7 Common Problems with Keystone Cougar [Solutions Included]

You call yourself a travel lover and have never heard of Keystone Cougars? It’s nearly impossible. But at the same time, you need to be aware of some issues that your keystone cougar may face during the trip. 

Usually, there are some fixed problems that you may frequently face in a Keystone cougar. These are problematic slides, water leaks, electrical issues, AC-related problems, problematic flashes in the toilet, problems in the furnace and refrigerator, troublesome customer service, etc.

Don’t get stuck with the problems because there are plenty of ways to fix those problems mentioned above. Just look here, and prepare to rock the world with your keystone cougar!


What are the Most Common Problems with Keystone Cougars?

Though a Cougar feels like a home while traveling, you should remember that it is not made in the way a house is built. So, it is evident that you will encounter some common problems here. Those can be: 

  1. Problems with Slides
  2. Water Leaks
  3. Electrical Problems
  4. Problems with AC
  5. Problems with Refrigerator
  6. Problems with Flashing
  7. Problems in Furnace

7 Common Problems with Keystone Cougar and Their Solutions:

There are separate ways to fix the above-listed problems. It will help if you are very careful when solving those. Because, without the proper knowledge, you may cause more unwanted issues. 

So, don’t waste time anymore. Just delve into the major problems of your recreational vehicle, Keystone Cougar, the reasons behind them, and some possible solutions to overcome them. 

Problem 1: Problematic Slides

Problematic slides are one of the significant keystone cougar problems. If you find your sliders aren’t working correctly or stop before opening or closing, there is a sliding problem.   

What Causes Slide-Related Problems in the Keystone Cougar?

The slides are the first things that make you feel like your RV is like a home. But when the slides do not work properly, it becomes so troublesome.  

Generally, the problem starts when the sensor that directs them to open or close does not work. The slides do not perform perfectly and create a chaotic situation.  

Also, when the motors are burned out, the slides won’t work because the motors provide power to the slides. So, when the motors don’t work, the slides automatically fail to move. 

How to Fix Problematic Slides in Keystone Cougars?

The first thing you can do to get rid of this problem is – to clean the sensors of the slides regularly before the problem starts. However, if the sensor is damaged, you need to replace it with a new one. 

Secondly, you must change the motor immediately if the issue is with the motor. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Slides?

Although several sensors and sliding materials are on the market at various prices, sliding sensors and other equipment like door latches will cost 10 to 36 dollars.

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Problem 2: Water Leaks

You can detect water leaks in various ways. For example, you may find the floor flooded if the leakage is severe. Sometimes, you may see the water dripping from your cougar’s roof. It is a significant problem as it will also hamper your mood and the trip.  

What Causes Water Leaks in the Keystone Cougar?

As Keystone Cougars shake and constantly move for a long period while running, it is uncommon to find the pipes and related fittings loose. That initiates the leakage of the pipes. 

On the other hand, the roof part of the Keystone Cougar may get damaged over time, and raindrops may enter through it into your vehicle. Your belongings can be soaked and create a great hassle then. 

How to Fix Water Leakage in Keystone Cougars?

The primary reason behind the water leak is the loosening of pipes and fittings. Therefore, you need to repair the lines as early as possible. Moreover, always looking closely at the pipes may reduce the hassle. 

Also, tightening the fittings may stop the leak. But if the water leak is severe, it is better to change the entire pipe to avoid more disaster! 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Water Leak?

If you have a problem with the hose, or a kit like a leakage, you need to buy an equipment kit. Usually, the price of a hose kit differs. It may cost 8$- 60$ to buy a new one.

Problem 3: Electrical Problems

A recreational vehicle like the Keystone Cougar contains a lot of electrical equipment like TVs, fans, ceiling lights, etc. Therefore, it is not a new thing. It is a significant problem as it may cause other issues too. 

What Causes Electrical Problems in the Keystone Cougar?

Though electrical hazards create more extensive problems, this can start with a simple loose wire connection. Due to that, the electrical equipment may not work correctly. 

In addition, you should check the battery often because it is the powerhouse of all the electrical necessities of the Keystone Cougar. If the battery is damaged, it is evident that the ceiling lights, fans, TVs, etc., won’t run. 

How to Fix the Electrical Problems in Keystone Cougars?

The first and foremost thing you can do is tighten the wires and connections. You may need to replace the cables as well. 

However, if you find that the battery needs to be repaired, contact an expert first. Or, you can replace the battery with a new one and get your RV ready to go!

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Electrical Problem?

There are a variety of configurations in different RV batteries. Those cost around 78$ – 350$. Analyze and select the one you need for your Keystone Cougar.

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Problem 4: Cougar AC Problems

One of the common problems with Keystone Cougars is AC not functioning correctly. Symptoms include as it is not working, dust coming out from the ac and the AC is not cooling off.

What Causes AC Problems in the Keystone Cougar?

The compressor that cools the air becomes problematic when it is too hot outside. It stops functioning, and it feels suffocating inside the cougar. 

Not cleaning the AC filters regularly is also a reason behind the problematic AC. 

How to Fix the AC Problem in Keystone Cougars?

During the hot weather, you can turn off your AC for an hour to cool down the compressor. It may save the compressor from being damaged permanently. 

However, if the compressor of the AC is damaged, there is no way to fix it other than by buying a new one. 

Also, cleaning the AC filter can cause good airflow inside the Cougar. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the AC Problem?

Typically, Keystone Cougars use Trane Air Conditions. If you need to replace the compressor, it may cost $600 to $1,200.

Problem 5: Refrigerator Problems

The refrigerator is another major component of the keystone cougar. Sometimes, you might see the refrigerator is not cooling or even it’s not getting power. In that case, you have to troubleshoot the refrigerator problem.  

What Causes Refrigerator Problems in Keystone Cougar?

One of the leading causes of refrigerator problems is a damaged cooler coil. Another reason is that your refrigerator might not be getting the power because of the broken circuit board or switch.    

How to Fix the Refrigerator Problem in Keystone Cougars?

You can open the cooler coil from the back side of the refrigerator and see the actual condition. If it is damaged, then you have to change it. 

Furthermore, check the switchboard from which you are connecting the refrigerator. The board might have a circuit problem. Fix the circuit, then.  

However, keep in mind that coil and circuit board issues are very sensitive. If you do not have any previous experience, bring a servicing professional.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Refrigerator Problem?

Generally, a refrigerator cooler coil’s price range is between 200$-1200$. Buy one as per your desire and budget if the coil is damaged permanently.

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Problem 6: Toilet Flushing Problem

Toilet flushing problem is another common issue in keystone cougars. Identifying the toilet flushing problem is very simple. After flushing the toilet, there will be no water flow.

What Causes Toilet Flushing Problem in Keystone Cougar?

Two main reasons are responsible for the flushing problem. Firstly, the water line might be blocked or damaged because the water does not flow to the bowl. And the second one is the valve issue. The valve might be damaged by passing water into the bowl. 

How to Fix the Toilet Flushing Problem in Keystone Cougars?

If the water line is blocked, you must unblock it to solve the issue. Otherwise, if the water line is OK but the valve is damaged, you have to change the valve.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Toilet Flushing Problem?

A toilet flush and shut-off valve cost around $110–250. So when you find the valve damaged, buy a new one per your requirements.

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Problem 7: Furnace Problems

Furnaces are there to keep your keystone cougar warm. However, if you see that even after running the furnace for a reasonable amount of time, the room is not warming up, there is a furnace issue.

What Causes Furnace Problems in the Keystone Cougar?

Probable reasons for the furnace problem are air blockade, igniter not working correctly, and gas line or thermocouple problem.

How to Fix the Furnace Problem in Keystone Cougars?

Firstly, check whether your whole cougar is not getting warmth or some portion of it. If some portion of your cougar is warming up, there is an air blockage problem. So, try to find the point of blockage and remove it.

If your whole cougar is not getting the heat, it might have an ignition issue. The igniter lights the pilot light, and subsequently, the pilot lights the burner. So, change the igniter. 

Even after changing the igniter, if the problem remains, then there is an issue with the gas line or thermocouple. To solve these problems, you need expert professionals. So, try to bring them and solve it.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Furnace Problem?

You’ll need to replace an ignitor if the current one is problematic. Typically, a furnace ignitor replacement costs around $100 to $2250 on average.


For a travel lover, a recreational vehicle like the Keystone Cougar is always a dream-come-true choice. It gives one a homely feeling and the taste of exploring the world! although it may suffer from some common problems too.

We hope you already have a bird’s eye view of the critical problems that may occur in your Keystone Cougar and their utmost solutions. Moreover, you also have a clear idea about the pricing to fix the issues. 

Therefore, do not get obsessed with the problems alone. Enjoy your trips, and whenever any of the issues mentioned above come up, don’t panic. Just embrace it and fix it as soon as possible!

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