Dish Tailgater vs Playmaker: Who Wins the Deal?

Don’t you want to miss your favorite TV program even when you’re on an RV camping trip? Well, to fulfill your wish, Satellite TV manufacturers are offering tons of models in the marketplace. Among them, Tailgater and Playmaker have taken the front category!

While comparing Dish Tailgater vs Playmaker, I have noticed several differences between them. These include their weight, variety of models, and gear compatibility. Besides, the cost of Tailgater is slightly higher compared to the dish Playmaker.

Without getting into the details, it’s going to be difficult for you to decide what to choose. So, without further ado, let’s enjoy the head-to-head battle right now!


Quick Overview of the Dish Tailgater

Portable, durable, multi-functional, you name it; the Dish Tailgater features almost everything to take place in your “top-priority” list. Based on your desired program, it is able to get signals from every supported satellite automatically, thanks to its automatic system facility! 

On top of that, installation is going to be a piece of cake, meaning it won’t give you a hard time during an RV camping trip. And yes, the portable antenna of the Dish Tailgater adds ease in terms of tailgating and RV use.

Quick Overview of the Dish Playmaker

Manufactured by Winegard, the Dish Playmaker Satellite TV is known to be compact, easy to use, and portable. And one of the stand-out parts of it is that it’ll cost you relatively cheaper, making it ideal for those who are tight on cash!

As for the compatibility, I’ve found it friendly with Tripod Mount and Side RV Mount. And let’s not forget its automatic functionality, allowing users to control it without any single hassle. 

What’s more? Here, I got an “easy-to-grip” handle that assists in easy-peasy carrying and transportation.

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Dish Tailgater vs. Playmaker Comparison Chart

In a rush? Well, check out this quick comparison chart between dish playmaker and tailgater to find their common dissimilarities:

SpecificationsDish TailgaterDish Playmaker
Available ModelsTailgater 1,2,3,4, and ProPlaymaker Single & Dual Satellite
Overall WeightLightweightSlightly weighty than the Tailgater
Gear Compatibility32
Range of PriceSlightly Expensive than the PlaymakerRelatively Inexpensive

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What are the Differences Between Dish Tailgater and Playmaker?

Now that you’ve got basic ideas of their specs, let’s get straight into their detailed comparison. This is how you can find differences between them and make the ultimate buying decision. Let’s get started –

1. Model Variations

Here is where I found the very first difference between them. Basically, the dish tailgater comes in a total of five different variants, from tailgater 1 to tailgater pro.

In contrast, the playmaker is currently available in 2 variants, including the playmaker single portable satellite and dual portable satellite. So here, the Dish Tailgater stands in the top position!

2. Weight & Size

For a random weight comparison between the Tailgater and Playmaker, I’d like to pick up the Tailgater 4 and the Playmaker Dual Portable Satellite Antenna, being the latest versions of both. 

Even though each is portable and lightweight, I’ve found the Dish Tailgater 4 relatively lighter, being only around 8.0 pounds. 

On the flip side, the Dish Playmaker Dual Portable Satellite weighs nearly 12.60 pounds. Since there is a slight difference, you can’t feel a significant difference while transferring them from home to a camping trip. 

Speaking of the size, Tailgater measures 15.5 x 18.75 x 17 inches, while Playmaker comes in 18.13 x 17.25 x 13.75. For me, both of them appear to be compact. 

3. Difference in Colors

As per my research, I didn’t find any black variant while searching for the Tailgater 4. Whereas the latest version of Dish Playmaker has come up with both black and white. 

Nonetheless, some older versions of Dish Tailgater feature both white and black color variants to meet your preferences. 

Similarly, the older version of Playmaker Single Satellite Antenna also has a single variant of color that is white.

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4. Gear Compatibility

Hands down, gears play a key role in letting your Satellite TV keep in place according to your own preferences. And that’s where they both come in handy because each of them allows multi-compatibility options.

For instance, Dish Tailgater is friendly with Tripod, Roof Mount, and Window Mount facilities, while the Playmaker is compatible with Tripod and Roof Mount. 

But it seems crystal clear that Tailgater offers a single extra mounting option to fill your needs. Gears need to be purchased separately in both Playmaker and Tailgater. 

5. Price

The price is the last and ultimate factor that differentiates Dish Tailgater and Playmaker. Although the cost varies from model to model, you can notice slight differences by comparing all of their variants. 

Let’s say the Dish Tailgater Satellite is a bit steep compared to the playmaker. Even if you compare the Tailgater 3 with the latest version of Playmaker, you’ll need to spend slightly higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any queries on Dish Tailgater vs Playmaker? Well, let’s talk a look at these questions to see whether they match your queries or not:

Who is the manufacturer of Dish Tailgater?

“King” is the manufacturer of Dish Tailgater known for constructing RV-related satellite TV and accessories. It’s gaining popularity day by day for being versatile, durable, and portable.
Moreover, Dish Tailgater offers five individual variants to meet different persons’ requirements in the best way possible.

Which material is used on the dish Playmaker portable satellite TV?

For added strength and durability, the maker of dish Playmaker satellite TV incorporates heavy-duty aluminum alloy (military-grade).
Unlike steel material, you will find it much lighter in weight for being aluminum-constructed.

Does the Dish Tailgater 4 come in any specific cover? 

Yes. In order to stand against harsh weather conditions, especially the rain, the maker of Dish Tailgater 4 offers a single extra cover.
Moreover, it’s known to be weather-resistant, so it won’t get damaged, even after getting contact with water and moisture for quite a long time.

How long may it require setting up Tailgater and Playmaker?

Both Dish Tailgater and Playmaker are known to be easy to set up. And guess what? On account of the ease, you’ll need only around 10-15 minutes for a complete setup.

Final Verdict

Here comes the decision-making step! After going through their short overviews and detailed comparisons, are you still diving into the ocean of confusion? 

Well, honestly speaking, the Dish Tailgater is the best RV satellite TV for being more lightweight and compatible with 3 gears instead of 2.

Moreover, it features five different models to help you pick up the one that suits you and your RV camping requirements most. However, it’s equally true that its price range is a bit higher.

So, if you want to spice up your RV camping trip with a budget-friendly satellite TV, don’t think twice about spending on the Playmaker. Its latest version allowed me to run multiple channels without any issues!

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