fan Buttons Not Working: How to Resolve it?

A Maxxair fan is one of the most important appliances in an RV. So, it stops working, and it becomes too annoying and a hassle to repair. But I’ve experienced many times that my Maxxair fan buttons are not working all of a sudden. 

The most common reason for this problem can be either a broken keypad or a dead battery. Other possible reasons will also include a defective control board, a faulty control panel, and a damaged membrane switch. 

These issues can be disruptive but not so complex to resolve. So, in this article, I will discuss all these causes and the solution for each of them. I should also explain how I reset my Maxxair fan on my RV.


What Causes the Maxxair Fan Not Working?

As we mentioned earlier, there are different causes why the Maxxair fan is not working. The major causes behind this problem are discussed below:

1. Broken Keypad 

The main cause of why Maxxair fan buttons don’t work is its broken keypad. Because of regular usage, the keypad tends to wear out and become dirty. It causes the buttons on the keyboard to stop working or too hard to be pushed. 

To fix this problem, first of all, I open my Maxxair fan keypad and clean all the dirt out. If the buttons still stop working, It means I need to replace the keypad with a new one. 

In general, the cost of replacing a broken keypad on a Maxxair fan will be between $156 and $365. The parts may cost between $56 and $155, while the labor cost is between $100 and $150. 

2. Dead Battery 

If the buttons on a Maxxair fan remote doesn’t work, it is probably the result of a dead battery. The battery can be dead due to frequent use. 

Moreover, the buttons may also stop working if the battery is out of position. So, make sure that the battery is properly installed. Otherwise, a simple replacement of the dead battery will fix the issue. 

A new battery for a Maxxair fan remote will be priced between $5 and $10. Moreover, it can be the cheapest repair as it may not require any labor cost.

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3. Defective Control Board 

Another major cause of why Maxxair fan buttons don’t work is a defective control board. The control board is designed to send power to the membrane switch and lets the buttons work. 

So, if the control board becomes faulty, it will stop working and lead the buttons to malfunction. In this case, I find replacing the control board is the most effective solution to this problem. 

On average, the replacement of a bad control board on a Maxxair fan is between $150 and $650. The labor is around $250-$350 per hour, while the parts will cost between $50 and $300. 

4. Blown Fuse  

One of the most important causes of a Maxxair fan button malfunctioning is a blown fuse. Typically, there is a 4 amp fuse injected on the faceplate that is just next to the screen.

If the fuse gets blown, it may lead the buttons to not work. So, check the fuse if it is blown. The fuse is usually located inside the circuit board. 

In general, the replacement cost of a blown fuse on a Maxxair fan is estimated from $65 to $120. A new Maxxair fan fuse will cost between $10 and $20. But the labor cost will be between $55 and $100. 

5. Damaged Membrane Switch

The membrane switch on a Maxxair fan keypad is a combination of some small switches that send the signal to the control board. These switches can become dirty or defective over time. 

If the membrane switch gets damaged, it will cause the Maxxair fan buttons to malfunction. So, check the switch to see if there is any continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the switch to solve the issue.

The average cost of replacing a faulty membrane switch will cost from $200 to $300. Here, the labor cost is between $130 and $250, while the parts are estimated at around $70.

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How Do I Reset My Maxx Air Fan?

Sometimes, a simple reset of the Maxxair fan can solve any type of malfunction including the Maxxair fan buttons not working. According to my experience, I found there are two simple ways to reset a Maxxair fan. They are: disconnecting the fuse and turning off the power. 

Disconnect the Fuse:

The most common way to reset a Maxxair fan is by using the fuse. To do so, first of all, I should locate the fuse in the circuit board. Then disconnect it and wait for a while. After that, reconnect the fuse and see if the fan has been reset. 

Turn Off the Power:

If the fuse fails to reset the fan, I found it more helpful to reset a Maxxair fan. In this case, firstly turn off the power source to the fan. After a few minutes, turn the power system on again. It will reset the Maxxair fan on my RV.

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There are multiple questions found on the internet related to Maxxair fans on RVs. Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions and their answers related to this topic:

Can I use my Maxxair fan while driving? 

The simple answer to this question is YES. Because the Maxxair fans are designed to run with the vent open. So, anyone can run a Maxxair fan while driving or traveling. 

Why is my Maxxair fan beeping? 

When your Maxxair fan is intermittently beeping, it indicates that there could be an issue in the circuit board of the fan. In this way, the circuit board may need to be replaced. 

Can I run my Maxxair fan in the rain? 

Yes, you can run your Maxxair fan when it’s raining outside. Because the Maxxair fans have a built-in rain cover that protects the fans from rainwater and allows you to run it over the rain. 

Is a Maxxair fan worth the money?   

A Maxxair fan usually costs around $236. But in my point of view, it is really worth the money. This fan is quite simple to operate, easy to clean, runs over minimal power, and comparatively affordable as well. 

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The Maxxair fan is definitely a fantastic choice for RV users. But it also has some hassles. For example, the buttons on a Maxxair fan may stop working at any time. 

As I have discussed throughout the article, there are numerous reasons that can cause this problem for the fan. But the solutions to these problems are not so difficult as well. One just needs to have some DIY knowledge and tools. 

The possible parts for this issue should be checked and replaced if necessary. Fortunately, the replacement process for these parts is quite handy. Just some of these parts can be delicate, and they should be placed very carefully.

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