Lippert Leveling System Won’t Turn On: Reasons And Solutions

As a RV user, proper leveling of the RV while camping is very necessary for a smooth and safe experience. Manually leveling your huge RV can be a headache if you are not experienced enough. To make this entire leveling your RV thing a far easier process, lippert leveling system can be extremely helpful.

Sometimes, the Lippert leveling system won’t turn on because of extending a jack too far, a blown fuse or or a dead battery. Loose electrical connections or lack of hydraulic fluid can also be at fault here.

In this article, we will get to know extensively about the reasons for the Lippert leveling not turning on. You will also get to know how to troubleshoot the lippert leveling system.


What Is The Lippert Leveling System?

The Lippert leveling system is the system that requires several jacks to lift up the RV automatically and level it accordingly. This system lifts up the lower part of the RV and ensures better stability and support. 

By leveling the RV like this, you can reduce the stress on your RV to a great extent. 

Lippert is an extremely reliable company for trailers or RV leveling systems. It has been a well known manufacturer for years in the RV industry.

This leveling system comes with a whole package consisting of easy to use leveling jacks, control panel and necessary electrical components. This specially designed control panel will allow you to complete the leveling process with just the push of a single button on it.

5 Common Reasons Behind Lippert Leveling System Won’t Turn On

When your reliable Lippert leveling system stops working, it can be pretty frustrating and confusing to figure out what is wrong. There are a very few actual reasons for the Lippert system to be facing issues. 

Here are the common problems for which the Lippert leveling system won’t turn on and their troubleshooting process:

1. Extending The Jack Too Far

If you have used a jack with too much extension, the Lippert leveling system might be affected because of it. The jack has reached the maximum range and can’t go any further. 

You will notice this particular issue if you have to decrease the space between the ground and the landing gear. To reduce this space, you might have been using separate levelers or blocks that lead to this problem arising.

The Lippert system control panel will display an error message saying “Out of Stroke” to alert you of this problem. In that case, to fix this, you need to manually do the whole leveling system once. 

After that, reset the control system from the control panel. The Lippert leveling system should be fine after this.

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2. Electrical Issue

If there are any internal electrical issues in the control panel, the Lippert leveling system will stop working. 

Since all components of this system depend on each other to work, just one problematic component can throw the whole system off. 

It might be hard to figure out the exact location of the electrical problem. But not to worry, getting rid of it is also an easy fix!

All you need to do to fix electrical problems is to restart the entire system. Shut down the power of the leveling system completely for at least 15 seconds. Then turn it on again and check if the issue is fixed.

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3. Low Hydraulic Fuel Level

The Lippert leveling system requires a certain level of hydraulic fluid inside the reservoir to work. If the hydraulic fluid goes below the required level, there will not be enough fluid to pump and create a pressure for the leveling system to run. 

So, the jacks will face difficulties while being lowered and raised. The slides will not open or close either and as a result, the leveling system won’t turn on.

Always check on the hydraulic reservoir on a regular basis. Make sure the fluid level is always at the desired level. The fluid should always be at least one fourth of the hydraulic fluid tank. 

Checking the hydraulic fluid tank every month would be the best course of action to prevent this problem.

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4. Loose Electrical Connections

While driving the RV on a rough or bumpy road, there might be some electrical connections that have come loose. Moreover, any of the wires or cables might be damaged while loading up the RV with your things. 

Any of these damaged or loose wire connections can cause a huge problem and turn off the Lippert leveling system.

Check for loose electrical connections in the RV, especially in the leveling system. Once found, tightly secure the wire back into the correct place. 

In most cases, connecting the cable properly can fix up the whole system problem. If the cable is too damaged, replace it with a new one and secure the connection.

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5. Dead Battery

Sometimes, the RV just might not be generating the necessary amount of power to run the leveling system. In order to run the control panel of the Lippert leveling system, a certain power supply is needed. 

If the RV fails to provide that, it means the battery could be dead. Even if it is not dead, the battery is disconnected for some reason. 

Check the RV battery with a voltmeter to ensure it is not dead. If the battery is dead, replace it with a new one. However, that would be a very costly fix and very rare. 

In most cases, engaging the battery connection properly can get rid of the problem. Check the fuse to know if it is blown or not. Replace a new fuse in order to get the RV back on track.

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In this section, we will discuss some of the most asked questions regarding the leveling system of an RV. Hopefully, you will be cleared about this entire topic after going through this section.

How Do I Reset a Lippert Auto Level Control?

To reset a Lippert auto level control, make sure the RV is leveled first. Turn off the power and press FRONT and REAR five times each. There will be a ZERO POINT CALIBRATION message and the lights will flash. Lastly, press the Enter button to reset the Lippert auto level control.

How To Fix A Blank Screen On My Control Panel Of Lippert Leveling System?

To get rid of the blank screen on the control panel, unplug the control panel from the system for 15 minutes to remove all the residual power. Plug it back in after that time. If the screen is not fixed, change out your blown fuse to get it worked. If nothing else works, resort to getting a new control module.

How Do I Troubleshoot A Lippert Leveling System?

You can troubleshoot a lippert leveling system by checking the error messages regularly. Restart the entire system and check for loose electrical connections. Apart from that, keep the hydraulic fluid above the required level and confirm a proper power source.

Can I Get Replacement Parts For My Lippert Leveling System?

Yes, you can get replacement parts for the Lippert leveling system on conditions. If it is within the warranty, contact the customer care service of Lippert and ask for the replacement. If your warranty has already expired, go to their online store in order to purchase the replacement parts yourself.

Is There DIfferent Types Of Lippert Leveling System?

Lippert has both hydraulic and electrical leveling systems. For larger sized RVs or trailers, a hydraulic leveling system is used. On the other hand, smaller and regular RVs can operate on an electrical leveling system. There can be variations in jacks too. Usually, 4 point and 6 point jack types are used in the system.


Leveling your RV properly is a mandatory thing you have to do no matter where you camp your RV. Instead of doing it manually, you can simply choose to rely on an automatic leveling system such as the Lippert leveling system. It is easy to set up and makes the process of leveling so much easier. 

Remember to check the control panel of your Lippert leveling system periodically. Any problems that the RV encounters with the entire system, the panel will show error codes indicating that issue. 

This way, you can get to the heart of the problem right away and fix it. Enjoy your RV camping with the Lippert leveling system installed for a better experience!

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