Most Common Winnebago Paseo Problems [Solutions Inculded]

Winnebago Paseo is a great motorhome for travelers and adventure-loving people. This car has some unique features but comes with some problems. But they are too tough to solve. So, what are the common Winnebago problems and their solutions? 

Air conditioning, freezing, limited space, and electrical and battery problems are the most common issues in a Winnebago Paseo. The RV often has additional problems like loose sealants, towing points, and less heat resistance.

These Paseo problems have solutions. So, don’t be afraid. Fasten your seatbelts to find easy answers to these issues from this discourse. We’ll discuss the symptoms and seriousness of these problems to find the best remedy.


What Are The Common Problems With Winnebago Paseo?

The Winnebago Paseo is a great motorhome. Sometimes, this comfortable vehicle will give you some discomfort with issues you don’t want to face. There are some critical and common issues you’ll face if you’ve used it for a long time.

Here are some of the common problems with Winnebago Paseo:

  1. Freezing of Engine, Lights, and Other Parts in Winter
  2. Less Efficient Air Cooler
  3. Unresponsive Brakes
  4. Malfunction of Electrical Equipment
  5. Battery Problems (slow charge & quick drain)
  6. Loose Sealants 
  7. Limited Space
  8. Towing Discomfort
  9. Overheated Radiator Fluid
  10. Less Heat Resistant

How Do You Troubleshoot And Fix Winnebago Paseo Problems?

Troubleshooting these problems isn’t rocket science. You can identify some of the  Winnebago Paseo-related problems with naked eyes. But you need technical knowledge to discover sensitive issues.

You should take the RV to the repair shop to solve braking and electrical issues. Apart from these problems, you can fix most mix-ups by yourself. Let’s find out the symptoms, seriousness, and how these issues occur from these analyses. 

Problem 1: Freezing in Winter

It’s elementary to discover the symptoms, seriousness, and occurrence of freezing in cold weather. Moisture inside the car, engine starting problem, ice formation on wipers and headlights, and frosting over the engine are the most common symptoms of the freezing problem.

Apart from a cold engine, it’s a mild problem. Freezing only occurs in winter. So, you don’t have to worry about freezing in summer.

What Causes Freezing Problems On Winnebago Paseo?

Freezing generally occurs in the winter season. There are some reasons behind this problem. Here’s a quick overview of the reasons behind freezing issues.

  • Parking the car outside on a cold night.
  • Not cleaning the ice daily during the winter season.
  • A cold engine accelerates the freezing issue.

How To Fix Freezing In Winter On Winnebago Paseo?

Fixing the freezing issue of a Winnebago Paseo is elementary. In fact, you can apply DIY techniques. Here’re some methods to fix this problem all by yourself.

  • Warming up the engine before driving.
  • Use a defroster to clear moisture.
  • Put the interior heat on high to remove the moisture inside the vehicle.
  • Start up the engine every 24 hours.

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Problem 2: Air Cooler Issues

This is a bit of a tricky issue, but it’s easy to identify. Indicators of air conditioning issues are less efficient cooling, a shorter lifespan of the conditioner, and a defective electrical system.

Air conditioning problems are serious because it’s costly to fix them. It’s not a great deal in a new Paseo but can frequently occur in an old one.

What Causes Air Conditioning Issues On Winnebago Paseo?

The air conditioning/cooler problem is a severe problem for the driver. Causes behind this problem are hard to find but observing regularly helps detect the problem.

  • Dry filters are responsible for low efficiency
  • Refrigerant level shortage
  • Faulty electrical system
  • Temperature rising higher than regular basis

How To Fix An Air Cooler On Winnebago Paseo?

A faulty air conditioner can’t help you to relax. It’s best to fix it before it becomes a sensitive issue. Take a look at these resolutions to crack this issue.

  • Ask an expert technician to fix the air conditioner.
  • Fixing the loose wirings
  • Replace the air conditioner as soon as possible.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Air Conditioner Of Winnebago Paseo?

It’s pretty costly to fix an air conditioner. Replacing the air conditioner is the best solution. Some automotive repair shops charge around $1087 to resolve the issue. Plus, the car’s model plays a vital role while replacing the AC unit.

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Problem 3: Unresponsive Brakes

Braking problems constitute a significant problem in Winnebago Paseo. The symptoms are pretty easy to detect. An ear-piercing breaking noise and delayed response time are the most known traits of this issue.

It’s a super serious issue in a Paseo if the brakes don’t respond quickly. Braking problems generally occur if the brakes are old and not properly cared for.

What Causes Braking Problems On Winnebago Paseo?

You must find out brakes-related issues faster. Otherwise, it’ll cost you more than money. Let’s find out the causes behind this critical problem.

  • Using old brakes
  • Parking the vehicle on a sloppy spot
  • Stuck piston inside the caliper
  • Rusty brakes
  • Driving without creating pressure on the brake

How To Fix Braking Issues On Winnebago Paseo?

Don’t try to fix the brakes on your own without any knowledge. Following these instructions will help you to solve the mix-up:

  • Clean out the dirt and check for rust to avoid a slow braking response
  • Inspect the rotors and arrangements.
  • Call an experienced mechanic to solve this braking problem.
  • Regular maintenance helps a ton in keeping the brakes in good shape.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Brakes Of Winnebago Paseo?

Fixing the Winnebago Paseo’s brakes will cost you 222 bucks. But the labor charge is higher than the brake parts.

  • Parts

Brakes cost around $51. If you want better brakes, you’ve to pay a fat sum.

  • Labor Charge

The repair shop will charge 171 bucks on average. Labor charges may change depending on the location of the mechanic shop.

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Problem 4: Electrical Problems

Electrical problems generally occur in lights, fans, fuses, circuit breakers, TV, and microwave. Electrical equipment won’t function smoothly, and loose wirings and low batteries are the most familiar traits of electrical mix-ups.

This is a severe problem because you can’t use the equipment when you need it. It often occurs if the circuits aren’t maintained regularly, and electrical failures occur repeatedly. 

What Causes Electrical Problems On Winnebago Paseo?

There are various reasons behind electrical problems. An electrical problem is a common issue both in passenger and cargo Winnebago Paseo. You may find these causes related to electrical problems in your Paseo.

  • Bad battery condition
  • Faulty breakers connection to pedestal
  • Faulty disconnectors
  • Broken electrical equipment
  • Blown or expired fuses

How To Fix Electrical Problems On Winnebago Paseo?

Electrical issues are easy to crack. You can solve most of them yourself. However, it’s wise to ask an electrician to fix the electrical problems of your Paseo.

  • Switch OFF and ON the breakers in the circuit panel.
  • Put the batteries on concrete or roads to avoid sulfation.
  • Replace the faulty fuse with a new one having the same numbers.
  • Lastly, install new batteries for maximum output.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Electrical Issues Of Winnebago Paseo?

The electrical problem is related to different electrical parts. Repair shops cost around $275 to fix the alternator of the vehicle.

  • Parts

But, you must pay approximately $10 for fuse kits. This becomes an expensive issue if the TV or the microwave is broken 

  • Labor Charge

The labor charge is around $95.

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Problem 5: Battery Problems

The battery issue is a significant problem since it supplies power to operate the electrical parts of the Paseo. You’ll notice signs like not charging quickly, sulfuric acid generation in the battery, and fast charge draining when this issue arises.

It becomes a severe problem if you don’t have any backup power supply. Battery problems don’t occur often. If you take care of it, you won’t face any battery-related issues for 3 to 5 years.

How To Fix Battery Problems On Winnebago Paseo?

The battery is one of the crucial parts of this vehicle. You’ve to take proper care of this component for the best result.

  • Replace the dead battery with a new one.
  • Never overcharge the battery
  • Don’t run the engine if you don’t need it.
  • Keep the batteries on a concrete surface to avoid sulfonation
  • Do regular maintenance

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Battery Of Winnebago Paseo?

Battery replacement cost depends on the vehicle’s brand. The fame of the repair shop plays a vital role in the fixing cost. The fixing price ranges between $200 to $ 275.

  • Parts

The average cost of batteries is around $159 to $187. You’ve to pay more if you want to install the latest batteries in your car.

  • Labor Charge

The labor charge costs around $58 to $70 per hour.


Winnebago Paseo’s problems aren’t hard to solve. You just need proper knowledge regarding the situation. There’s a manual on how the car works and how you can fix any issue if you see one.

Hopefully, the discussion about the common Winnebago Paseo problems and solutions has given you a clear idea about the issues and their solutions. 

Observe the symptoms to detect the right situation. Then you can solve it on your own. But, always seek expert’s help for a better solution.

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